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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
50738 Ghiani G., Laporte G. A Branch-and-cut Algorithm for the Undirected Rural Postman Problem 2000ХХ
48512 Stubbs R.A. A branch-and-cut method for 0-1 mixed convex programming 1999ХХ
48454 Cheon M. A branch-reduce-cut algorithm for the global optimization of probabilistically constrained linear programs 2006ХХ
47903 Dolgii Y.F., Nidchenko S.N. A Branching Method for Studying Stability of a Solution to a Delay Differential Equation 2005ХХ
48475 Trapman P. A branching model for the spread of infectious animal diseases in varying environments 2003ХХ
48571 John M.Marshall A branching process for the early spread of a transposable element in a diploid population 2008ХХ
125501 Garcia-Pelayo R., Salazar I., Schieve W.C. A Branching Process Model for Sand Avalanches 1993ХХ
47460 Gurevich B.M., Tempelman A.A. A Breiman Type Theorem for Gibbs Measures 2007ХХ
47463 Lee Y., Wang A.N., Wu D. A Bridge Principle for Harmonic Diffeomorphisms between Surfaces 2000ХХ
47195 Ynging Lee, Al Nungwang, Derchyi Wu A Bridge Principle for Harmonic Maps 2002ХХ
114691 јлмазова Ћ.ј. A Bridge to Spoken English 1980 ХХХ
48264 Vinogradov A.I. A brief account of the scientific and pedagogical work Yu. V. Linnik 2006ХХ
125736 Amir-e-Ahle-Sunnat A brief biography of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan n/aХХ
4613 Swinnerton-Dyer H.P.F. A brief guide to algebraic number theory 2001ХХ
127443 Swinnerton-Dyer H. P. F., Swinnerton-Dyer P. A brief guide to algebraic number threory 2001ХХ
185644 Dooley J. A Brief History of Cryptology and Cryptographic Algorithms 2013ХХ
80595 White N.P. A brief history of happiness 2006ХХ
76535 Evans G.R. A Brief History of Heresy 2002ХХ
4352 Fink K. A brief history of mathematics 1903ХХ
189334 Fink K. A Brief History Of Mathematics 2010ХХ
80864 Sorensen R. A Brief History of the Paradox: Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind 2003ХХ
6216 Hawking S. A brief history of time 1996 ХХХ
31420 Stein W. A Brief Introduction to Classical and Adelic Algebraic Number Theory 2004ХХ
117917 Dahl M. A brief introduction to Finsler geometry 2006ХХ
9983 Moretti C. A brief introduction to Mathematica n/aХХ
1842 Bellman R. A brief introduction to theta functions 1961ХХ
169224 Simmonds J. A Brief on Tensor Analysis 1994 ХХХ
47464 Marchenko V.M. A Brief Review of the Development of Qualitative Control Theory in Belarus 2002ХХ
51241 Kashin B.S., Korneichuk N.P., Ul'yanov P.I. A Brief Survey of Scientific Results of E. A. Storozhenko 2000ХХ
48265 Ballico E. A brill - noether theory for k-gonal nodal curves 2003ХХ
142626 Hsu J., Hsu L. A Broader View of Relativity: General Implications of Lorentz And Poincare Invariance (Advanced Series on Theoretical Physical Science) 2006 ХХХ
47465 Campana F., Winkelmann J. A Brody theorem for orbifolds 2008ХХ
47631 Atzberger P.J., Peskin C.S. A Brownian Dynamics Model of Kinesin in Three Dimensions Incorporating the Force-Extension Profile of the Coiled-Coil Cargo Tether 2006ХХ
122270 Conlon J.G., Olsen P.A. A Brownian Motion Version of the Directed Polymer Problem 1996ХХ
47240 Dempe S. A Bundle Algorithm Applied to Bilevel Programming Problems with Non-Unique Lower Level Solutions 2000ХХ
48223 Ngu T.T.V. A bundle method for solving equilibrium problems 2009ХХ
48400 Elizabeth Karas, Ademir Ribeiro, Claudia Sagastizábal A bundle-filter method for nonsmooth convex constrained optimization 2007ХХ
47312 Claude Lemaréchal, Adam Ouorou, Georgios Petrou A bundle-type algorithm for routing in telecommunication data networks 2007ХХ
47471 Baracco L., Zaitsev D., Zampieri G. A Burns-Krantz type theorem for domains with corners 2006ХХ
23195 Watson T.J. A Business and Its Beliefs : The Ideas That Helped Build IBM 2003ХХ
25089 Calder A. A Business Guide to Information Security 2006ХХ
58830 The Economist Newspaper A Business Miscellany 2006ХХ
39736 Mullaney J. A Buyer's and User's Guide to Astronomical Telescopes and Binoculars 2007ХХ
47209 Shuhei Hayashi A C(1) Make or Break Lemma 2000ХХ
48268 Zhang Sh. A cache considering role-based access control and trust in privilege management infrastructure 2006ХХ
47204 Tan Jin, Yu Sheng-sheng, Zhou Jing-li A Caching Strategy for Streaming Media 2001ХХ
48566 Richard Bertram, Arthur Sherman A calcium-based phantom bursting model for pancreatic islets 2004ХХ
47206 Francesco Costantino A calculus for branched spines of 3-manifolds 2005ХХ
48633 David Fisher A canonical arithmetic quotient for actions of lattices in simple groups 2007ХХ
47490 Lauret J. A Canonical Compatible Metric for Geometric Structures on Nilmanifolds 2006ХХ

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