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Всего ресурсов: 173866
dirМатематика (23107 / 26964)
dirComputer science (9140 / 9805)
dirФизика (17114 / 19356)
dirРуководства по программному обеспечению (1845 / 1915)
dirТехнология (22053 / 22074)
dirМедицина и здравоохранение (5411 / 5411)
dirХимия (6280 / 6280)
dirБиология (4498 / 4498)
dirПолитология и право (1621 / 1621)
dirЭкономика и финансы (5491 / 5491)
dirИстория (5598 / 5598)
dirСоциология (595 / 595)
dirСтроительство и архитектура (563 / 563)
dirПсихология (1875 / 1875)
dirФилология (1455 / 1455)
dirПрирода (978 / 978)
dirРазное (7310 / 7310)
dirМеханика (1400 / 1401)
dirНаука (2622 / 2622)
dirШкольный уровень (1032 / 1618)
dirНауки о земле (1252 / 1252)
dirФилософия, религия и культура (1720 / 1720)
dirПедагогика и образование (954 / 954)
dirХудожественная литература (630 / 630)
dirБиографии (577 / 577)
dirМенеджмент (245 / 245)
dirСпорт (454 / 454)
dirВоенное дело (728 / 728)
dirСвоими руками (247 / 247)
dirИскусство (291 / 291)
dirВокруг света - страноведение (350 / 350)

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Содержимое каталога
1751. Bru J.-B. Dorlas T. C. Exact Solution of the Infinite-Range-Hopping Bose–Hubbard Model2003
1752. Bru J.-B. Zagrebnov V. A. On Condensations in the Bogoliubov Weakly Imperfect Bose Gas1999
1753. Bruccoleri F. Klumperink E. Nauta B. Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers Exploiting Thermal Noise Cancellation (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)2005
1754. Bruce A. Francis Course in H-infty Control Theory1987
1755. Bruce A. Francis Allen R. Tannenbaum Feedback Control, Nonlinear Systems, and Complexity (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences) (1 edition)1995
1756. Bruce Eckel Chuck Allison Thinking in C++: Practical Programming (United States ed edition)2003
1757. Bruce F. Torrence The Student's Introduction To Mathematica - A Handbook For Precalculus, Calculus, And Linear Algebra (2 edition)2009
1758. Bruce G. Hammond Food Safety of Proteins in Agricultural Biotechnology (Food Science and Technology) (1 edition)2007
1759. Bruce H. Lipton The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter And Miracles2005
1760. Bruce H. Pugesek Adrian Tomer Alexander von Eye Structural Equation Modeling: Applications in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology (1st edition)2003
1761. Bruce J. West William D. Deering A Model of Turbulent Mixing in the A + B ->0 Reaction1991
1762. Bruce J. West Michael F. Shlesinger Random Walk of Dislocations Following a High-Velocity Impact1983
1763. Bruce J. West Michael F. Shlesinger The Fractal Interpretation of the Weak Scattering of Elastic Waves1984
1764. Bruce M. Boghosian Washington Taylor Renormalized Equilibria of a Schliigl Model Lattice Gas1995
1765. Bruce M. Forrest Ratil Toral Crossover and Finite-Size Effects in the (1 + 1)-Dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Equation1992
1766. Bruce M. Forrest RaOl Toral The Phase Diagram of the Flory-Huggins-de Gennes Model of a Binary Polymer Blend1994
1767. Bruce Saunders W. Landman N.H. Nautilus: The Biology and Paleobiology of a Living Fossil, Reprint with additions (Topics in Geobiology) (2nd ed. edition)2009
1768. Bruckner R. Organic Mechanisms: Reactions, Stereochemistry and Synthesis2010
1769. Bruggeman R. Fourier Coefficients of Automorphic Forms (1 edition)1981
1770. Bruin B. Explaining Games: The Epistemic Programme in Game Theory (Synthese Library, Volume 346)2010
1771. Bruland K. British Technology and European Industrialization: The Norwegian Textile Industry in the Mid-Nineteenth Century1989
1772. Brune D. Chapman D. Gwynne M. The Global Environment: Science, Technology and Management1997
1773. Bruni R. (ed.) Mathematical approaches to polymer sequence analysis and related problems2011
1774. Bruni R. (ed.) Mathematical approaches to polymer sequence analysis and related problems2011
1775. Brunner H. Collocation Methods for Volterra Integral and Related Functional Differential Equations (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics)2004
1776. Bruno Apolloni Maria Marinaro Giuseppe Nicosia Neural Nets: 16th Italian Workshop on Neural Nets, WIRN 2005, International Workshop on Natural and Artificial Immune Systems, NAIS 2005, Vietri sul (1 edition)2006
1777. Bruno Nachtergaele Yoshiko Ogata Robert Sims Propagation of Correlations in Quantum Lattice Systems2006
