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Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1
Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

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Название: TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

Автор: Bechtolsheim S.V.



TEX has always been regarded as the most elegant and powerful system for computer typesetting. However, its widespread use, beyond academia, was hampered by its complexity. Recently, fairly good TEX implementations have come out for PCs putting TEX on the desks of many people: writers, designers, desktop publishers, engineers, and consequently, the interest in TEX has surged. What is needed at this point is a book that teaches step-by-step how to use TEX, illustrating each step by meaningful examples. This is exactly what S.v. Bechtolsheim's book does. It is a tutorial and guide for the first-time users of TEX, as well as a reference for the most experienced "TEXpert." TEX in Practice will appear as a four volume set, starting with volume 1 Basics, followed by volume 2 Paragraphs, Math and Fonts, volume 3 Tokens, Macros and volume 4 Output Routines, Tables. TEX in Practice will be an indispensable reference for the TEX community and a guide through the first steps for the TEX novice.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 386

Добавлена в каталог: 18.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
$L^{A}T_{E}X$      xxv xxxviii 3 9 II-xxv xxxviii III-xxxi III-lxiv III-540 xxi IV-xxxiv
$L^{A}T_{E}X$, fonts      II-248
$L^{A}T_{E}X$, insertions      IV-157
$L^{A}T_{E}X$, picture environment      314 II-320
$L^{A}T_{E}X$, plain format      III-438
$L^{A}T_{E}X$, \$\verb"halign"$      III-439
$T_{E}X$      1 3 8
$T_{E}X$ book      xxxii II-xxxii III-xxxviii IV-xxviii
$T_{E}X$ in Practice      xxxi II-xxxi III-xxxvii IV-xxvii
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, audience      xxxii II-xxxii III-xxxviii IV-xxviii
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, conditionals      III-351
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, contents      xxxiii II-xxxiii III-xxxix IV-xxix
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, cross-referencing      III-607
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, dimensions      III-596
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, list of figures      II-129
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, list of tables      II-129
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, page numbering      xxxii II-xxxii xxxviii IV-xxviii
$T_{E}X$ in Practice, subdivisions      xxxii II-xxxii xxxviii IV-xxviii
$T_{E}X$ Users Group      xxxvi xxxix-14 xxxvi II-xxxix-III-xii III-lxv xxxii IV-xxxv IV-337
$T_{E}X$, 2.9      41 42 xxxii 42 129 II-xxxii II-141 296 II-325 III-xxxviii III-460 IV-xxviii
$T_{E}X$, capabilities of      3
$T_{E}X$, debugging      III-439
$T_{E}X$, diagrams of      3 II-320
$T_{E}X$, electronic mailing lists      15
$T_{E}X$, gullet      III-1
$T_{E}X$, learning of      30
