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Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1
Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

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Название: TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

Автор: Bechtolsheim S.V.



TEX has always been regarded as the most elegant and powerful system for computer typesetting. However, its widespread use, beyond academia, was hampered by its complexity. Recently, fairly good TEX implementations have come out for PCs putting TEX on the desks of many people: writers, designers, desktop publishers, engineers, and consequently, the interest in TEX has surged. What is needed at this point is a book that teaches step-by-step how to use TEX, illustrating each step by meaningful examples. This is exactly what S.v. Bechtolsheim's book does. It is a tutorial and guide for the first-time users of TEX, as well as a reference for the most experienced "TEXpert." TEX in Practice will appear as a four volume set, starting with volume 1 Basics, followed by volume 2 Paragraphs, Math and Fonts, volume 3 Tokens, Macros and volume 4 Output Routines, Tables. TEX in Practice will be an indispensable reference for the TEX community and a guide through the first steps for the TEX novice.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 386

Добавлена в каталог: 18.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
\$\verb"PageShortForm"$      III-609
\$\verb"PagesRef"$      III-611
\$\verb"par"$      III-19 III-153 III-201 III-349 438 III-439 III-450 IV-7
\$\verb"parallel"$      II-169
\$\verb"ParFl"$      III-201
\$\verb"partial"$      II-166 II-167
\$\verb"PercentSignPure"$      III-30
\$\verb"PercentSignText"$      III-30
\$\verb"PercentSignTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"PeriodText"$      III-30 IV-244
\$\verb"PeriodTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"perp"$      II-169
\$\verb"phantom"$      II-208 II-209
\$\verb"Phi"$      II-166
\$\verb"Pi"$      II-166
\$\verb"PickFirstOfTwo"$      III-285
\$\verb"PickSecondOfTwo"$      III-285
\$\verb"plainoutput"$      IV-90
\$\verb"PlusSignText"$      III-30
\$\verb"PlusSignTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"pm"$      II-168
\$\verb"pmatrix"$      II-222
\$\verb"PopVerbatimL"$      III-55
\$\verb"pounds"$      III-29
\$\verb"PoundSignText"$      III-30
\$\verb"PoundSignTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"Pr"$      II-165
\$\verb"prec"$      II-169
\$\verb"preceq"$      II-169
\$\verb"PrefixConditional"$      III-302
\$\verb"PrepareFigureBox"$      IV-141
\$\verb"PrevDay"$      III-374
\$\verb"PrevMonth"$      III-379
\$\verb"PrevWeekSameDay"$      III-376 III-377
\$\verb"PriatIfNum"$      III-497
\$\verb"prime"$      II-162 II-167 III-24
\$\verb"PrintAlph"$      48
\$\verb"PrintAsterisk"$      III-397 III-398
\$\verb"PrintAtPosition"$      IV-76 IV-80
\$\verb"PrintCatCode"$      II-303
\$\verb"PrintCounter"$      70 74
\$\verb"PrintDayOfWeek"$      III-361
\$\verb"PrintElse"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintEven"$      III-319
\$\verb"PrintFi"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintGddEven"$      III-318
\$\verb"PrintHyphens"$      II-145
\$\verb"PrintIf"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfCase"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfCat"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfDim"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfEof"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfFalse"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfHbox"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfMmode"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfOdd"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfTrue"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfVbox"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfVmode"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfVoid"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintIfX"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintInDollar"$      III-331 IV-337
\$\verb"PrintMilTime"$      51
