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Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1
Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

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Название: TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

Автор: Bechtolsheim S.V.



TEX has always been regarded as the most elegant and powerful system for computer typesetting. However, its widespread use, beyond academia, was hampered by its complexity. Recently, fairly good TEX implementations have come out for PCs putting TEX on the desks of many people: writers, designers, desktop publishers, engineers, and consequently, the interest in TEX has surged. What is needed at this point is a book that teaches step-by-step how to use TEX, illustrating each step by meaningful examples. This is exactly what S.v. Bechtolsheim's book does. It is a tutorial and guide for the first-time users of TEX, as well as a reference for the most experienced "TEXpert." TEX in Practice will appear as a four volume set, starting with volume 1 Basics, followed by volume 2 Paragraphs, Math and Fonts, volume 3 Tokens, Macros and volume 4 Output Routines, Tables. TEX in Practice will be an indispensable reference for the TEX community and a guide through the first steps for the TEX novice.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 386

Добавлена в каталог: 18.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
lists, numbered      II-72
lists, processing      III-119
literate programming      II-317
loadedla.tip      III-174
loading fonts      II-230 II-238 II-240
loading macros      8 III-229
Log file      5
Log file, writing parameters      116
Logical page      IV-45 IV-66
Loops, do loop      III-413
Loops, macros      III-226 III-399 III-412
Loops, while logical      III-408
Loops, while numerical      III-406
loose boxes      131
loose lines      II-143
lowercase      16
Lowering boxes      169
lpagetg.tip      IV-5
macros      1
Macros, arguments      III-181 III-218
Macros, arguments, category codes      III-221
Macros, arguments, default      III-265
Macros, arguments, delimited      III-99
Macros, arguments, empty      III-182
Macros, arguments, formal      35
Macros, arguments, optional      III-253
Macros, arguments, spaces in      III-185
Macros, array      III-77-III-83 III-135-III-149
Macros, calendar related      III-357-III-396
Macros, calls      III-159
Macros, calls, \$\verb"expandafter"$      III-282
Macros, comparison with primitives      III-154
Macros, counter register      68-79
Macros, date related      III-357-III-396
Macros, definitions      5 7 28 III-151 III-157 III-159
Macros, definitions, active characters      24 25 III-15 16 III-23
Macros, definitions, basics      III-168
Macros, definitions, enumeration      III-420
Macros, definitions, global      III-107
Macros, definitions, nested      III-222 III-223
Macros, definitions, \$\verb"edef"$      III-205
Macros, enumeration      III-420
Macros, environments      III-434
Macros, expansion      III-159
Macros, expansion of      3 III-215
Macros, expansion, repeated      III-214
Macros, expansion, tracing of      III-216
Macros, for templates      IV-327
Macros, gobbling      III-186 III-196
Macros, interface      III-13
Macros, internal      III-13
Macros, leaders      150
Macros, letterhead      III-160
Macros, loading of      8 III-229
Macros, loading, dynamic      III-230
Macros, loops      III-226 III-399 III-412
Macros, macro files      9
Macros, macro packages      7 8
Macros, names      7
Macros, organization      III-228
Macros, parameters      18
Macros, parameters, delimited      III-181 III-186 III-18
Macros, parameters, maximum number of      III-163
Macros, part processing      III-535
Macros, preamble      IV-324
Macros, recursion      III-249 III-397 III-399
Macros, recursion, picking up characters      III-410
Macros, redefining      III-171
Macros, redefinition      III-175
Macros, replacement text      7 III-99 III-154 158 III-159 III-170
Macros, replacement text, grouping      III-171
Macros, robust      III-481 III-561
Macros, self-redefining      III-224
Macros, source files      III-168
Macros, table format      IV-351
macros, templates      IV-200 IV-324
Macros, undefined      III-177
Macros, vertical spacing      309
Macros, \$\verb"edef"$      III-215
Macros, \$\verb"let"$      III-244
Magnification      86 II-227 II-275 III-235
Magnification, fonts      II-227
Magnification, global      II-227
Magnification, table      II-243
Main document file      III-536
Main temporary file      III-541
Main token list      III-158
Main vertical list, current page part      IV-7
Main vertical list, vertical glues      IV-10
Make index      III-490
Marking of overfull boxes      132
marks      IV-3 IV-81-IV-87
Marks, vboxes      211 150 II-186
math      II-156
math braces      II-207
math category code of      III-7
math code      II-194
math cramped styles      II-195
math display      17 II-156 II-216 III-438
Math display mode, horizontal positioning of equation      11-218
math double dollar sign      17
math empty lines      II-157
math equation numbers      II-218
math families      II-192 II-199
Math families, index      II-199
Math families, numer      II-192
Math families, plain format      II-204
math fonts      II-199
Math fonts, Computer Modem      13 21
Math fonts, Computer Modern Math Extensions      II-200
Math fonts, Computer Modern Math Italic      11-199
Math fonts, Computer Modern Math Symbol      11-200
math footnotes      II-206
math fractions      III-99
Math fractions, generalized fractions      II-191
Math fractions, inputting      II-175
math glue      II-185
Math glue, registers      36
math Greek letters      II-166
math horizontal boxes      164
