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Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1
Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

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Название: TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

Автор: Bechtolsheim S.V.



TEX has always been regarded as the most elegant and powerful system for computer typesetting. However, its widespread use, beyond academia, was hampered by its complexity. Recently, fairly good TEX implementations have come out for PCs putting TEX on the desks of many people: writers, designers, desktop publishers, engineers, and consequently, the interest in TEX has surged. What is needed at this point is a book that teaches step-by-step how to use TEX, illustrating each step by meaningful examples. This is exactly what S.v. Bechtolsheim's book does. It is a tutorial and guide for the first-time users of TEX, as well as a reference for the most experienced "TEXpert." TEX in Practice will appear as a four volume set, starting with volume 1 Basics, followed by volume 2 Paragraphs, Math and Fonts, volume 3 Tokens, Macros and volume 4 Output Routines, Tables. TEX in Practice will be an indispensable reference for the TEX community and a guide through the first steps for the TEX novice.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 386

Добавлена в каталог: 18.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
Registers, printing      35
Registers, temporary      34
Registers, token      36 III-117
Registers, types      33
Registers, \$\verb"edef"$      III-213
REL      II-192
remtlsp.tip      III-309
Repeated use, table entries      IV-216
replacement text      7 III-99 III-154 158 III-159 III-170
Replacement text, category codes      III-8
Replacement text, grouping      III-171
Replacing substrings      III-297
Reset list      72 73 75
restring.tip      III-298
return character      24 III-10 III-14
Reverse apostrophe      20
reverses.tip      III-301
Reversing a string      III-300
rh-dict.tip      IV-84
right bracket      19
right double quotation mark      20
Right quote      20 39 III-24
right-justified columns      IV-200 IV-204
right-justified item labels      II-23
right-justified lines      II-41
robust macros      III-481 III-561
robust,tip      III-481
Roman numerals      47
Roman page numbers      IV-49
Roots      II-169
rows skipping      IV-222
Rules      154-157 IV-2
Rules, boxes      318-343
Rules, compact specification      III-232
Rules, depth      154
Rules, depth, default      154 155
Rules, dimensions      154
Rules, height      154
Rules, height, default      154 155
rules, horizontal      154 174
Rules, horizontal mode      154
Rules, leaders      146
Rules, multiple dimension specifications      155
Rules, multiple vertical in tables      IV-278
Rules, negative dimensions      156
Rules, output routines      IV-59
Rules, struts      IV-277
Rules, tables      IV-279
Rules, vertical      154
Rules, vertical mode      154
Rules, vertical, horizontal boxes      164
Rules, vertical, in tables      IV-275
Rules, vertical, struts      IV-277
Rules, vertical, \$\verb"multispan"$      IV-287
Rules, width      154
Rules, width, default      154 155
Running foot      IV-60
Running foot, plain format      IV-91
running head      IV-81
Running head, $T_{E}X$ in Practice      IV-87
Running head, dictionaries      IV-83
Running head, plain format      IV-91
samplepa.tip      III-402
scaled      II-240
Scaled points      38 81 82
scaling, fonts      II-242 II-275
Scandinavian A-with-circle, a and A      22
Scandinavian O-with-slash, ${\o}$ and ${\O}$      22
Script size      II-196
Scriptscript size      II-196
Scriptspace      89 II-162
Section number sign      23
Selective printing of pages      IV-58
Self-redefining macros      III-224
setstrut.tip      239
SGML      III-224
Shakespeare      II-4 II-37 11-41
shboxes.tip      111
Shifting output      12 IV-53
shiftudb.tip      254
showpll.tip      IV-120
showx.tip      III-178
Shrinkability      122
Shrinkability, default      123
Shrinkability, exceeding      124
Shrinkability, hierarchy      137
Shrinkability, infinite      135
Shrinkability, none      124
Shrinking glue      125
sigline.tip      201
Size, characters      II-232
skipping rows      IV-222
skipping text      III-323
Solid      II-258
source code      4
Source Code File Index      385
Source code, entering      15
source file      5
sp      38 81 82
Space      23 III-110-III-24
Space, factor      II-276 II-279
Space, tokens      24 III-2
spacefac.tip      II-282
Spaces, active      25
Spaces, after control symbols      III-4
Spaces, after control words      III-3
Spaces, after keywords      28
Spaces, after numerical constants      27
Spaces, ampersand      IV-229
Spaces, character      III-36
Spaces, control space      22 23 II-11 II-185 4 III-17
Spaces, extended      21
Spaces, hard space      27
Spaces, in macro arguments      III-185
Spaces, in math      27 II-156
Spaces, interword spacing      II-275
Spaces, leading spaces, removal      III-308
Spaces, line breaking      25
Spaces, multiple      24
Spaces, multiple, printing      III-165
Spaces, paragraphs      II-1
Spaces, periods      II-282
Spaces, regular      21
Spaces, spurious      III-231
Spaces, tabs      III-7
Spaces, templates      IV-233
Spaces, thin      II-207
Spaces, token      24 III-2
Spaces, trailing spaces, removal      III-308
Spaces, umdeliinited parameters, ill      183
Spaces, vertical mode      27
Spaces, visible      23 24
Spaces, \$\verb"let"$      III-248
Spacing, French      II-246
Spacing, interwords      II-246 II-275
Spacing, table columns      IV-230
Sparse tables      IV-298
spelling checker      12 II-321
splitpar.tip      296
splitting vboxes      267
spooler      12 II-322
SPREAD      251
ssmath.tip      II-206
