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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125133 Descombes X., Pechersky E. Droplet Shapes for a Class of Models in Z^2 at Zero Temperature 2003ХХ
125134 Jian-Sheng Wang Anisotropic Finite-Size Scaling Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Driven Diffusive System 1995ХХ
125135 Henri Cornille Exact (1 + 1)-Dimensional Solutions of Discrete Planar Velocity Boltzmann Models 1987ХХ
125136 Martinelli F., Olivieri E., Scoppola E. On the Swendsen-Wang Dynamics. II. Critical Droplets and Homogeneous Nucleation at Low Temperature for the Two-Dimensional Ising Model 1991ХХ
125137 Ernst M. H., Cohen E. G. D. Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in m Space 1980ХХ
125138 Sinai Ya.G. What, in My Opinion, David Ruelle Should Do in the Coming Years? 2002ХХ
125139 Delyon F. Appearance of a Purely Singular Continuous Spectrum in a Class of Random Schrodinger Operators 1985ХХ
125140 Gaveau B., Schuiman L.S. Fluctuations in Mean-Field Self-Organized Criticality 1994ХХ
125141 Brachet M. E., Meiron D., Orszag S. The Taylor-Green Vortex and Fully Developed Turbulence 1983ХХ
125142 Kim S.R., Woodcock L.V. Kinetic Theory of Granular Shear Flow: Constitutive Relations for the Hard-Disk Model 1993ХХ
125143 Fannjiang A., Wołowski L. Noise Induced Dissipation in Lebesgue-Measure Preserving Maps on d-Dimensional Torus 2003ХХ
125144 Pierluigi Contucci, Sandro Graffi, Stefano Isola Mean Field Behaviour of Spin Systems with Orthogonal Interaction Matrix 2001ХХ
125145 Kincaid J.M., Cohen E.G.D. Nano- and Pico-Scale Transport Phenomena in Fluids 2002ХХ
125146 Illner R., Victory H.D. On Vlasov-Manev Equations, II: Local Existence and Uniqueness 1998ХХ
125147 Phillips J.M., Dash J.G. Thermal Disorder, Fluctuations, Growth and Fragmentation of Finite One-Dimensional Atomic Chains 2005ХХ
125148 Essam J.W. Three Attractive Osculating Walkers and a Polymer Collapse Transition 2003ХХ
125149 Giulian A., Zamponi F., Gallavotti G. Fluctuation Relation beyond Linear Response Theory 2005ХХ
125150 Qian H., Qian M., Tang X. Thermodynamics of the General Diffusion Process: Time-Reversibility and Entropy Production 2002ХХ
125151 Oevel W. Balance Equations for Micromorphic Materials 1981ХХ
125152 Machta J. Power Law Decay of Correlations in a Billiard Problem 1983ХХ
125153 Morozov V.G. Non-Markovian Quantum Kinetics and Conservation Laws 2001ХХ
125154 Blum L., Bernard O. The General Solution of the Binding Mean Spherical Approximation for Pairing Ions 1995ХХ
125155 De Masi A., Ferrari P.A., Vares M.E. A Microscopic Model of Interface Related to the Burgers Equation 1989ХХ
125156 Lee J., Wu M.-Y. Ergodicity for the Dissipative Boussinesq Equations with Random Forcing 2004ХХ
125157 Whittle P. The Statistics of Random Directed Graphs 1989ХХ
125158 Elskens Y., Frisch H.L. Aggregation Kinetics for a One-Dimensional Zero-Degree Kelvin Model of Spinodal Decomposition 1987ХХ
125159 Shalitin D. Relations Between Site Percolation Thresholds 1982ХХ
125160 Rivet J.-P. Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics 2002ХХ
125161 Chubb S., Fox D. Correlation Functions of Odd Numbers of Spins with Finite Separations on the Onsager-Ising Lattice 1980ХХ
125162 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
125163 Nouri A. The Evolution of a Gas in a Radiation Field from a Kinetic Point of View 2002ХХ
125164 Angles d'Auriac J.C., Maynard R., Rammal R. Critical Dynamics of Finite Ising Model 1982ХХ
125165 Rodriguez M.A., Pesquera L., San Miguel M. Master Equation Description of External Poisson White Noise in Finite Systems 1985ХХ
125166 Orlandini E., Janse van Rensburg E.J. A Monte Carlo Algorithm for Lattice Ribbons 1996ХХ
125167 Bobylev A.V., Cercignani C. Exact Eternal Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation 2002ХХ
125168 Kloeden P.E., Platen E. Higher-Order Implicit Strong Numerical Schemes for Stochastic Differential Equations 1992ХХ
125169 Suzuki J. Functional Relations in Stokes Multipliers-Fun with x6 + a x2 Potentia 2001ХХ
125170 Newell A., Shipman P. Plants and Fibonacci 2005ХХ
125171 Wu F.Y., Pant P. The Chiral Potts Model and Its Associated Link Invariant 1995ХХ
125172 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
125173 Escande D.F., Doveil F. Renormalization Method for Computing the Threshold of the Large-Scale Stochastic Instability in Two Degrees of Freedom Hamiltonian Systems 1981ХХ
125174 Bauer M., Bernard D. Multiple SchrammЦLoewner Evolutions and Statistical Mechanics Martingales 2005ХХ
125175 Cohen E.G.D. Erratum: Symmetric Linear Collision Operators in Kinetic Theory 1987ХХ
125176 Zobov V.E., Popov M.A. Excluded Volume Effects for Frequency Moments of the Spin Autocorrelation Function of the Heisenberg Model on a Square Lattice at High Temperatures 1999ХХ
125177 Bassler K., Sasaki K. Interface Interactions in Modulated Phases, and Upsilon Points 1991ХХ
125178 Sinai Ja.G., Vul E.B. Discovery of Closed Orbits of Dynamical Systems with the Use of Computers 1980ХХ
125179 Debbasch F., Rivet J.P. A Diffusion Equation from the Relativistic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process 1998ХХ
125180 Alicki R., Messer J. Nonlinear Quantum Dynamical Semigroups for Many-Body Open Systems 1983ХХ
125181 Blanchard Ph., Carlen E.A., Dell'Antonio G. F. Particles and "Bumps" in Quantum Field Configurations 1989ХХ
125182 di Francesco P., Saleur H., Zuber J.B. Relations between the Coulomb Gas Picture and Conformal Invariance of Two-Dimensional Critical Models 1987ХХ

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