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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
96340 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (2 1974) 1974ХХ
96341 K. Lindenberg, K. E. Shuler, J. Freeman First passage time and extremum properties of Markov and independent processes 1974ХХ
96345 Tunaley J.K.E. Asymptotic solutions of the continuous-time random walk model of diffusion 1974ХХ
96351 Kostin M. D. Friction and Dissipative Phenomena in Quantum Mechanics 1974ХХ
96353 Fields of Interest of Board of Editors (4 1974) 1974ХХ
96378 Hynes James T. Initial condition effects for a Brownian particle in a harmonic chain 1974ХХ
96886 Tomozawa Y. Quasinormal distributions and expansion at the mode 1974ХХ
96893 Toyoaki Naitoh, Katsuhiko Nagai Nonexistence of Kirkwood's instability in a uniform fluid 1974ХХ
96903 Plischke M. Ferromagnetism in the single-band Hubbard model: An exact high-temperature expansion 1974ХХ
96904 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 10 є3 1974) 1974ХХ
96907 T. P. Eggarter Bethe-Peierls approximation for the disordered Ising model 1974ХХ
96910 E. Braun, A. Flores, G. Coutiño A convergent nonequilibrium statistical mechanical theory for dense gases. III. Transport coefficients to second order in the density 1974ХХ
96930 Gross E. P. Memory function for dressed particles 1974ХХ
96959 M. G. Velarde, E. H. Hauge Fluctuating hydrodynamics and Brownian motion. II. Note on the slip boundary condition 1974ХХ
96964 Moussouris J. Gibbs and Markov random systems with constraints 1974ХХ
96991 Nitzan A., Ross J. A comment on fluctuations around nonequilibrium steady states 1974ХХ
97004 McNeil K.J., Walls D.F. Nonequilibrium phase transitions in chemical reactions 1974ХХ
97025 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 11 є1 1974) 1974ХХ
97026 Sposito G. Foundations of the quantum statistics of systems in equilibrium: A measuretheoretic approach 1974ХХ
97027 Turski J.A. Pair correlation function for a system with velocity-dependent interactions 1974ХХ
97035 Liebman A.J., Jean -Yves Parlange Exact calculation of one-dimensional irreducible integrals 1974ХХ
97036 Richardson J.M. The initial distribution in classical statistical mechanics 1974ХХ
97040 Furukawa H. Statistical mechanical theory of the nonlinear steady state 1974ХХ
97044 Shlesinger M.F. Asymptotic solutions of continuous-time random walks 1974ХХ
97065 Tunaley J.K.E. Some properties of the asymptotic solutions of the Montroll-Weiss equation 1974ХХ
97066 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 10 є4 1974) 1974ХХ
97083 Richard L. Liboff Gibbs vs. Shannon entropies 1974ХХ
97101 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 10 є2 1974) 1974ХХ
97104 Mrygoń B. Influence of density fluctuations on the equation of state 1974ХХ
97118 Bergeron K.D., Gross E.P., Varley R.L. Approximate solutions of the Liouville equation. IV. The two-body additive approximation 1974ХХ
97121 Sýkora S. Quantum theory and the bayesian inference problems 1974ХХ
97122 Matsuno K. Probabilistic kinetics of macroprocesses in broken microscopic reversibility 1974ХХ
97151 Zannetti M. Self-consistent treatment of a phase transition in a system with a vector order parameter 1974ХХ
97652 Schlup W.A. Some evidence for the validity of the noise-temperature inequalityθ ≥T in the relaxation approximation of the one-dimensional electron transport problem in high electric fields 1974ХХ
97655 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 10 є6 1974) 1974ХХ
97664 Braun E. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of systems interacting with nonadditive forces. III. Properties to first order in the density 1974ХХ
97673 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 10 є1 1974) 1974ХХ
97677 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 11 є2 1974) 1974ХХ
97680 Mosteller R.D., Duderstadt J.J. Spectral representations for the memory kernel characterizing self-diffusion 1974ХХ
97684 Pao -Liu Chow A functional phase-integral method and applications to the laser beam propagation in random media 1974ХХ
97689 Carmeli M. Statistical Theory of Energy Levels and Random Matrices in Physics 1974ХХ
97698 Nossal R.J., Weiss G.H. A Generalized Pearson Random Walk Allowing for Bias 1974ХХ
97699 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 11 є3 1974) 1974ХХ
97710 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 10 є5 1974) 1974ХХ
97713 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 11 є6 1974) 1974ХХ
97728 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 11 є3 1974) 1974ХХ
97748 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 10 є3 1974) 1974ХХ
97752 David Rappaport, Joshua Dayan A probabilistic model for tracer distribution in multiphase spatially inhomogeneous transport systems 1974ХХ
97769 Inder Jeet Taneja A joint characterization of directed divergence, inaccuracy, and their generalizations 1974ХХ
97786 Saeyoung Ahn, H. L. Frisch Percus-Yevick virial relation and scaled particle theory 1974ХХ

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