$T_{E}X$, logo      189
$T_{E}X$, mouth      III-1III-2
$T_{E}X$, printing output      II-284 II-321
$T_{E}X$, public domain      1 14
$T_{E}X$, pure      7
$T_{E}X$, source code      4
$T_{E}X$, source code, entering      15
$T_{E}X$, source files      5 9
$T_{E}X$, stomach      III-1
$T_{E}X$, structure of program      III-1
$\mathcal{A_{M}S}$-$T_{E}X$      9
*allocat .tip      115
*cref-2.tip      III-88
*cref-2a.tip      III-96
*cref-3.tip      III-89
*cref-3a.tip      III-95
*cref-4.tip      III-91
*cref-5.tip      III-96
*cref-one.tip      III-87
*ctestcs.tip      III-339
*orcards.tip      IV-70
*ordbrule.tip      IV-59
*orsimple.tip      IV-62
*out-ds.tip      IV-170
*out2-or.tip      IV-160
*outf-rad.tip      113
*outpsel.tip      IV-58
*publish.tip      xxxvi II-xxxvi III-lxii IV-xxxii
*ts-dime3.tip      III-598
*wrtoc.tip      III-502
*\$\verb"above"$      II-172 II-173
*\$\verb"abovedisplayshortskip"$      93 II-217 IV-14
*\$\verb"abovedisplayskip"$      93 II-217 IV-9 IV-14
*\$\verb"abovewidthdelims"$      II-172
*\$\verb"accent"$      II-12 II-294
*\$\verb"afterassignment"$      235 336 338 II-108 III-112 III-235 III-236 III-315
*\$\verb"afterassignment, grouping"$      III-239
*\$\verb"afterassignment, multiple"$      III-238
*\$\verb"aftergroup"$      338 III-111 III-112 315 IV-99
*\$\verb"atop"$      II-172 II-173
*\$\verb"atopwithdelims"$      II-173
*\$\verb"badness"$      56 129
*\$\verb"baselineskip"$      28 93 217-235 II-11 II-91 II-110 II-112 II-269 II-270 II-274 IV-3 IV-171 IV-255
*\$\verb"batchmode"$      106 III-442 III-521
*\$\verb"belowdi splay short skip"$      93 II-217 IV-14
*\$\verb"binoppenalty"$      54 II-144 II-187
*\$\verb"botmark"$      IV-82
*\$\verb"box"$      96 211 261 319 336
*\$\verb"boxmaxdepth"$      89 246 293 IV-28
*\$\verb"brokenpenalty"$      54 III-597 III-598 20 IV-22 IV-25
*\$\verb"catcode"$      III-5
*\$\verb"char"$      15 41 44 48 II-12 II-195 296 II-302
*\$\verb"chardef"$      41 II-195 III-151 III-314
*\$\verb"choose"$      II-172 II-173
*\$\verb"cleaders"$      145 148
*\$\verb"closein"$      III-450
*\$\verb"clubpenalty"$      54 III-597 III-598 20-IV-22 IV-24 IV-25
*\$\verb"copy"$      96 211 261 319 336
*\$\verb"count"$      49
*\$\verb"countdef"$      49 III-152 III-314 IV-49 51 IV-63
*\$\verb"cr"$      199 IV-201 IV-373
*\$\verb"crcr"$      IV-201 IV-333 IV-373
*\$\verb"csname applications"$      III-69
*\$\verb"csname"$      III-3 III-69 III-77 III-282
*\$\verb"day"$      35 53 IV-62
*\$\verb"deadcycles"$      56 III-532 IV-58
*\$\verb"def"$      III-172 III-205 III-314 III-315
*\$\verb"def"$, \$\verb"edef"$      III-208
*\$\verb"defaulthyphenchar"$      55 II-143
*\$\verb"defaultskevchar"$      55 II-207
*\$\verb"delimxterfactor"$      56 II-184
*\$\verb"dimen"$      87
*\$\verb"dimendef"$      87 III-152 III-314
*\$\verb"discretionary"$      II-139
*\$\verb"displayindent"$      89 II-220
*\$\verb"displaystyle"$      164 175 II-195 II-196 198 IV-209
*\$\verb"displayvidowpenalty"$      54 IV-21
*\$\verb"displayvidth"$      89 II-220
