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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125208 Ueno Y., Ozeki Y. Interfacial Approach to d-Dimensional +/- J Ising Models in the Neighborhood of the Ferromagnetic Phase Boundary 1991ХХ
125209 Ueltschi D. HundТs Rule and Metallic Ferromagnetism 2005ХХ
125210 Kehrein S., Mielke A. Diagonalization of System plus Environment Hamiltonians 1998ХХ
125211 Drossel B. Energy Barriers for Flux Lines in Three Dimensions 1996ХХ
125212 Barsky D., Wu C.C. Critical Exponents for the Contact Process under the Triangle Condition 1998ХХ
125213 Benfatto G. On the Susceptibility and Clustering Properties of Unbounded Spins 1984ХХ
125214 Schulz U., Villain J., Orland H. Thermal Fluctuations in Some Random Field Models 1988ХХ
125215 Streater R.F. Convection in a Gravitational Field 1994ХХ
125216 Ganesh A., Hambly B.M. Poissonian Behavior of Ising Spin Systems in an External Field 2000ХХ
125217 Roerdink J.B.T.M., Shuler K.E. Asymptotic Properties of Multistate Random Walks. I. Theory 1985ХХ
125218 Antoine J.-P. Functional Integration: Theory and Applications 1982ХХ
125219 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1980ХХ
125220 Li B., Madras N. Critical Exponents, Hyperscaling, and Universal Amplitude Ratios for Two- and Three-Dimensional Self-Avoiding Walks 1995ХХ
125221 Potters M. Theory of Financial Risks: From Statistical Mechanics to Risk Management and Stochastic Processes from Physics to Finance 2002ХХ
125222 Albano E. The Critical Behavior of Dimer-Dimer Surface Reaction Models. Monte Carlo and Finite-Size Scaling Investigation 1992ХХ
125223 Gambaudo J.M., Tresser C. Simple Models for Bifurcations Creating Horseshoes 1983ХХ
125224 Patrick A. E. On Phase Separation in the Spherical Model of a Ferromagnet: Quasiaverage Approach 1993ХХ
125225 Leung K.-T., Zia R.K.P. Subtleties in Data Analysis Related to the Size of Critical Region 1996ХХ
125226 F. Baccelli, Karpelevich F. I., Kelbert M. A Mean-Field Limit for a Class of Queueing Networks 1991ХХ
125227 Indira R., Valsakumar M. C., Murthy K. P. N. Diffusion in a Bistable Potential: A Comparative Study of Different Methods of Solution 1983ХХ
125228 Andrea J. Liu, Michael E. Fisher On the Corrections to Scaling in Three-Dimensional Ising Models 1989ХХ
125229 Chazottes J.-R., Ugalde E. Projection of Markov Measures May Be Gibbsian 2003ХХ
125230 Bendisch J. Geometric Localization of the Threshold in Two-Dimensional Ising +/- J Spin Glasses for T = 0 1991ХХ
125231 Bauer M., Luck J.M. Statistics of Persistent Events in the Binomial Random Walk: Will the Drunken Sailor Hit the Sober Man? 1999ХХ
125232 Penrose O. Corrigendum to Phase Transitions on Fractal Lattices with Long-Range Interactions 1987ХХ
125233 Lewis J.T., de Smedt P. The Superstability of Pair-Potentials of Positive Type 1984ХХ
125234 Stauffer D. Evolution by Damage Spreading in Kauffman Model 1994ХХ
125235 Gawedzki K., Kupiainen A., Tirozzi B. Borel Summability of the Perturbation Series in a Hierarchical Model 1984ХХ
125236 Bialek W., Scalettar R., Zee A. Optimal Performance of a Feed-Forward Network at Statistical Discrimination Tasks 1989ХХ
125237 Bouchaud J. P., Orland H. On the Bethe Ansatz for Random Directed Polymers 1990ХХ
125238 Stauffer D. Ising Droplets in Five Dimensions 1994ХХ
125239 Benfatto G., Marinari E. Some Numerical Results on the Block Spin Transformation for the 2D Ising Model at the Critical Point 1995ХХ
125240 Park Y. Existence and Uniqueness of Gibbs States for a Statistical Mechanical Polyacetylene Model 1987ХХ
125241 Lam L. Foreword 1991ХХ
125242 Le Doussai P., Machta J. Self-Avoiding Walks in Quenched Random Environments 1991ХХ
125243 Figotin A., Klein A. Localized Classical Waves Created by Defects 1997ХХ
125244 Barrachina R.O., Garibotti C.R. Nonisotropic Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation 1986ХХ
125245 Pearce P., Seaton K. A Classical Theory of Hard Squares 1988ХХ
125246 Rubin R. Transport in a Disordered OneDimensional System: A Fraetal View 1984ХХ
125247 Nakano F. The Repulsion Between Localization Centers in the Anderson Model 2006ХХ
125248 Asselah A., Brito R. Self-Diffusion in Simple Models: Systems with Long-Range Jumps 1997ХХ
125249 Giacomin G., Lebowitz J.L. Phase Segregation Dynamics in Particle Systems with Long Range Interactions. I. Macroscopic Limits 1997ХХ
125250 Larralde H., Leyvraz F. Transport Properties of a Modified Lorentz Gas 2003ХХ
125251 Foreword 1995ХХ
125252 Derezinski J. On the Nature of Fermi Golden Rule for Open Quantum Systems 2004ХХ
125253 Koiller J., Markarian R. Static and Time-Dependent Perturbations of the Classical Elliptical Billiard 1996ХХ
125254 Myshlyavtsev A.V. The Effect of Three-Body Interactions on Thermal Desorption Spectra 1990ХХ
125255 Bauer M., Golinelli O. Random Incidence Matrices: Moments of the Spectral Density 2001ХХ
125256 Parsons R.W. Quasistationary Distributions for Autocatalytic Reactions 1986ХХ
125257 Luding S., Kuzovkov V. Bimoleeular Annihilation Reactions: Immobile Reactants and Multipolar Interactions 1991ХХ

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