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Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1
Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

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Название: TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

Автор: Bechtolsheim S.V.



TEX has always been regarded as the most elegant and powerful system for computer typesetting. However, its widespread use, beyond academia, was hampered by its complexity. Recently, fairly good TEX implementations have come out for PCs putting TEX on the desks of many people: writers, designers, desktop publishers, engineers, and consequently, the interest in TEX has surged. What is needed at this point is a book that teaches step-by-step how to use TEX, illustrating each step by meaningful examples. This is exactly what S.v. Bechtolsheim's book does. It is a tutorial and guide for the first-time users of TEX, as well as a reference for the most experienced "TEXpert." TEX in Practice will appear as a four volume set, starting with volume 1 Basics, followed by volume 2 Paragraphs, Math and Fonts, volume 3 Tokens, Macros and volume 4 Output Routines, Tables. TEX in Practice will be an indispensable reference for the TEX community and a guide through the first steps for the TEX novice.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 386

Добавлена в каталог: 18.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
Glue, shrinkability, exceeding      124
Glue, shrinkability, hierarchy      137
Glue, shrinkability, infinite      135
Glue, shrinkability, none      124
Glue, shrinking      125
Glue, simplification rule      137
Glue, stretchability      122
Glue, stretchability, default      123
Glue, stretchability, exceeding      124
Glue, stretchability, infinite      135
Glue, stretchability, none      124
Glue, stretching      125
Glue, stretching, multiple      133
Glue, templates      IV-226 IV-230
Glue, thin space      II-207
Glue, top of page      IV-13
Glue, vertical      121 142-145 IV-3
Glue, vertical, explicit      123
Glue, vertical, implicit      122 123 142
Glue, vertical, vertical boxes      211 213
Glue, visible      147
Glue, \$\verb"relax"$      123
GNU Emacs      11
gobble.tip      III-186
gobblemo.tip      III-197
Gobbling      III-186 III-196
Gobbling, curly braces      III-240
grandparents      xxix
Graph drawing macros      313-316
graphmac.tip      314
Grave accent      20
Greater than sign      20
Greek alphabet      II-166
Gregor XIII      III-357
Gregorian calendar      III-357
GROUPING      5 III-20 III-99 III-100
Grouping, box registers      III-110
Grouping, conditionals      III-323
Grouping, defying      III-113
Grouping, empty      27 45 123 169 III-4 III-102
Grouping, execution after a group      III-III
Grouping, font changes      II-239
Grouping, implicit      210 II-156 III-106
Grouping, implicit, boxes      164 III-106
Grouping, nested      III-101
Grouping, replacement text, macros      III-171
Grouping, \$\verb"afterassigmnent"$      III-239
Grouping, \$\verb"let"$      III-247
Gullet      III-1
Hacker      II-318
Hanging indentation      II-80 II-133
Hanging indentation, ragged right      II-133
Happiness      xxix xxxiii II-xxxiii xxxix IV-xxix
Hard space      27
Hboxes, see boxes, horizontal \$\verb"HboxE"$      319 334 335
headers over left and right justified columns      IV-268
Headers, page breaking      IV-25 IV-27
Heading      II-90
Heading, macros, generic      II-90
Heading, tables      IV-214
Height      28 156
Height, boxes, natural      264
Height, characters      165 II-231
Height, horizontal boxes, zero      185
Height, keyword height      28 156
Height, rules      154 243
Height, rules, default      154 155
Height, vertical boxes      243
hex.tip      III-404
Hexadecimal constants      40
hexadecimal numbers      III-404
hexadecimal printing      48
Horizontal boxes      161
horizontal boxes, horizontal glue      163 173
horizontal boxes, horizontal leaders      163
horizontal boxes, math material      164
horizontal boxes, vertical rules      164
Horizontal glue      121
Horizontal glue, hboxes      173
Horizontal glue, horizontal boxes      163
Horizontal glue, math mode      II-185
horizontal lines      154
horizontal mode      III-438
Horizontal mode, penalties      158
Horizontal mode, restricted      210 III-438
Horizontal mode, rules      154
Horizontal mode, \$\verb"leavevmode"$      216
horizontal rules      154
Horizontal rules, inserting with \$\verb"noalign"$      IV-256
Horizontal rules, interline glue      233
Horizontal rules, over selective columns in a table      IV-289
Horizontal rules, tables      IV-258
Horizontal rules, vboxes      211
Horizontal shifting, pages      12
Hyphen      21 23
hyphenation      21 II-137
Hyphenation, character      II-142
Hyphenation, compound words      II-145
Hyphenation, determination of      II-139
Hyphenation, discretionary      II-139
Hyphenation, exception      II-141
Hyphenation, hboxes      189
Hyphenation, hyphenation character, default      II-142
Hyphenation, printing      II-145
Hyphenation, showing of      II-138
Hyphenation, suppression of      II-144
ibpar.tip      II-43
Ic0to9,tip      III-219
ifeven.tip      III-351
ifx-def.tip      III-345
ifx-mac.tip      III-344
Ignoring characters      III-8
Immediate writes      III-473 III-475 III-476
imodn.tip      58
implicit glue      122
implicit grouping      210 III-106
Implicit grouping, boxes      164 III-106
implicit groups      II-156
Implicit groups, boxes      164 III-106
Implicit groups, output routines      IV-54 IV-57
Implicit groups, tables      IV-210
implicit horizontal glue      122 123
implicit kerning      141
implicit penalties      158