math horizontal glue      II-185
math inline      IV-208
math inputting equations      II-209 II-210
math italic      II-167
math kerning      141 II-185
math lists      II-189 II-191
math mathcode      II-193 II-194
Math mode, inline      17 II-156 III-438 IV-208
Math overlining      II-170
math overlining of      II-170
math roots      II-169
math script size      II-196
Math shift character      II-156 III-5
math spaces      27 II-156
math style change      II-191
math style selection      II-196 II-197
math subformula      III-99
math subscripts      4 II-160-II-162
math superscripts      4 18 II-160-II-162 IV-98
math uncramped style      II-195
math underlining      II-170
Math, accents      II-177 II-197 II-294
Math, atoms      II-191
Math, atoms, field      II-191
Math, atoms, nucleus      II-192
Math, atoms, types      II-191 II-192
Math, basics      II-155
Math, boxes      164 175 211
Math, \$      17 II-155
Math, \$$      II-156
mathenv.tip      II-158
Matrices, leaders      II-223
Maximum depth in \$\verb"vsplit"$      293
maximum dimensions      III-332
maxmindi.tip      III-332
MdxStream      III-494
MdxStreamSource      III-494
Meftarrowf ill      150 153
Mercedes      11
Merging dvi files      IV-42
METAFONT      13 II-246 II-315 II-316
Millimeter      82
minus      28
Minus plus      II-167
mocal.tip      III-385
mocal3.tip      III-389
Modes      III-437
Modes, conditionals      III-321 III-348
Modes, horizontal      III-438
Modes, horizontal, restricted      210 III-438
Modes, vertical      III-437
modonead.tip      52
Modulo arithmetic      51 58
mondofda.tip      III-384
Mongleftarrow      II-170
Mongmapsto      II-170
monospaced fonts      II-246
Month, previous      III-379
Monthly Calendar      III-385-III-389
Most recent contributions      IV-2
Mouth      III-1III-2 III-153
mrdel.tip      IV-343
mspaces.tip      III-165
Mu dimension unit      II-185
Multiline displays      II-220
multilingual      II-140
Multilingual, plain format      II-142
multiple glues      133
multiple plain format      IV-278
multiple reversal of expansion      III-289
multiple rule dimension specifications      155
multiple spaces      24
Multiple spaces, printing      III-165
Multiple \$\verb"afterassignment"$      III-238
Multiple \$\verb"everypar"$      II-33
namedef.tip      III-73
Names, files      III-447
Names, registers      33
nathd.tip      264
Natural      125 176
natural boxes depth      264
natural boxes height      264
natural boxes width      125 176
natural glue length      122 123
nctest.tip      III-262
ndaysmo.tip      III-366
Nearby pages      III-569
nested boxes      164 168 172 214
nested environments      III-433
nested groups      III-101
Nested groups, global      III-109
nested input      III-459
Nested macro definition, with parameters      III-223
nested macro definitions      III-222
nested tables      IV-309-IV-311
nevinput. tip      III-270
nevpage.tip      IV-19
new-midi.tip      IV-117
newdef .tip      III-175
newfont.tip      II-263
newoutfr .tip      113
nextda.ytip      III-372
nextmon.tip      III-378
nlm.tip      III-523
Nnormalbottom      IV-10
non equal sign      III-24
none expansion      III-314
none font      II-230
none glue versus zero glue      139
npright.tip      IV-47
ntotext.tip      63
Nucleus      II-192
nul.tex      III-22
null delimiter      II-182
Null.tex      III-22 III-461
Number of macro arguments      III-219
numbers, decimal      59-63
numbers, hexadecimal      III-404
Numbers, octal      48 III-404
Numbers, printing in textual form      63
Numbers, printing numerical values      47
Numbers, Roman      47
Numbers, termination of      45
numcond.tip      III-353
numdyr .tip      III-371
numerical alignment      IV-242
numerical computations in tables      IV-337
numerical conditionals      56 III-320
Numerical constants      39 44
Numerical constants, spaces after      27
numwhile. tip      III-406
Obelisk      23
oblines.tip      III-19
obspaces.tip      III-17
oct.tip      III-406
octal constants      39
octal numbers      48 III-404
oddprin.tip      III-319
oeprin.tip      III-318
ola-2p,tip      IV-141
ola-comm.tip      IV-139
ola-onep.tip      IV-145
Omitting of      IV-200-IV-203 IV-210
op      II-192
op-endin.tip      IV-114
op-pagec.tip      IV-113
open      II-192
Open exclamation      19
Open question      19
Operators, large      II-161 II-178-11-180
optargx.tip      III-260
optional arguments      III-260
ord      II-192
Organizing part processing      III-539
Orientation, page of      IV-48
Output routines      IV-39-IV-198
Output routines, $T_{E}X$ in Practice      IV-121
Output routines, basics      IV-2
Output routines, boxes, visible      IV-44
Output routines, default      IV-2 IV-57
Output routines, double column and single column      IV-166
Output routines, double rules      IV-59
Output routines, figure caption placement      IV-137
Output routines, implicit groups      IV-54 IV-57
Output routines, index printing      IV-133
Output routines, left hand pages      IV-46
Output routines, library card printing      IV-66
Output routines, logical page      IV-45
Output routines, overview      IV-39
Output routines, page breaking      IV-2 IV-41
Output routines, penalties      IV-52
Output routines, physical pages      IV-45 IV-66
Output routines, plain format      IV-89 IV-96 IV-132
Output routines, plain format, simplified      IV-93
Output routines, restoring an output routine      IV-172
Output routines, right hand pages      IV-46
Output routines, running heads      IV-60
Output routines, setting up      IV-44
Output routines, shifting output      12 IV-53
Output routines, simple      IV-57 IV-59
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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