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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125258 Ziegler K. Statistics of Colored Flux Lines 1991ХХ
125259 Enns R.H. Nonlinear Phenomena in Physics and Biology 1983ХХ
125260 Chorin A. A Vortex Model with Superfluid and Turbulent Percolation 1992ХХ
125261 Golden K. Dynamical Three-Point Correlations and Quadratic Response Functions in Binary Ionic Mixture Plasmas 1982ХХ
125262 Leuthausser I. Statistical Mechanics of Eigen's Evolution Model 1987ХХ
125263 Derrida B., Lebowitz J.L. Large Deviation of the Density Profile in the Steady State of the Open Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process 2002ХХ
125264 Bertacch D., Zucca F. Classification on the Average of Random Walks 2004ХХ
125265 Carlen E.A., Carvalho M.C. Strict Entropy Production Bounds and Stability Rate of Convergence to Equilibrium for the Boltzmann Equation 1992ХХ
125266 Announcements 1981ХХ
125267 Kohmoto M. Dynamical System Related to Quasiperiodic Schrodinger Equations in One Dimension 1992ХХ
125268 Giacometti A., Maritan A. Real-Space Renormalization Group for Langevin Dynamics in Absence of Translational Invariance 1995ХХ
125269 TeI T. Invariant Curves, Attractors, and Phase Diagram of a Piecewise Linear Map with Chaos 1983ХХ
125270 Childress S., Klapper I. On Some Transport Properties of Baker's Maps 1991ХХ
125271 Kedem R., McCoy B. Construction of Modular Branching Functions from Bethe's Equations in the 3-State Potts Chain 1993ХХ
125272 Mazo R.M. Brownian Motion: Fluctuations, Dynamics, and Applications 2002ХХ
125273 Barkema G.T., Bastolla U. Two-Dimensional Oriented Self-Avoiding Walks with Parallel Contacts 1998ХХ
125274 Widder M.E., Titulaer U.M. The Kinetic Boundary Layer around an Absorbing Sphere and the Growth of Small Droplets 1989ХХ
125275 Goncalves N.J.A.P. Two-Dimensional Lattice Tree Exponents and Amplitudes: Simulation Algorithms Versus Series 1994ХХ
125276 Gamba A., Kolokolov I. The Lyapunov Spectrum of a Continuous Product of Random Matrices 1996ХХ
125277 Baker G. Ising-Model, Block-Spin Distributions by the Markov Property Method 1998ХХ
125278 Dickman R. Nonequilibrium Lattice Models: Series Analysis of Steady States 1989ХХ
125279 Hubmer G.F., Titulaer U.M. A Kinetic Model for Droplet Growth in the Transition Regime 1991ХХ
125280 Bonetto F., Gallavotti G. Chaotic Hypothesis, Fluctuation Theorem and Singularities 2006ХХ
125281 Stoof H.T.C. Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of a Bose Condensate 1997ХХ
125282 Boldrighini C., Cosimi G., Frigio S. Computer Simulations for Some One-Dimensional Models of Random Walks in Fluctuating Random Environment 2005ХХ
125283 Lomba E. On the Solutions of the Hypernetted Chain Equation Inside the Gas-Liquid Coexistence Region 1995ХХ
125284 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 1988ХХ
125285 Altares V., Nieolis G. A New Method of Analysis of the Effect of Weak Colored Noise in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 1987ХХ
125286 Alili S. Persistent Random Walks in Stationary Environment 1999ХХ
125287 Zhang Y.-C. Directed Polymers in Hartree-Fock Approximation 1989ХХ
125288 Tan M.-L., Qian Y.H., Goldhirsch I. Lattice-BGK Approach to Simulating Granular Flows 1995ХХ
125289 Bunde A., Miyazima S. From the Eden Model to the Kinetic Growth Walk: A Generalized Growth Model with a Finite Lifetime of Growth Sites 1987ХХ
125290 Tij M., Santos A. Poiseuille Flow in a Heated Granular Gas 2004ХХ
125291 Evans J.W., Nord R.S. Random Dimer Filling of Lattices: Three-Dimensional Application to Free Radical Recombination Kinetics 1985ХХ
125292 Pesin Ya.B. On Rigorous Mathematical Definitions of Correlation Dimension and Generalized Spectrum for Dimensions 1993ХХ
125293 Mozyrsky D., Privman V. Adiabatic Decoherence 1998ХХ
125294 Boldrighini C., Bunimovich L.A. Ising-Type and Other Transitions in One-Dimensional Coupled Map Lattices with Sign Symmetry 2001ХХ
125295 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2002ХХ
125296 Derrida B., De Seze L., Itzykson C. Fractal Structure of Zeros in Hierarchical Models 1983ХХ
125297 Reimann P. Noisy One-Dimensional Maps Near a Crisis. I. Weak Gaussian White and Colored Noise 1996ХХ
125298 Thirumalai D., Mountain R. Probes of Equipartition in Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems 1989ХХ
125299 Derrida B. Velocity and Diffusion Constant of a Periodic One-Dimensional Hopping Model 1983ХХ
125300 Benedetto D. A Remark on the Hamiltonian Formalism for Incompressible Flows 1995ХХ
125301 Lacker H., Percus A. How Do Ovarian Follicles Interact? A Many-Body Problem with Unusual Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking Properties 1991ХХ
125302 Ladd A. Lorentz Gas Shear Viscosity via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics and Boltzmann's Equation 1985ХХ
125303 Porzio A. On the Regularity of the Multifractal Spectrum of Bernoulli Convolutions 1998ХХ
125304 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2003ХХ
125305 Geldart D.J.W., De'Bell K. Logarithmic Corrections for Dilute Uniaxial Ferromagnets at the Critical Dimension 1993ХХ
125306 Keyes T. NESS Theory of Random Steady States 1982ХХ
125307 Garrido L. Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks 1992ХХ

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