Implicit penalties, vertical      IV-19
implicit vertical glue      122 123 142
InCh      82
Indentation, negative      II-20
Indentation, paragraphs      II-18
Indented paragraphs      II-15
Index, composition of      III-489
Index, generation of in $T_{E}X$      II-321
Index, macros      III-492
Index, output routine      IV-133
Index, registers      33 34
index-or.tip      IV-134
infinite dimension units      85
Infinite shrinkability      135
infinite stretchability      135
infinite units      124
INITEX      II-141 II-313 II-314 III-10
inline math in tables      IV-208
inline math mode      17 II-156 III-438
inline verbatim mode      III-26 III-31
Inline verbatim mode, advanced      III-35
INNER      II-192
Input files      III-448-III-472
input stream number      III-448
Input, nested      III-459
input-at.tip      III-462
inputc.tip      III-466
inputd.tip      III-468
inputdl.tip      III-470
inputting fractions      II-175
inputting horizontal boxes      165
inputting math equations      II-209 II-210
inputting tables      IV-291
Insertions      IV-2 IV-28-IV-36 IV-133- IV-158
Insertions, class index      IV-29
Insertions, classes      IV-29
Insertions, limitations      IV-157
Insertions, oversized      IV-109 IV-112
Insertions, plain format      IV-97
Insertions, registers      IV-30
Insertions, topinsertions, plain format      IV-103
Insertions, vertical boxes      211
Insertions, \$\verb"bgroup"$ and \$\verb"egroup"$      III-103
Insertions, \$\verb"pagegoal"$      IV-7 IV-32
Interface macros      III-13
Interline glue      217-235
Interline glue, computation of      221
Interline glue, disabling      230
Interline glue, empty      230
Interline glue, horizontal rules      233
Interline glue, suppression of      228
Interline glue, \$\verb"unvbox"$      263
Interline glue, \$\verb"vskip"$      226
Internal macros      III-13
interword glue      24 27
interword spaces      II-275
interword spacing      II-246 II-275
Interword spacing, related characters      23-28
Inverted pyramids      III-416
isleapyr.tip      III-370
isprefix.tip      III-302
issuffix.tip      III-307
Italic correction      II-256
italic font      II-256
italic math      II-167
Item labels      II-49
Item labels, macros      II-68
Itemized lists      II-77
itemizel. tip      II-77
itemltv.tip      II-61
itemplan.tip      II-88
ivpyr.tip      III-417
Kerning      140 178 II-185 II-291 IV-3
Kerning, explicit      140
Kerning, glue and      141
Kerning, implicit      141
Kerning, math      141 II-185
Kerning, suppression      II-292
Kerning, vertical      IV-4
Keywords, depth      28 156
Keywords, glue      122
Keywords, height      28 156
Keywords, minus      28
Keywords, parameters      III-232
Keywords, plus      28
Keywords, spaces after      28
Keywords, width      28 156
Kludge      II-271 III-605
Knuth, Donald E.      xxv 13 II-xxv xxxi IV-xxi
Label      III-88
Label, file      III-87
Labels, duplicate      III-96
Lamport, Leslie      xxv II-xxv III-xxxi xxi
Landscape mode      12 IV-48
largdp.tip      61
Large operators      II-161 II-178-11-180
Largest dimension      88
laser printers      1 II-285 II-323
last line paragraphs      II-45
LATEX      II-315
Layout of pages      IV-8 IV-54
leaders      145-154 II-123
Leaders, based on boxes      145 147
Leaders, based on rules      146
Leaders, glue      124 145
Leaders, horizontal boxes      163
Leaders, macros      150
Leaders, matrices      II-223
Leaders, replication box      145 147
Leaders, rule based      145
Leaders, tables      IV-207
Leaders, vertical      145 211
Leaders, visible glue      147
Leaders, \$\verb"vsplit"$      280
Leading      II-258
leading zeros      50
leadingz.tip      50
leadline.tip      186
leap year      III-369
Learning $T_{E}X$      30
left bracket      19
left double quotation mark      20
left flush item labels      II-50
left justified columns      IV-200 IV-204
left justified item labels      II-24
left quotation mark      43
left quote      20
leftdm.tip      II-218
legdate.tip      III-367
legmonth.tip      III-365
legyear.tip      III-365
letters      16 III-11
Letters, letterhead      190
Letters, letterhead, macros      III-160
lfondem.tip      II-265
Liability      xxxviii II-xxxviii III-lxiv xxxiv
Library card output routine      IV-66
ligatures      II-291
Ligatures, suppression      II-292
Limitations of insertions      IV-157
Line breaking, comparing with page breaks      IV-36
Line breaking, computations      II-3 II-137 IV-36
Line breaking, demerits      II-143 II-149
Line breaking, horizontal glue      II-42
Line breaking, manual      II-36
Line breaking, penalties      II-144
Line breaking, spaces      25
Line breaking, user controlled      II-36
line groups      II-107
line numbers      III-460
line spacing      217-235
Line spacing, font sizes      II-269
lines      154
Lines, counting in a file      III-21
Lines, overlapping      217
Lines, tight      II-143
Lines, vertical      154
linesr.tip      343
List of figures, $T_{E}X$ in Practice      II-129
List of figures, file      III-541
List of figures, typesetting of      II-128
List of tables, $T_{E}X$in Practice      II-129
List of tables, file      III-541
List of tables, typesetting of      II-128
list-mac.tip      III-121
LISTS      II-22 II-49 III-120
Lists, $T_{E}X$ lists      III-120
Lists, appending elements      III-122
Lists, converting words to      III-133
Lists, dropping elements      III-123
Lists, empty list testing      III-121
Lists, general macros      II-72
Lists, itemized      II-77
Lists, items, oversized      II-60
Lists, label, duplicate      III-96
Lists, macros      II-55
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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