*\$\verb"divide"$      39
*\$\verb"doublehyphendemerits"$      54 II-143 II-149
*\$\verb"dp"$      87 100
*\$\verb"edef"$      III-17 III-62 III-73 III-205 207 III-283 III-313 III-315
*\$\verb"edef"$, applications      III-209
*\$\verb"edef"$, macro definitions      III-205
*\$\verb"edef"$, registers      III-213
*\$\verb"edef"$, suppression of expansion      III-207 III-251
*\$\verb"edef"$, templates      IV-328
*\$\verb"edef"$, undefined tokens      III-207
*\$\verb"edef"$, \$\verb"def"$      III-208
*\$\verb"edef"$, \$\verb"expandafter"$      III-283
*\$\verb"edef"$, \$\verb"lowercase"$      III-212
*\$\verb"edef"$, \$\verb"the"$      III-208
*\$\verb"edef"$, \$\verb"uppercase"$      III-212
*\$\verb"else"$      III-317 III-318 III-497
*\$\verb"emergencystretch"$      93 II-152
*\$\verb"end"$      III-153 III-169 III-442 IV-53
*\$\verb"endcsname"$      III-282
*\$\verb"endgroup"$      III-39 III-53 III-99 III-106
*\$\verb"endinput"$      III-10 III-458 III-462 463
*\$\verb"endlinechar"$      55 III-15
*\$\verb"errhelp"$      III-118 III-440
*\$\verb"errmessage"$      III-440
*\$\verb"errorstopmode"$      III-442
*\$\verb"escapechar"$      55 III-66
*\$\verb"everycr"$      III-118 IV-201 IV-238 239 IV-373
*\$\verb"everydisplay"$      II-157 II-219 II-223 224 III-118 III-199
*\$\verb"everydisplay, delimited parameters"$      III-200
*\$\verb"everyhbox"$      206 III-118 III-238
*\$\verb"everyjob"$      III-118
*\$\verb"everymath"$      II-157 II-223 III-118
*\$\verb"everypar"$      II-12 II-13 II-27 II-30 112 III-38 III-52 III-118 XII-315 III-349 III-439
*\$\verb"everypar, multiple"$      II-33
*\$\verb"everyvbox"$      206 III-118 III-238
*\$\verb"exhyphenpenalty"$      54 159 II-144
*\$\verb"expandafter"$      III-69 III-281 III-312 III-315
*\$\verb"expandafter"$, *\$\verb"expandafter"$, conditionals      III-311
*\$\verb"expandafter"$, input      III-286
*\$\verb"expandafter"$, macro calls      III-282
*\$\verb"expandafter"$, primitives      III-288
*\$\verb"expandafter"$, \$\verb"edef"$      III-283
*\$\verb"f irstmark"$      IV-82
*\$\verb"fi"$      III-317 III-497
*\$\verb"finalhyphendemerits"$      54 II-144 149
*\$\verb"float ingpenalty"$      54 IV-35
*\$\verb"futurelet"$      III-50 III-252 III-314 315
*\$\verb"futurelet"$, overview      III-253
*\$\verb"gdef"$      III-73 III-172 III-314 III-315 218
*\$\verb"global"$      III-172 III-326 IV-57 IV-72 210
*\$\verb"globaldefs"$      56 III-108
*\$\verb"halign"$      191 192 267 III-153 III-315 2 IV-199-IV-379
*\$\verb"halign"$, basics      IV-201 IV-204
*\$\verb"halign"$, computation of      IV-203
*\$\verb"halign"$, initialized      IV-238
*\$\verb"halign"$, pound sign      IV-201
*\$\verb"halign"$, spread      IV-201 IV-249
*\$\verb"halign"$, tab character      IV-201
*\$\verb"halign"$, to      IV-201 IV-249
*\$\verb"halign"$, \$\verb"bgroup"$      IV-325
*\$\verb"halign"$, \$\verb"bgroup"$ and \$\verb"egroup"$      IV-201
*\$\verb"halign"$, \$\verb"egroup"$      IV-325
*\$\verb"halign"$, \$\verb"hfil"$      IV-206
*\$\verb"halign"$, \$\verb"hfill"$      IV-206
