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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
99539 O. J. Heilmann, R. Moss, E. L. Praestgaard A cell model for liquids. II. Exact solution for the restricted cell model for hard, parallel squares 1974ХХ
51179 ZhiJunt S., GuangWei Y., JingYan Y. A cell-centered lagrangian scheme in two-dimensional cylindrical geometry 2008ХХ
124245 Belitsky V., Krug J., Neves E.J. A Cellular Automaton Model for Two-Lane Traffic 2001ХХ
47696 Kirley M. A Cellular Genetic Algorithm with Disturbances: Optimisation Using Dynamic Spatial Interactions 2002ХХ
48486 Tokunaga Sh. A Cellular Triangle Containing a Specified Point 1999ХХ
119726 Nasilowski R. A Cellular-Automaton Fluid Model with Simple Rules in Arbitrarily Many Dimensions 1991ХХ
48824 Michael Huber A census of highly symmetric combinatorial designs 2007ХХ
48488 Xu Y. A Census of Petal Bundles by Genus 2008ХХ
48467 Conder M., Malniс A. A census of semisymmetric cubic graphs on up to 768 vertices 2004ХХ
47328 Kühnel W., Lutz F.H. A Census of Tight Triangulations 2000ХХ
47329 Wainer H. A Centenary Celebration for Will Burtin: A Pioneer of Scientific Visualization 2009ХХ
48470 Raupp F. A Center Cutting Plane Algorithm for a Likelihood Estimate Problem 2001ХХ
50332 Marinucci D. A central limit theorem and higher order results for the angular bispectrum 2007ХХ
49457 de Carvalho Bezerra S., Tindel S. A Central Limit Theorem for a Localized Version of the SK Model 2007ХХ
51226 Peres Y., Zeitouni O. A Central Limit Theorem for Biased Random Walks on GaltonЦWatson Trees 2007ХХ
50047 Barany I., Rote G., Steiger W. A Central Limit Theorem for Convex Chains in the Square 2000ХХ
50476 Klartag B. A central limit theorem for convex sets 2007ХХ
50247 Bingham M.S. A central limit theorem for exchangeable random variables on a locally compact abelian group 2000ХХ
50344 Betz V., Spohn H. A central limit theorem for Gibbs measures relative to Brownian motion 2004ХХ
50345 Madritsch M., Wagner S. A central limit theorem for integer partitions 2009ХХ
50406 Cavazos-Cadena R., Hernández-Hernández D. A central limit theorem for normalized products of random matrices 2007ХХ
49806 Yuan M., Su C., Hu T. A Central Limit Theorem for Random Fields of Negatively Associated Processes 2003ХХ
50408 Toscani G. A central limit theorem for solutions of the porous medium equation 2005ХХ
49264 Ayache A., Bertrand P., Levy J. A Central Limit Theorem for the Generalized Quadratic Variation of the Step Fractional Brownian Motion 2006ХХ
51229 Ghora J.K. A Central Limit Theorem for the L2 Error of Positive Wavelet Density Estimator 2002ХХ
51137 Yan-yan L. A central limit theorem of branching process with mixing interactions 2002ХХ
49990 Barvinok A., Novik I. A Centrally Symmetric Version of the Cyclic Polytope 2008ХХ
155724 Duren P. A Century in Mathematics in America 1991ХХ
75628 Brinkman U.A.Th. A Century of Chromatography and volume 1000 of the Journal of Chromatography 2003ХХ
28805 Aynsley J. A Century of Graphic Design 2001ХХ
135335 Sidharth B.G. A Century of Ideas: Perspectives from Leading Scientists of the 20th Century 2008ХХ
164010 Sidharth B. A Century of Ideas: Perspectives from Leading Scientists of the 20th Century (Fundamental Theories of Physics) 2008ХХ
131371 Duren P. A century of mathematics in America 1989ХХ
141804 Duren P., Merzbach U. A century of mathematics in America 1988ХХ
166804 Duren P. A Century of Mathematics in America (History of Mathematics, Vol 2) 1989ХХ
142666 Duren P., Merzbach U.C. A Century of mathematics in America. Part 1 1989ХХ
189139 Duren P. A Century of Mathematics in America. Part 2 1989ХХ
150934 Ewing J. A century of mathematics: Through the eyes of the Monthly 1994ХХ
159530 Ewing J. A Century of Mathematics: Through the Eyes of the Monthly (MAA Spectrum Series) 1994ХХ
47029 Leroy F. (ed.) A Century of Nobel Prize Recipients: Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine 2003ХХ
47220 Issaq H.J. (ed.) A Century of Separation Science 2002ХХ
48896 Florin Diacu A century-long loop 2000ХХ
150357 Gaurav Suri, Hartosh Singh Bal A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel 2007 ХХХ
49413 Begmatov A.K. A Certain Inversion Problem for the Ray Transform with Incomplete Data 2001ХХ
50447 Puzarenko V.G. A Certain Reducibility on Admissible Sets 2009ХХ
49784 Wen S.Y. A Certain Regular Property of the Method I Construction and Packing Measure 2007ХХ
50286 De Cicco V., Fusco N., Verde A. A chain rule formula in BV and application to lower semicontinuity 2005ХХ
50379 De Cicco V., De Leoni G. A chain rule in L1 (div;Ω) and its applications to lower semicontinuity 2003ХХ
49232 Gupta S.N. A Chance Constrained Approach to Fractional Programming with Random Numerator 2009ХХ
50085 Peskir G. A Change-of-Variable Formula with Local Time on Curves 2005ХХ

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