1778. Bruno Siciliano B. Valavanis K.P. Control Problems in Robotics and Automation1998
1779. Bruns W. Herzog H. Cohen-Macaulay rings (2nd edition)1993
1780. Bruns W. Vetter U. Determinantal Rings1988
1781. Bruns W. Gubeladze J. Polytopes, rings, and K-theory2009
1782. Bruserud O. The Chemokine System in Experimental and Clinical Hematology (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, Volume 341)2010
1783. Bry F. Ramakrishnan R. Ramamohanarao K. Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases: 5th International Conference, DOOD'97, Montreux, Switzerland, December 8-12, 1997. Proceedings1997
1784. Bryan K. Epperson Geographical Genetics (MPB-38) (Monographs in Population Biology)2003
1786. Bryant Differential Systems & Euler-Lagrange2003
1787. Bryce DeWitt Supermanifolds (2 edition)1992
1788. Bu-Chin Wang Digital Signal Processing Techniques and Applications in Radar Image Processing2008
1789. Bubak M. van Albada G.D. Dongarra J. Computational Science ICCS 2008: 8th International Conference, Krakow, Poland, June 23-25, 2008, Proceedings, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)2008
1790. Bubak M. Dongarra J. Wasniewski J. Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface. 4th European PVM/MPI User's Group Meeting Cracow, Poland, November 3-5 19971997
1791. Buchwald H. Fleischmann A. Seese D. S-BPM ONE: Setting the Stage for Subject-Oriented Business Process Management: First International Workshop, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 22, 2009, Revised ... in Computer and Information Science)2010
1792. Buchwald J. Warwick A. Histories of the electron. the birth of microphysics2001
1793. Bucke C. Carbohydrate Biotechnology Protocols2010
1794. Buckholtz J. D. Suffridge T. J. Complex Analysis (1 edition)1977
1795. Buckley A.G. Goffin J-.L. Algorithms for Constrained Minimization of Smooth Nonlinear Functions (Mathematical programming study)1982
1796. Bucy E. Newhagen J. Media Access: Social and Psychological Dimensions of New Technology Use (Routledge Communication Series)2004
1797. Budge I. Robertson D. Hearl D. Ideology, Strategy and Party Change: Spatial Analyses of Post-War Election Programmes in 19 Democracies1987
1798. Budi Kurniawan Struts 2 Design and Programming: A Tutorial (2nd edition)2008
1799. Budinski K. Engineer's Guide to Technical Writing (06218G)2001
1800. Buffet E. Pule J. V. Polymers and Random Graphs1990
1801. Bugliesi M. Preneel B. Sassone V. Automata, Languages and Programming, 33 conf., ICALP 2006 (1 edition)2006
1802. Bugrov Ya. S. Nikolski S.M. Matematicas Superiores - Ecuaciones Diferenciales, Integrales Multiples, Series, Funciones de Variable Compleja1988
1803. Bullen P. Handbook of means and their inequalities1988
1804. Bulloch I. Clemson W. Clemson D. Measure (Action Math)2000
1805. Bullock M. Paik P. Aftermaths: Exile, Migration, and Diaspora Reconsidered (New Directions in International Studies)2009
1806. Bultheel A. Orthogonal rational functions1999
1807. Bulusu L. Oracle Embedded Programming and Application Development2011
1808. Bulusu L. Oracle PL SQL: Expert Techniques For Developers and Database Administrators (Charles River Media Programming)2008
1809. Bundy A. Automated Deduction, Cade-12: 12th International Conference on Automated Deduction, Nancy, France, June 26 - July 1, 1994. Proceedings1994
1810. Bunimovich L. A. On Localization of Vorticity in Lorentz Lattice Gases1996
1811. Bunimovich L. A. Troubetzkoy S. E. Rotators, Periodicity, and Absence of Diffusion in Cyclic Cellular Automata1993
1812. Bunting K. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Protocols2008
1813. Burakowski T. Wierzchon T. Surface Engineering of Metals - Principles Equipment and Technologies1999
1814. Burakowski W. Koch B. Beben A. Architectures for Quality of Service in the Internet: International Workshop, Art-QoS 2003, Warsaw, Poland, March 24-25, 2003, Revised Papers2003
1815. Burdick D.L. Leffler W.L. Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language (3-rd edition)2001
1816. Burger R. Fast and accurate printing of floating-pointn/a
1817. Burgess G. Trading and Investing in the Forex Markets Using Chart Techniques (Wiley Trading)2009
1818. Burgess M. Analytical Network and System Administration: Managing Human-Computer Systems2004
1819. Burgess M. Classical covariant fields (1 edition)2002
1820. Burghartz J. Ultra-thin Chip Technology and Applications2011

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