*\$\verb"hangafter"$      56 II-8 II-28 II-80 II-87 112 II-133 IV-84
*\$\verb"hangindent"$      89 II-8 II-28 II-80 II-81 87 II-112 II-131 II-133 IV-84
*\$\verb"hbadness"$      55 130 131
*\$\verb"hbox"$      162 163 210 319 II-4 II-23
*\$\verb"hbox, spread"$      130 133 173 177 182
*\$\verb"hbox, to"$      126 135 173 177 180-183 186 204
*\$\verb"hfil"$      136 II-43
*\$\verb"hfil"$, \$\verb"halign"$      IV-206
*\$\verb"hfil, templates"$      IV-226
*\$\verb"hfill"$      136 199
*\$\verb"hfilneg"$      136
*\$\verb"hfuzz"$      88 132
*\$\verb"hoffset"$      12 28 89 IV-46 IV-54
*\$\verb"holdinginserts"$      56 IV-35
*\$\verb"hsize"$      28 155 210 II-3 II-7 II-8 10 II-220 III-597 IV-46 IV-161 170 IV-304
*\$\verb"hskip"$      38 87 94 121 II-11
*\$\verb"hss"$      136 II-53
*\$\verb"ht"$      87 100
*\$\verb"hyph"$      II-145
*\$\verb"hyphenation"$      II-141 II-145
*\$\verb"hyphenchar"$      II-142 II-145
*\$\verb"hyphenpenalty"$      54 II-144
*\$\verb"if case"$      57 III-321 III-329 III-497 IV-72
*\$\verb"if cat"$      III-6 III-321 III-329 III-497
*\$\verb"if hbox"$      99 III-322 III-497
*\$\verb"if odd"$      57 III-318 III-320 III-497 IV-62
*\$\verb"if"$      III-321 III-329 III-497
*\$\verb"ifdim"$      III-321 III-497
*\$\verb"ifeof"$      III-322 III-450 III-452 III-497
*\$\verb"iffalse"$      III-322 III-497
*\$\verb"ifhmode"$      III-321 III-348 III-497
*\$\verb"ifirmer"$      III-321 III-348 III-497
*\$\verb"ifnum"$      56 III-320 III-497
*\$\verb"iftrue"$      III-322 III-497
*\$\verb"ifvbox"$      99 III-322 III-497
*\$\verb"ifvmode"$      III-348
*\$\verb"ifvoid"$      99 III-322 IV-30
*\$\verb"ifx"$      III-322 III-497
*\$\verb"ignorespaces"$      II-44 II-58 III-184 203 111-610
*\$\verb"indent"$      II-11 II-19 II-87
*\$\verb"input"$      III-21 III-269 III-442 III-458
*\$\verb"inputlineno"$      56 III-460
*\$\verb"insertpenalties"$      IV-34 IV-108
*\$\verb"interlinepenalty"$      54 II-94 III-597 III-598 IV-21 IV-22 IV-24 IV-25
*\$\verb"jobname"$      III-432 III-448 III-541 62 IV-71
*\$\verb"kem"$      140 III-438
*\$\verb"lastbox"$      301 302 303 II-147
*\$\verb"lastkera"$      301 306
*\$\verb"lastpenalty"$      301 306
*\$\verb"lastskip"$      301 306 II-30 IV-17
*\$\verb"lccode"$      III-62
*\$\verb"leaders"$      145 147 148 II-124
*\$\verb"lefthyphenmin"$      55 II-141 II-145
*\$\verb"leftskip"$      93 II-7 II-13 II-14 II-42 52 II-55 II-56 II-67 II-81 II-94 99 II-106 II-107 II-110 II-112 121 11-122 II-133 II-134 II-152 218 II-220
*\$\verb"leftskip, with stretchability"$      II-99
*\$\verb"let"$      III-152 III-244 III-245 III-314 315 III-322
*\$\verb"let"$, equal sign      III-248
*\$\verb"let"$, grouping      III-247
*\$\verb"let"$, macros      III-244
*\$\verb"let"$, spaces      III-248
*\$\verb"let"$, undefined tokens      III-245
*\$\verb"lineskip"$      93 221 230 235 IV-13
*\$\verb"lineskiplimit"$      89 220 221 230 235
*\$\verb"long"$      III-227 III-322
*\$\verb"looseness"$      54 II-149
*\$\verb"lovercase"$      III-62 III-212 III-315
