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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
190525 Mennecke B. Mobile Commerce: Technology, Theory and Applications 2003ХХ
23011 Mennenoh D. Macromedia Director MX 2004: Training from the Source 2004ХХ
33958 Mennicke J.L. Burnside Groups 1980ХХ
172948 Mennicke J.L. Burnside Groups. Proc. workshop Bielefeld, 1977 1980ХХ
74573 Mennicken R. Non-Self-Adjoint Boundary Eigenvalue Problems 2003ХХ
167943 Menninger K. Mathematics in Your World 1961ХХ
108921 Menninger K. Calculator's cunning. The art of quick reckoning 1964ХХ
174145 Mennucci B., Cammi R. Continuum Solvation Models in Chemical Physics: From Theory to Applications 2008ХХ
26548 Menon A. Frontiers of Evolutionary Computation 2004ХХ
126006 Menon G.I., Barma M., Dhar D. Conservation Laws and Integrability of a One-Dimensional Model of Diffusing Dimers 1997ХХ
169387 Menon R. Expert Oracle JDBC Programming - 1 edition (May 30, 2005) 2005ХХ
35674 Menon R., Mukherjee A.K. Polyaniline Fractal Nanocomposites 2004ХХ
28041 Menon R.M., Davis T. (Ed) Expert Oracle JDBC Programming: High Performance Applications with Oracle 10g 2005ХХ
124751 Menon S.V.G. First Passage Time Distribution in an Oscillating Field 1992ХХ
60160 Menshikove S. Structure of U.S. Financial Oligarchy: 1969ХХ
169221 Mensky M. Continuous quantum measurements and path integrals 1993ХХ
6598 Mensky M.B. Continuous quantum measurements and path integrals 1993ХХ
155613 Menze B., Langs G., Tu Z. Medical Computer Vision: Recognition Techniques and Applications in Medical Imaging, International MICCAI Workshop, MCV 2010, Beijing, China, September 20, 2010, Revised Selected Papers 2011ХХ
12691 Menzel A. Modelling and Computation of Geometrically Nonlinear Anisotropic Inelasticity 2002ХХ
76770 Menzel C., Waite G. Litchi and Longan. Botany, Production, and Uses 2005ХХ
154419 Menzel D. Mathematical physics 1953 ХХХ
177511 Menzel D. Fundamental Formulas of Physics 1960ХХ
128881 Menzel D. Fundamental Formulas of Physics 1960ХХ
44751 Menzel D.H. Simple Derivation of the Dissociation Formula 1932ХХ
32746 Menzel D.H. Mathematical Physics 1953ХХ
44228 Menzies A.W. The Application of a Differential Thermometer in Ebullioscopy 1920ХХ
41115 Menzies A.W. A Differential Thermometer 1921ХХ
43599 Menzies A.W.C., Lacoss D.A. Allotropy of Liquid Benzene 1931ХХ
44775 Menzies A.W.C. The Vapor Pressure of Liquid Water That Has Recently Been Frozen 1932ХХ
58267 Menzies C.R. Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Natural Resource Management 2006ХХ
40696 Menzies W.C. New Measurements of the Vapor Pressure of Mercury 1919ХХ
123134 Meo M.D., Esposito R. The Navier-Stokes Limit of the Stationary Boltzmann Equation for Hard Potentials 1996ХХ
173489 Meo R., Lanzi P., Klemettinen M. Database Support for Data Mining Applications: Discovering Knowledge with Inductive Queries 2004ХХ
120179 Mera M.E., Moran M. Degrees of Freedom of a Time Series 2002ХХ
21306 Mercado A.S. Beginning French for the Utterly Confused 2003ХХ
111496 Mercado S. Solution Manual for University Physics with Modern Physics n/a ХХХ
101020 Mercer A. (Ed.) European Journal of Operational Research 1992ХХ
22067 Mercer B. Newnes Industrial Control Wiring Guide 2001 ХХХ
159819 Mercer C. Leibniz's Metaphysics: Its Origins and Development 2004ХХ
145799 Mercer C. Leibniz's Metaphysics: Its Origins and Development 2004ХХ
136609 Mercer C. Leibniz's Metaphysics: Its Origins and Development 2001ХХ
10400 Mercer D. Beginning PHP5 2004ХХ
16061 Mercer D. Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, And Community Websites 2006ХХ
78578 Mercer D. Building Powerful and Robust Websites with Drupal 6 2008ХХ
76378 Mercer D. Building Online Stores with osCommerce: Professional Edition: Learn how to design, build, and profit from a sophisticated online business. (Volume 0) 2005 ХХХ
92210 Mercer H.C. The lenape stone or the Indian and the mammoth 1885ХХ
121612 Mercer J., Keyes T. Expansion of the Kinetic Hierarchy for a Massive Particle: The Repeated Ring and Fokker-Planck Equations 1993ХХ
74188 Mercier A. Analytical and canonical formalism in physics 1963ХХ
144588 Mercier A. Endogenous and Exogenous Control of Gametogenesis and Spawning in Echinoderms 2009ХХ
156447 Mercier B. Lectures on Topics in Finite Element Solution of Elliptic Problems 1980ХХ

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