\$\verb"PrintMode"$      III-348
\$\verb"PrintMonth"$      III-363
\$\verb"PrintMonthQ"$      III-329
\$\verb"PrintOdd"$      III-319
\$\verb"PrintParWithLineNumbers"$      296
\$\verb"PrintRegister"$      III-164
\$\verb"PrintRepeat"$      III-497
\$\verb"PrintXfHmode"$      III-497
\$\verb"ProcessNow"$      III-544 III-551
\$\verb"ProcessPart"$      III-550
\$\verb"prod"$      II-178
\$\verb"ProduceNumber"$      III-355
\$\verb"propto"$      II-169
\$\verb"ProvideDayOfWeek"$      III-361
\$\verb"ProvideMonth"$      III-362 III-363
\$\verb"PS"$      III-166
\$\verb"Psi"$      II-166
\$\verb"PushVerbatimL"$      III-55
\$\verb"QptArgX"$      III-260 III-261
\$\verb"qquad"$      83 142
\$\verb"quad"$      83 142
\$\verb"QuestionMarkText"$      III-30
\$\verb"QuestionMarkTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"raggedbottom"$      IV-10
\$\verb"raggedright"$      II-99
\$\verb"rbrace"$      19 II-207
\$\verb"Re"$      II-167
\$\verb"ReadANumber"$      III-456
\$\verb"ReadANumberResult"$      III-456
\$\verb"ReadInEndNotes"$      III-518
\$\verb"ReassignCounter"$      70 72 II-73
\$\verb"RecursionMacroEnd"$      III-399
\$\verb"ReDef"$      III-172 III-175
\$\verb"ReduceToStrut"$      241
\$\verb"Ref"$      III-86 III-87 III-89 III-565
\$\verb"RefCounter"$      70 74
\$\verb"RemLsp"$      III-309
\$\verb"removelastskip"$      IV-16 IV-17
\$\verb"RemTsp"$      III-308 III-309
\$\verb"repeat"$      III-400 III-497
\$\verb"ReplaceSubStrings"$      III-297
\$\verb"ReportBoxType"$      99
\$\verb"ReportCharSize"$      II-232
\$\verb"ReportDefined"$      III-173
\$\verb"ReportOnDefined"$      III-346
\$\verb"RestoreSpaceFactor"$      II-282
\$\verb"ResultNumberOfLines"$      II-130
\$\verb"ReturnNumberOfLinesInFile"$      III-21
\$\verb"ReverseList"$      III-126
\$\verb"ReverseString"$      III-300
\$\verb"rho"$      II-166
\$\verb"RightAppendElement"$      III-122
\$\verb"Rightarrov"$      II-170
\$\verb"rightarrowfill"$      150 152 IV-207
\$\verb"RightBraceText"$      III-28
\$\verb"RightBraceTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"RightBracketText"$      III-30
\$\verb"RightBracketTt"$      III-30
\$\verb"RightFooter"$      IV-140
\$\verb"rightharpoonup"$      II-170
\$\verb"righthaxpoondown"$      II-170
\$\verb"RightHeader"$      IV-140
\$\verb"RightLeaderLine"$      186
\$\verb"rightleftharpoons"$      II-170
\$\verb"rightline"$      186 III-439
\$\verb"RightLineR"$      343
\$\verb"RightParenthesisText"$      III-31
\$\verb"RightParenthesisTt"$      III-31
\$\verb"RightQuoteText"$      III-31
\$\verb"RightQuoteTt"$      III-31
\$\verb"Rlap"$      185
\$\verb"RlapX"$      185
\$\verb"rm"$      II-256
\$\verb"Robusting"$      III-482
\$\verb"Roman"$      68
\$\verb"rq"$      20
\$\verb"RulesInSide"$      329 332
\$\verb"RulesOnSide"$      330 332
\$\verb"RulesOutSide"$      327 332
\$\verb"S"$      23
\$\verb"SameSizeMath"$      II-206
\$\verb"SampleColumnText"$      II-251
\$\verb"SamplePar"$      III-402
\$\verb"SaveSpaceFactor"$      II-282
\$\verb"searrow"$      II-170
\$\verb"sec"$      II-165
\$\verb"Section"$      II-90 IV-87
\$\verb"SectionRef"$      III-610
\$\verb"SectionSample"$      III-582
\$\verb"SectionX"$      II-96
\$\verb"See"$      III-609 III-610
\$\verb"SetCounter"$      70 76
\$\verb"SetFooter"$      IV-140
\$\verb"SetGraphDataBox"$      314 315
\$\verb"SetHeader"$      IV-140
\$\verb"SetIndexStream"$      III-491 III-494
\$\verb"SetLineThickness"$      314 315
\$\verb"setminus"$      II-168
\$\verb"SetPageLayout"$      III-600 IV-121 IV-123
\$\verb"SetParIndent"$      II-35
\$\verb"SetScale"$      314
\$\verb"settabs"$      198
\$\verb"settabs, begin tabbed line"$      19 198
\$\verb"SetUpAfterEveryPar"$      III-349
\$\verb"SetUpBoxRegisterQueue"$      III-423 425
\$\verb"SetUpDC"$      IV-160
\$\verb"SetUpDSC"$      IV-170 IV-171
\$\verb"SetUpLabels"$      III-86 III-87
\$\verb"SetUpPrintAtPosition"$      IV-80
\$\verb"SetUpTeXIPValues"$      III-597
\$\verb"sharp"$      II-167
\$\verb"ShiftRefPointUpOrDown"$      254 265
\$\verb"ShortCard"$      IV-73
\$\verb"ShouldBeRightHandPage"$      IV-47
\$\verb"ShowArray"$      III-136
\$\verb"ShowBoxAll"$      111
