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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125333 Berretti A. Some Properties of Random Ising Models 1985ХХ
125334 Schonmann R., Tanaka N. One-Dimensional Caricature of Phase Transition 1990ХХ
125335 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
125336 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
125337 Park Y. The Cluster Expansion for Classical and Quantum Lattice Systems 1982ХХ
125338 van den Brule B.H.A.A. Modeling of Concentrated Suspensions 1991ХХ
125339 Planes A., Vives E. Entropic Formulation of Statistical Mechanics 2002ХХ
125340 van Enter A. Bounds on Correlation Decay for Long-Range Vector Spin Glasses 1985ХХ
125341 Camia F., Newman C. Continuum Nonsimple Loops and 2D Critical Percolation 2004ХХ
125342 Boutet de Monvel A., Pastur L. On the Matrix Statistical Mechanics Approach in the Random Theory: Integrated Density of States 1995ХХ
125343 Oshanin G., Mogutov A., Moreau M. Steady Flux in a Continuous-Space Sinai Chain 1993ХХ
125344 Book Review: Nonlinear Nonequilibrium Thermody- namics L Linear and Nonlinear Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorems 1994ХХ
125345 Rafael I. Nepomechie Functional Relations and Bethe Ansatz for the XXZ Chain 2002ХХ
125346 Fontes L. R. G., Jordio Neves E. Phase Uniqueness and Correlation Length in Diluted-Field Ising Models 1994ХХ
125347 Gudowska-Nowak E., Kleczkowski A., Williams G. O. Stochastic versus Chaotic Dynamics in a Deterministic System 1988ХХ
125348 Futur e Contribution s t o Journal of Statistical Physics 1988ХХ
125349 Laidlaw W. G., Hamilton G. R., Flewweiling R. B. Fractal Patterns of Fluid Domains for Displacement Processes in Porous Media 1988ХХ
125350 Walter G. Glockle, Theo F. Nonnenmacher Fox Function Representation of Non-Debye Relaxation Processes 1992ХХ
125351 Tung-chen Chung, William C. Meeeham Defect of the Five-Thirds Law Using the Wiener-Hermite Expansion 1989ХХ
125352 Book Review: Enigmas of Chance, an Autobiography 1986ХХ
125353 James L. Monroe Phase Diagrams of Ising Models on Husimi Trees. I. Pure Multisite Interaction Systems 1991ХХ
125354 Christof Külske Analogues of Non-Gibbsianness in Joint Measures of Disordered Mean Field Models 2003ХХ
125355 Hans Conrad, Arnold F. Spreeher Characteristics and Mechanisms of Electrorheological Fluids 1991ХХ
125356 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1999ХХ
125357 Rajesh R., Satya N. Majumdar Conserved Mass Models and Particle Systems in One Dimension 1999ХХ
125358 Maury Bramson, Joel L. Lebowitz Spatial Structure in Diffusion-Limited Two-Particle Reactions 1991ХХ
125359 Naee m Jan, Dietrich Stauffer, Amnon Aharony An Infinite Number of Effectively Infinite Clusters in Critical Percolatios 1998ХХ
125360 Book Review: Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Systems with Long-Range Interactions 2004ХХ
125361 Book Review: Finite Size Scaling and Numerical Simulation of Stathtical Systems 1992ХХ
125362 Wolfgang Dreyer, Frank Duderstadt On the BeckerDoring Theory of Nucleation of Liquid Droplets in Solids 2005ХХ
125363 Klaus Fabricius, Barry M. McCoy Completing BetheТs Equations at Roots of Unity 2001ХХ
125364 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
125365 Behn U., van Hemmen J.L. Network Description of the Immune System: Dormant B Cells Stabilize Cycles 1989ХХ
125366 Hildebrand M., Mikhailov A.S. Nanoscale Wave Patterns in Reactive Adsorbates with Attractive Lateral Interactions 2000ХХ
125367 Margolin G., Barkai E. Nonergodicity of a Time Series Obeying L´evy Statistics 2006ХХ
125368 Palczewski A., Schneider J. Existence, Stability, and Convergence of Solutions of Discrete Velocity Models to the Boltzmann Equation 1998ХХ
125369 O'Carroll M. Multiscale Representation of Generating and Correlation Functions for Some Models of Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory 1993ХХ
125370 Vaksic V., Pillet C.-A. A Note on Eigenvalues of Liouvilleans 2001ХХ
125371 Redig F. An Exponential Upper Bound for the Survival Probability in a Dynamic Random Trap Model 1993ХХ
125372 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
125373 Ed Weinberger A Model of Natural Selection That Exhibits a Dynamic Phase Transition 1987ХХ
125374 Denis J. Evans Enhanced t ^-3/2 Long-Time Tail for the Stress-Stress Time Correlation Function 1979ХХ
125375 Program of the 79th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1998ХХ
125376 Rieci T. F., Seherer C. A Stochastic Model for the Dynamics of a Classical Spin 1992ХХ
125377 Alphonse Finel, Didier de Fontaine The Two-Dimensional ANNNI Model in the CVM Approximation 1985ХХ
125378 Karen E. Johnson Bringing Statistical Mechanics into Chemistry: The Early Scientific Work of Karl F. Herzfeld 1989ХХ
125379 Dieter Wolf-Gladrow A Lattice Boltzmann Equation for Diffusion 1994ХХ
125380 Book Review: Statistical Physics: Including Applications to Condensed Matter 2006ХХ
125381 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
125382 Salvatore De Gregorio On a One-Dimensional Model for the Three-Dimensional Vorticity Equation 1990ХХ

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