static columns      IV-227
Stomach      III-1
streams output      III-472
Streams output, number      III-472
stretch ratio      128
Stretchability      122
Stretchability, default      123
Stretchability, exceeding      124
Stretchability, hierarchy      137
Stretchability, infinite      135
Stretchability, none      124
strings      III-335
Strings, category codes      III-12
Strings, comparison      III-334
Strings, comparison, category codes      III-337
Strings, converting from tokens      III-65
Strings, converting to tokens      III-65
Strings, empty string testing      III-335
Strings, extraction      III-292
Strings, prefix      III-302
Strings, replacing substrings      III-297
Strings, suffix      III-307
strleng.tip      II-237
Struts      235-241
Struts, automatic computation      239
Struts, generation of      236
Struts, generation of, boxes      236
Struts, generation of, vrules      236
Struts, tables      IV-271
Struts, vertical rules      IV-277
Struts, visible      238
Struts, \$\verb"tabskip"$      IV-280
stsvitch.tip      III-341
style selection      II-197
Style, file      9 III-437
Style, uncramped style      II-195
Subformula      III-99
Subscripts      4 II-160-11-162
substf .tip      II-265
Substring extraction      III-292
Suffix testing      III-307
sumhd.tip      102
Superscripts      4 18 II-160 11-162 IV-98
Suppression, expansion      III-312
Suppression, hyphenation      II-144
Suppression, interline glue      228
Suppression, kerning      II-292
Suppression, ligatures      II-292
Suppression, page numbering      IV-92
Suppression, paragraph indentation      II-19 II-35
swapbox.tip      98
switch statement      III-340
t      2
tab character      17 18 24 25 28
Tab character, writing of      III-505
Tab character, \$\verb"halign"$      IV-201
tabcent.tip      IV-333
Table of contents, file      III-499 III-541
Table of contents, generation of      III-543
Table of contents, processing of      III-587
Table of contents, typesetting      II-118-11-130
TableOrList OfSome thing, \$@\verb"TableOrListOfSomething"$      III-557
Tables      IV-199-IV-379
Tables, basics      IV-200
Tables, body      IV-200
Tables, centering of      IV-295-IV-303 IV-333
Tables, centering of, display math mode      IV-295
Tables, centering of, \$\verb"centerline"$      IV-297
Tables, centering of, \$\verb"tabskip"$      IV-296
Tables, columns, alignment      IV-200
Tables, columns, centered      IV-200 IV-204
Tables, columns, changing justification      IV-226
Tables, columns, eliminating      IV-211
Tables, columns, implicit grouping      IV-210
Tables, columns, left-justified      IV-200 IV-204
Tables, columns, narrow      II-150
Tables, columns, omitting of      IV-222
Tables, columns, repeated entries      IV-217
Tables, columns, spacing      IV-230
Tables, columns, spacing of      IV-240
Tables, columns, spanning multiple      IV-263
Tables, columns, static      IV-227
Tables, display math mode      IV-209
Tables, double      IV-357-IV-371
Tables, entries, repeated use      IV-216
Tables, examples, simple      IV-206
Tables, expansion      IV-376
Tables, font changes      IV-208
Tables, footnotes      IV-313
Tables, glue, templates      IV-226
Tables, heading      IV-214
Tables, horizontal rules      IV-258
Tables, horizontal rules, page breaking      IV-351
Tables, horizontal rules, selective columns      IV-289
Tables, implicit groups      IV-210
Tables, inputting      IV-291
Tables, leaders      IV-207
Tables, macros, plain format      IV-351
Tables, material not subject to alignment      IV-256
Tables, math, inline      IV-208
Tables, multi page      IV-321
Tables, named columns      IV-301
tables, nested      IV-309-IV-311
Tables, numerical alignment      IV-242
Tables, numerical computations in      IV-337
Tables, paragraphs      IV-311-IV-320
Tables, paragraphs between table rows      IV-316
Tables, paragraphs in      IV-304 IV-306
Tables, parentheses      IV-339
Tables, placement      IV-371
Tables, preamble      IV-200-IV-203
Tables, preamble, macros      IV-324
Tables, predetermined width      IV-251
Tables, rows, empty      IV-224
Tables, rows, paragraphs between      IV-316
Tables, rows, skipping      IV-222
Tables, rules, horizontal      IV-279
Tables, rules, horizontal, double      IV-260
Tables, rules, vertical      IV-279
Tables, rules, vertical, double      IV-282
Tables, sparse      IV-298
Tables, struts      IV-271
Tables, tab character, spaces      IV-229
Tables, templates      IV-200-IV-203 IV-210
Tables, templates, changing      IV-331
Tables, templates, macros      IV-200 IV-324 IV-327
Tables, templates, no glue      IV-219
Tables, templates, omitting of      IV-220
Tables, templates, repeated use of      IV-227
Tables, templates, spaces      IV-233
Tables, templates, \$\verb"edef"$      IV-328
Tables, templates, \$\verb"span"$      IV-330
Tables, using hboxes      191
Tables, vertical alignment      IV-355
Tables, vertical boxes as entries      IV-304- IV-311
Tables, vertical rules      IV-275
Tables, vertical spacing      IV-255 IV-271
Tables, vertical splitting of      IV-344
Tables, width      IV-212 IV-248
Tables, width, setting of      IV-248
Tables, \$\verb"bgroup"$ and \$\verb"egroup"$      III-103
Tables, \$\verb"offinterlineskip"$      IV-273
Tables, \$\verb"par"$, redefining      IV-225
Tabs, delimited parameters      III-190
tabs, spaces      III-7
tabsvb.tip      IV-212
Tangle      II-317 II-322
Templates      IV-200-IV-203 IV-210
Templates, changing      IV-331
Templates, glue between      IV-230
templates, macros      IV-200 IV-324 IV-327
Templates, no glue      IV-219
Templates, repeated use of      IV-227
Templates, spaces      IV-233
Templates, standard      IV-204
Templates, \$\verb"edef"$      IV-328
Templates, \$\verb"hfil"$      IV-226
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