\$\verb"ShowBoxDepthOne"$      111 224 IV-10
\$\verb"ShowBoxDepthTwo"$      111
\$\verb"siaash"$      II-209
\$\verb"SideNoteText"$      III-492
\$\verb"Sigma"$      II-166
\$\verb"SignatureLine"$      201
\$\verb"sim"$      II-169
\$\verb"simeq"$      II-169
\$\verb"SimpleOutputRoutine"$      IV-65
\$\verb"sin"$      II-165
\$\verb"sinh"$      II-165
\$\verb"slash"$      159 II-145
\$\verb"smallbreak"$      IV-15 IV-16
\$\verb"smallskip"$      142 IV-14 IV-15
\$\verb"smallskipamount"$      IV-16
\$\verb"smile"$      II-169
\$\verb"space"$      45 169 III-4 III-16
\$\verb"spacefactor"$      II-280
\$\verb"SpaceText"$      III-31
\$\verb"spadesuit"$      II-167
\$\verb"sqcap"$      II-168
\$\verb"sqcup"$      II-168
\$\verb"sqrt"$      II-169 II-197
\$\verb"sqsubseteq"$      II-169
\$\verb"sqsupseteq"$      II-169
\$\verb"ss"$      23
\$\verb"StartEndNoteVriting"$      III-517 III-519
\$\verb"StartVerbatimL"$      III-45 III-55
\$\verb"stax"$      II-168
\$\verb"StepCounter"$      70 76
\$\verb"StringLength"$      II-237
\$\verb"StringsEqualConditional"$      III-334 336 III-343 III-344
\$\verb"StringsEqualConditionalCat"$      III-338
\$\verb"StringSvitch"$      III-340
\$\verb"strut"$      236 238 II-198
\$\verb"SubSection"$      II-90 III-605
\$\verb"SubSectionX"$      II-96
\$\verb"subset"$      II-169
\$\verb"subseteq"$      II-169
\$\verb"SubstituteFont"$      II-267
\$\verb"SubstituteFontX"$      II-265
\$\verb"SubStringConditional"$      III-293
\$\verb"SubSubSection"$      III-605
\$\verb"SubSubSectionX"$      II-96
\$\verb"succ"$      II-169
\$\verb"succeq"$      II-169
\$\verb"SuffixConditional"$      III-307
\$\verb"sum"$      II-178 II-190 II-194 II-195
\$\verb"sup"$      II-165
\$\verb"supereject"$      159 III-478 III-538 19 IV-51 IV-52 IV-72 IV-73 91 IV-108 IV-160 IV-161
\$\verb"supset"$      II-169
\$\verb"supseteq"$      II-169
\$\verb"surd"$      II-167
\$\verb"SwapBoxRegs"$      97
\$\verb"swarrow"$      II-170
\$\verb"TableFootNote"$      IV-314
\$\verb"TableOfContents"$      III-540 III-543
\$\verb"TableRef"$      III-610
\$\verb"tan"$      II-165
\$\verb"tanh"$      II-165
\$\verb"td"$      III-167
\$\verb"tenrm"$      IV-92
\$\verb"TestDef"$      III-463
\$\verb"TeX"$      4 141 189
\$\verb"TeXIP"$      III-167
\$\verb"textindent"$      II-88
\$\verb"TeXX"$      189
\$\verb"TfmSizeTable"$      II-234
\$\verb"TheArabicCounter"$      70 74
\$\verb"TheCounter"$      70 73
\$\verb"Theta"$      II-166
\$\verb"thickmuskip"$      II-185
\$\verb"thinmuskip"$      II-185
\$\verb"thinspace"$      83 142
\$\verb"ThreeMonthlyCalendars"$      III-388
\$\verb"TildeText"$      III-31
\$\verb"TildeTt"$      III-31
\$\verb"times"$      II-168
\$\verb"Title"$      IV-185
\$\verb"TocEntry"$      II-118 II-121 II-124 III-501
\$\verb"Today"$      III-163
\$\verb"TodayX"$      III-383
\$\verb"TodayY"$      III-383
\$\verb"TodayZ"$      III-383
\$\verb"TokensToTeXList"$      III-136
\$\verb"toks0"$      III-315
\$\verb"top"$      II-167
\$\verb"topins"$      IV-97 IV-103 IV-105 IV-117
\$\verb"topskip"$      257
\$\verb"tracingall"$      55 III-440 III-441
\$\verb"tracingcommands"$      55 III-217
\$\verb"TreatAsRobust"$      III-481
\$\verb"triangle"$      II-167
\$\verb"triangleleft"$      II-168
\$\verb"triangleright"$      II-168
\$\verb"tt"$      4 20 II-256 III-26 III-43 III-44
\$\verb"underbar"$      200 II-297
\$\verb"UnderscoreText"$      III-31
\$\verb"UnderscoreTt"$      III-31
\$\verb"unkern"$      301
\$\verb"unpenalty"$      301
\$\verb"Uparrow"$      II-170
\$\verb"upbracefill"$      150 153
\$\verb"Updownarrow"$      II-170
\$\verb"uplus"$      II-168
\$\verb"Upsilon"$      II-166
\$\verb"ValueOfDecimalPosition"$      59
\$\verb"VarArgs"$      III-264
\$\verb"varepsilon"$      II-166
\$\verb"varphi"$      II-166
\$\verb"varrho"$      II-166
\$\verb"vartheta"$      II-166
\$\verb"VcenterR"$      209 335
\$\verb"VcenterX"$      248 336
\$\verb"VcenterXR"$      335 336
\$\verb"vdash"$      II-169
\$\verb"vdots"$      II-223
\$\verb"vec"$      II-177
\$\verb"vee"$      II-168
\$\verb"Verb"$      III-31 III-32
\$\verb"VerbAsSource"$      III-513
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