*\$\verb"lovercase"$, \$\verb"edef"$      III-212
*\$\verb"lower"$      164 169 211
*\$\verb"maathinner"$      II-195
*\$\verb"mag"$      55 II-228
*\$\verb"mark"$      II-35 IV-81 IV-82
*\$\verb"mathbin"$      II-191 II-193
*\$\verb"mathchar"$      II-194 II-195
*\$\verb"mathchardef"$      II-195 III-314
*\$\verb"mathchoice"$      II-198
*\$\verb"mathclose"$      II-193
*\$\verb"mathcode"$      II-194
*\$\verb"mathop, H"$      190 II-193
*\$\verb"mathopen"$      II-193
*\$\verb"mathord"$      II-190 II-193
*\$\verb"mathpunct"$      II-193
*\$\verb"mathrel"$      II-193
*\$\verb"mathsurround"$      89 150 248
*\$\verb"maxdeadcycles"$      56 III-532
*\$\verb"maxdepth"$      89 247 IV-28
*\$\verb"meaning"$      III-61 III-156 III-315
*\$\verb"message"$      37 II-27 III-440 III-521 III-522
*\$\verb"message"$, \$\verb"the"$      37
*\$\verb"mkern"$      141
*\$\verb"month"$      35 53 IV-62
*\$\verb"moveleft"$      211 217
*\$\verb"moveright"$      211 217 IV-64
*\$\verb"muskipdef"$      93 III-152 III-314
*\$\verb"newlinechar"$      55 III-522
*\$\verb"noalign"$      II-221 III-107 IV-256 257 IV-283 IV-355 IV-373
*\$\verb"noexpand"$      III-207 III-283 III-284 312 III-314 III-315
*\$\verb"noindent"$      II-11 II-19 II-28 II-35 38 II-52
*\$\verb"nonstopmode"$      106 112 II-189 III-155 III-442
*\$\verb"nulldelimiterspace"$      89 II-182
*\$\verb"nullfont"$      II-230
*\$\verb"number"$      43 47
*\$\verb"omit"$      IV-201 IV-220
*\$\verb"outer"$      113 III-179 III-322
*\$\verb"outer, plain format"$      III-179
*\$\verb"output"$      III-107 III-118 IV-2 IV-44
*\$\verb"outputpenalty"$      54 IV-19 IV-28 41 IV-52 IV-72 IV-96
*\$\verb"over"$      II-171 11-173 III-153
*\$\verb"overfullrule"$      89 132
*\$\verb"overwithdelims"$      II-173
*\$\verb"pagefilllstretch"$      IV-28
*\$\verb"pagefillstretch"$      IV-28
*\$\verb"pagefilstretch"$      IV-28
*\$\verb"pagegoal"$      IV-4-IV-6 IV-8 IV-31 32 IV-37 IV-106 IV-166
*\$\verb"pagegoal, updating of"$      IV-5
*\$\verb"pageshrink"$      IV-28
*\$\verb"pagestretch"$      IV-28
*\$\verb"pagetotal"$      IV-4-IV-6 IV-8 IV-37 106
*\$\verb"pagetotal, updating of"$      IV-5
*\$\verb"parfillskip"$      II-8 II-42 II-45 II-100 11-112 II-123 II-134
*\$\verb"parindent"$      28 89 II-7 II-11-II-13 17 II-18 II-81 II-112 II-123 152 III-18
*\$\verb"parshape"$      II-8 II-105 II-106 II-131 11-220
*\$\verb"parshape"$, extended command      II-107
*\$\verb"parskip"$      28 93 211 II-7 II-11-II-13 11-25 II-29 II-30 II-69 II-94 110 II-112 II-217 III-18 IV-3 9 IV-14 IV-36
*\$\verb"parskip"$, dynamic computation      II-29
*\$\verb"pausing"$      54 III-443
*\$\verb"penalty"$      157
*\$\verb"postdisplaypenalty"$      54 II-216 IV-21
*\$\verb"predisplaypenalty"$      54 II-216 IV-21
*\$\verb"predisplaysize"$      89 II-219
*\$\verb"pretolerance"$      53 II-137 II-149
*\$\verb"prevdepth"$      89 222 227
*\$\verb"prevgraf"$      II-12 II-130 II-131 II-220
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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