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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Agarwal R.P. — Difference Equations and Inequalities. Theory, Methods and Applications.28, 43, 914
Taylor M.E. — Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)5
Grubb G. — Functional Calculus of Pseudo-Differential Boundary Problems(A.6)
Abramowitz M., Stegun I. (eds.) — Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Table14
Henrici P. — Applied and Computational Complex Analysis. I: Power Series, Integration, Conformal Mapping, Location of Zeros.545
van der Dries L. — Tame topology and O-minimal structures114
Nathanson M.B. — Elementary methods in number theory119
Evans L.C. — Partial Differential Equations13, 31, 32, 226
Hoffman K., Kunze R. — Linear algebra129, 266
Kuttler K. — Introduction to linear algebra for mathematicians161
Lojasiewicz S. — Introduction to Complex Analytic Geometry101
Engel K. — Sperner theory310
Sagan H. — Advanced Calculus of Real-Valued Functions of a Real Variable and Vector-Valued Functions of a Vector Variable(135), 623
Duistermaat J.J., Kolk J.A.C. — Multidimensional Real Analysis II: Integration68, 250
Duistermaat J.J., Kolk J.A.C. — Multidimensional Real Analysis I(Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics #86), Vol. 168, 250
Ayres F.J., Mendelson E. — Schaum's Outline of Calculus367
Sokolnikoff I.S. — Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists35—46, 158
Rudin W. — Real and complex analysis379
Greenberg M.D. — Advanced engineering mathematics631, 638
Chabert J.-L., Weeks C., Barbin E. — A History of Algorithms: From the Pebble to the Microchip335, 393, 395, 406^112, 417
Kammler D.W. — First Course in Fourier Analysis122, 624, 685, 786
Bamberg P.G., Sternberg S. — A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics, Vol. 1222-5
Hormander L. — The analysis of linear partial differential operators I12
Price J.F. — Lie groups and compact groups5
Scarborough J.B. — Numerical Mathematical Analysis28
Lang S. — Real and Functional Analysis (Graduate Texts in Mathematics Series #142)349
Widder D.V. — The Laplace transform146, 179, 278
Dieudonne J. — Foundation of Modern Analysis8.14
Rektorys K. — Survey of applicable mathematics434
Bjoerck A., Dahlquist G. — Numerical mathematics and scientific computation445
Kythe P.K., Puri P. — Partial differential equations and Mathematica321
Demidovich B. (ed.) — Problems in mathematical analysis77, 220
Collatz L. — The numerical treatment of differential equations19
Courant R., John F. — Introduction to Calculus and Analysis. Volume 1446, 448, 449
Rektorys K. (ed.) — Survey of Applicable Mathematics434
Loomis L.H., Sternberg S. — Advanced calculus191ff
Kuttler K. — Notes for Partial Differrential Equations67
Klein F. — Elementary Mathematics From an Advanced Standpoint: Arithmetic, Algebra, Analysis223, 233
Fuchs M., Seregin G. — Variational Methods for Problems from Plasticity Theory and for Generalized Newtonian Fluids81
Mignotte M., Stefanescu D. — Polynomials: An Algorithmic Approach32
Von Grudzinski O. — Quasihomogeneous distributions21
Abramowitz M., Stegun I.A. (eds.) — Handbook of mathematical functions (without numerical tables)14
Sagle A. A. — Introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras23
Lyndon R., Schupp P. — Combinatorial Group Theory (Classics in Mathematics)68
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