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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125408 Carlo Cercignani Small Data Existence for the Enskog Equation in L^1 1987ХХ
125409 Fannes M., Nachtergaele B., Werner R. F. Ground States of VBS Models on Cayley Trees 1991ХХ
125410 Laml P. M. Collapse of Percolation Clusters Matrix Study 1988ХХ
125411 Cliff Z.-W. Liu, Irwin Oppenheim Spatial Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluid Systems 1996ХХ
125412 Sen P., Ray P. Longest Path in Percolating Hierarchical Lattice 1990ХХ
125413 Boltzmann Award (2004) 2005ХХ
125414 Balescu R. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and the Transport Phenomena in Magnetically Confined Plasmas 1987ХХ
125415 Orlandini E., Tesi M. C., Turchetti G. Meromorphic Structure of the Mellin Transforms and Short-Distance Behavior of Correlation Integrals 1991ХХ
125416 Kohei Uchiyama Equilibrium Fluctuations for Zero-Range-Exclusion Processes 2004ХХ
125417 Yuri Bakhtin Existence and Uniqueness of Stationary Solutions for 3D NavierЦStokes System with Small Random Forcing via Stochastic Cascades 2005ХХ
125418 Yakov Pesin, Howard Weiss A Multifractal Analysis of Equilibrium Measures for Conformal Expanding Maps and Moran-like Geometric Constructions 1996ХХ
125419 Borgs C., Kotecky R. Surface-Induced Finite-Size Effects for First-Order Phase Transitions 1994ХХ
125420 Domokos Szasz Joint Diffusion on the Line 1979ХХ
125421 Carlo Boldrighini, Alessandro Pellegrinotti, Livio Triolo Convergence to Stationary States for Infinite Harmonic Systems 1982ХХ
125422 Alessandro Monge, Cohen E. G. D. Short-Time Behavior of the Vibrational- Energy-Time Correlation Function for a One-Dimensional Model of Diatomic Molecules 1991ХХ
125423 Book Review: Instabilities, Bifurcations, and Fluctuations in Chemical Systems 1983ХХ
125424 Arkeryd L., Nouri A. The Stationary Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation in a Couette Setting with Multiple, Isolated L q -solutions and Hydrodynamic Limits 2004ХХ
125425 da Silva L. R., Herrmann H. J. Damage Spreading in a Gradient 1988ХХ
125426 Dale A. Huckaby, Masato Shinmi Exact Solution of a Three-Component System on the Honeycomb Lattice 1986ХХ
125427 Robert S. Sinkovits, Ras B. Pandey Computer Simulation of Random Sequential Adsorption of Two Interacting Species on a Lattice 1993ХХ
125428 Henri Cornille, Yue-Hong Qian Temperature Overshoots for a 4-Velocity Unidimensional Discrete Boltzmann Model 1990ХХ
125429 Janka Petravic, Dennis J. lsbister, Gary P. Morriss Correlation Dimension of the Sheared Hard-Disk Lorentz Gas 1994ХХ
125430 Claude Aslangul, Marc Barthelemy, Noelle Pottier Microscopic Dynamical Exponents for Random-Random Directed Walk on a One-Dimensional Lattice with Quenched Disorder 1990ХХ
125431 Fernando Perez J., Schonmann R. H. On the Global Character of Some Restricted Equilibrium ConditionswA Remark on Metastability 1981ХХ
125432 Stephan Mertens, Markus E. Lautenbacher Counting Lattice Animals: A Parallel Attack 1991ХХ
125433 Bertrand Duplantier Statistical Mechanics of Polymer Networks of Any Topology 1988ХХ
125434 Larry S. Liebovitch, Michal Zochowski Significance of Updating Schemes in Computational Models : Dynamics of Neutral Networks 1997ХХ
125435 Janssen J. A. M. The Elimination of Fast Variables in Complex Chemical Reactions. I. Macroscopic Level 1989ХХ
125436 Christopher J. Hillar, Charles R. Johnson On the Positivity of the Coefficients of a Certain Polynomial Defined by Two Positive Definite Matrices 2004ХХ
125437 Arkhipov Y., Klar A., Vedenyapin V. On the Connection of the Formulas for Entropy and Stationary Distribution 1994ХХ
125438 Henk van Beijeren, Herbert Spohn Transport Properties of the One-Dimensional Stochastic Lorentz Model: I. Velocity Autocorrelation Function 1982ХХ
125439 Stanislaus Maier-Paape, Barbara Stoth, Thomas Wanner Spinodal Decomposition for Multicomponent CahnHilliard Systems 1999ХХ
125440 Van Den Broeck C. On the Relation between White Shot Noise, Gaussian White Noise, and the Dichotomic Markov Process 1982ХХ
125441 Pastur L. A. Disordered Spherical Model 1981ХХ
125442 James E. Stangroom Basic Considerations in Flowing Electrorheological Fluids 1991ХХ
125443 —овременные проблемы математики и механики. “ом VII. ¬ыпуск 2. 2013 ХХХ
125444 Reiss H., Reiss G.R. Examination of Bounds on the Chemical Potential, Using a One-Dimensional System 1982ХХ
125445 Borgis D., Moreau M. Nucleation Theory for a Model Bistable Chemical Reaction 1988ХХ
125446 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1982ХХ
125447 Elkoshi Z., Reiss H., Hammerich A.D. One-Dimensional Rigorous Hole Theory of Fluids: Internally Constrained Ensembles 1985ХХ
125448 Figotin A. Existence of Gaps in the Spectrum of Periodic Dielectric Structures on a Lattice 1993ХХ
125449 Book Review: Nonequilibrium Statistical Thermodynamics 1986ХХ
125450 Merkl F., Wagner H. Recurrent Random Walks and the Absence of Continuous Symmetry Breaking on Graphs 1994ХХ
125451 Book Review: Quantum Mechanics and Its Emergent Macrophysics 2003ХХ
125452 Crooks G.E. Nonequilibrium Measurements of Free Energy Differences for Microscopically Reversible Markovian Systems 1998ХХ
125453 Schreiber I., Holodniok M., Kubicek M. Periodic and Aperiodic Regimes in Coupled Dissipative Chemical Oscillators 1986ХХ
125454 Aoyama H., Odagaki T. Eight-Parameter Renormalization Group for Penrose Lattices 1987ХХ
125455 —околовский ё.». “еори€ относительности в элементарном изложении 1964 ХХХ
125456 Celani A., Musacchio S., Vincenzi D. Polymer Transport in Random Flow 2005ХХ
125457 Mézard M., Parisi G. The Cavity Method at Zero Temperature 2003ХХ

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