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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124932 Tourenne C. The Entropy of the BKW Solution 1983ХХ
124933 Poland D. The Kinetics of Adsorption to a One-Dimensional Lattice with Nearest-Neighbor Exclusion: A Series Expansion Study 1989ХХ
124934 Dombry C. A Probabilistic Study of DNA Denaturation 2005ХХ
124935 Madras N., Sokal A. The Pivot Algorithm: A Highly Efficient Monte Carlo Method for the Self-Avoiding Walk 1988ХХ
124936 Lee B.P., Cardy J. Erratum: Renormalization Group Study of the A + B -> !O Diffusion-Limited Reaction 1997ХХ
124937 Kesten H. Analyticity Properties and Power Law Functions in Percolation Theory 1981ХХ
124938 Bolle D., Shim G.M., Vinck B. Retrieval and Chaos in Layered Q-Ising Neural Networks 1994ХХ
124939 Sen P. Growth of Correlation in the Hopfield Model 1992ХХ
124940 Grcenberg W., Polewczak J. A Global Existence Theorem for the Nonlinear BGK Equation 1989ХХ
124941 Arecchi F.T. Instabilities and Chaos in Quantum Optics 1988ХХ
124942 Sancho J.M., Miguel M.S., Durr D. Adiabatic Elimination for Systems of Brownian Particles with Nonconstant Damping Coefficients 1982ХХ
124943 Richetti P., De Kepper P., Roux J.C. A Crisis in the Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction: Experiment and Simulation 1987ХХ
124944 Lu X. A Modified Boltzmann Equation for Bose-Einstein Particles: Isotropic Solutions and Long-Time Behavior 2000ХХ
124945 Spohn H. Quantum Tunneling with Dissipation and the Ising Model over R 1985ХХ
124946 Kruse N., Voss C., Medvedev V. Dynamics of Adsorbate Islands with Nanoscale Resolution 2000ХХ
124947 Baker G.A.Jr., Benofy L.P. On the Ferromagnetic Ising Model in Noninteger Spatial Dimension 1982ХХ
124948 Caillol J.M., Levesque D. A Monte Carlo Study of the Classical Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma 1982ХХ
124949 Kawasaki K. Generalized Irreducible Memory Function 1997ХХ
124950 Rubinshtein M. Polymer Physics 2004ХХ
124951 Tasaki S., Gaspard P. Entropy Production and Transports in a Conservative Multibaker Map with Energy 2000ХХ
124952 Esposito R., Marra R. On the Derivation of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for Hamiltonian Particle Systems 1994ХХ
124953 Giacometti A., Maritan A. Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem and the Dynamical Renormalization Group 1996ХХ
124954 Williams G.O., Frisch H.L. Anomalous Scaling in Systems Partially Controlled by Diffusion 1988ХХ
124955 Kotecky R., Laanait L., Messager A. The q-State Potts Model in the Standard Pirogov-Sinai Theory: Surface Tensions and Wilson Loops 1990ХХ
124956 Stocks N.G., Lambert C.J. Analogue Simulation of Quantum Mechanical Systems 1989ХХ
124957 Ay N., Crutchfield J.P. Reductions of Hidden Information Sources 2005ХХ
124958 Zaburdaev V.Yu. Random Walk Model with Waiting Times Depending on the Preceding Jump Length 2006ХХ
124959 Ala-Nissila T. Scaling Exponents for Driven Two-Dimensional Surface Growth 1994ХХ
124960 Grimmett G. Potts Models and Random-Cluster Processes with Many-Body Interactions 1994ХХ
124961 Bloch A.M., Hagerty P., Rojo A.G. Gyroscopically Stabilized Oscillators and Heat Baths 2004ХХ
124962 Klages R., Dellago C. Density-Dependent Diffusion in the Periodic Lorentz Gas 2000ХХ
124963 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
124964 Leggett A.J. BoseЦEinstein Condensation in a Harmonic Trap: Effect of Interactions on Tc 2003ХХ
124965 de la Llave R. Rates of Convergence to Equilibrium in the Prigogine-Misra-Courbage Theory of Irreversibility 1982ХХ
124966 Schenzle A. Classical and Quantum Noise in Nonlinear Optical Systems 1989ХХ
124967 Ebeling W., Jenssen M. Activation by Nonlinear Oscillations and Solitonic Excitations 1993ХХ
124968 DeFelice L.J., Isaac A. Chaotic States in a Random World: Relationship between the Nonlinear Differential Equations of Excitability and the Stochastic Properties of Ion Channels 1992ХХ
124969 Anaeker L.W., Kopelman R., Newhouse J.S. Fractal Chemical Kinetics: Reacting Random Walkers 1984ХХ
124970 Dubruile B., Frisch U., Henon M. Low-Viscosity Lattice Gases 1990ХХ
124971 Dobrushin R.L., Pellegrinotti A., Suhov Yu.M. One-Dimensional Harmonic Lattice Caricature of Hydrodynamics: Second Approximation 1988ХХ
124972 Kawashima N. Cluster Algorithms for Anisotropic Quantum Spin Models 1996ХХ
124973 Prestipino S., Giaquinta P.V. The Concavity of Entropy and Extremum Principles in Thermodynamics 2003ХХ
124974 Ala-Nissila T., Hjelt T., Kosterlitz M. Scaling Exponents for Kinetic Roughening in Higher Dimensions 1993ХХ
124975 Ballone P., Pastore G. Asymptotic Density Profile of a Classical Fluid Against a Hard Wall 1985ХХ
124976 Telcs A. A Note on Recurrent Random Walks on Graphs 1990ХХ
124977 McDowell H.K., Clogston A.M. Exact Time Correlation Function for a Nonlinearly Coupled Vibrational System 1992ХХ
124978 Poland D. Erratum: Relaxation in Cooperative Systems: Use of Mixture Virial Coefficients 1991ХХ
124979 Oleinik V.L. Asymptotic Behavior of Energy Band Associated with a Negative Energy Level 1990ХХ
124980 Grabert H., Hanggi P., Talkner P. Microdynamics and Nonlinear Stochastic Processes of Gross Variables 1980ХХ
124981 Martinelli F., Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Metastability and Exponential Approach to Equilibrium for Low-Temperature Stochastic Ising Models 1990ХХ

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