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Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1
Bechtolsheim S.V. — TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

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Название: TEX in Practice, Vol. 1

Автор: Bechtolsheim S.V.



TEX has always been regarded as the most elegant and powerful system for computer typesetting. However, its widespread use, beyond academia, was hampered by its complexity. Recently, fairly good TEX implementations have come out for PCs putting TEX on the desks of many people: writers, designers, desktop publishers, engineers, and consequently, the interest in TEX has surged. What is needed at this point is a book that teaches step-by-step how to use TEX, illustrating each step by meaningful examples. This is exactly what S.v. Bechtolsheim's book does. It is a tutorial and guide for the first-time users of TEX, as well as a reference for the most experienced "TEXpert." TEX in Practice will appear as a four volume set, starting with volume 1 Basics, followed by volume 2 Paragraphs, Math and Fonts, volume 3 Tokens, Macros and volume 4 Output Routines, Tables. TEX in Practice will be an indispensable reference for the TEX community and a guide through the first steps for the TEX novice.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 386

Добавлена в каталог: 18.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
Dimensions, units, millimeter      82
Dimensions, units, mu      II-185
Dimensions, units, notation      84
Dimensions, units, pica      82
Dimensions, units, scaled points      38 81 82
Dimensions, units, true dimension units      86 II-229
Dimensions, \$\verb"vsplit"$      288
Discardable items      IV-4
Discardable items, glue      139
Discardable items, horizontal boxes      180
discretionary hyphens      II-139
display math mode      17 II-156 II-216 III-438
Display math mode, horizontal positioning      II-218
Display math mode, tables      IV-209
Display math mode, vertical spacing      II-216
Display verbatim mode      25 III-26 III-36
Display verbatim mode, advanced      III-43
Display verbatim mode, line numbers      III-44 III-54
Displayed equations, related penalties      IV-21
Document processing      5
Dollar sign, printing dollar amounts      III-331
doloop.tip      III-412
Dot-under accent      IV-354
Dotless characters      II-170 II-295
Double column output, output routines      IV-166
Double crs      IV-224
double dagger      23
double dollar signs      17
double quotation mark      20 40
double tables      IV-357-IV-371
Double, column output      IV-45
Double, column output, output routines      IV-159-IV-198
Double-sided printing      IV-43 IV-62
droppre.tip      III-305
droppt.tip      III-12
dumppars.tip      116
DVI files      5 II-323
dvi files, dimensions      II-323
dvi files, merging      IV-42
dvi files, previewing      7
dvi files, processing      IV-136
dvi files, structure      II-323
dvi files, writing to      III-531
Dvipr      7 11 12
Dviselect      11 IV-49 IV-58
Dvitype      II-321 II-323
dynamic loading fonts      II-264
dynamic loading macros      III-230
earliest .tip      III-357
Easy      2
editing      5
Editor      11
Electronic mailing lists      15
Ellipsis      22 II-170
em      83
Em-dash      21 23
EMACS      11
emprubox.tip      342
empty box registers      103
empty groups      27 45 123 169 III-4 III-102
Empty groups, glue      124
empty lines in math mode      II-157
empty lines in text      II-1
emptybox.tip      103
En-dash      21 23
End-of-line, active      25
End-of-line, active, delimiters      III-191
End-of-line, character      III-7 III-18 III-36
Ending a document      IV-53
endn-mac.tip      III-517
endnotes      III-505 III-516
endrec.tip      III-399
enum.tip      III-420
enumeration macros      III-420
enumlist.tip      II-72
Environment variables      II-318
Environments      III-104 XII-432
Environments, macros      III-434
Environments, nested      III-433
Equation numbers      II-218
errmess.tip      III-440
errors, messages      5
escape character      16 41
Euler family      II-248
evenprin.tip      III-319
everyequ.tip      II-223
everypar. tip      II-34
evhvbox.tip      206
ex-out2.tip      IV-162
execution after a group      III-III
expansion      III-159
Expansion, curly braces      III-290
Expansion, multiple reversal of      III-289
Expansion, none      III-314
Expansion, order      III-281
Expansion, repeated      III-214
Expansion, suppression in \$\verb"edef"$      III-207 III-251
Expansion, suppression of      III-312
Expansion, tables      IV-376
explicit horizontal glue      121 123
Explicit penalties      IV-17 IV-19
Explicit vertical glue      123
Extended space      21
Extra math symbol fonts      II-248
false text      III-317 55 II-204
Families      II-192 II-199
families, fonts      II-201
Families, index      II-199
Families, number      IX-192
fexist.tip      III-465
figbox.tip      320
figinpar,tip      II-116
Figures, captions, output routine      IV-137
fil      85 135
Files, administrative      10 III-541
Files, auxiliary part      III-541 III-542
Files, auxiliary, writing comments to      III-562
Files, base name      5 III-447
Files, change files      II-317
Files, closing of      III-450
Files, comparing of      III-528
Files, counting lines      III-21
Files, end of file determination      III-322
Files, extension      5 III-447
Files, extension, numerical      II-288
files, file names      III-447
Files, fmt files      II-314
files, fonts      9
files, formats      9 II-314
Files, gf files      II-288
Files, input      III-448 III-4
Files, label file      III-87
Files, list of figure file      III-541
Files, list of table file      III-541
Files, log file      5
Files, macros      9
Files, pixels      II-286
Files, pk files      II-288 II-289
Files, protocol file      III-525
Files, pxl files      II-288 II-290
files, reading      III-448 III-449 III-458
Files, reading numbers      III-455
files, source files      5 9
Files, style files      9 III-437
Files, table of contents      III-499 III-541
Files, tfm files      9
Files, tip      xxxv II-xxxv III-lxi IV-xxxi
Files, verbatim listing      III-41 III-42
Files, writing to      III-472
fill      85 135
filll      85 135
firstldi.tip      II-135
floating      IV-199-IV-379
floating bodies      IV-29
floating tables      IV-199
fo-char.tip      II-233
Folio      IV-50
font-cpp.tip      II-283
Fonts, AMS fonts      II-247
Fonts, at      II-242
Fonts, boldface      II-256
Fonts, boldface, poor man's      183
Fonts, changes      II-239 IV-92
Fonts, changes, grouping      II-239
Fonts, changes, in boxes      168
Fonts, changes, in tables      IV-208
Fonts, characters      II-231
Fonts, checksums      II-323
Fonts, Computer Modern      13 21
Fonts, Computer Modern, Math Extensions      II-200
Fonts, Computer Modern, Math Italic      II-199
Fonts, Computer Modern, Math Symbol      II-200
Fonts, Computer Modern, text fonts      II-248
Fonts, Cyrrilic      II-248
Fonts, dimension parameters      II-243
Fonts, dynamic loading      II-264
Fonts, Euler family      II-248
Fonts, family      II-201
Fonts, files      9 II-288
Fonts, fixed-spaced fonts      20
Fonts, fmt files      II-314
Fonts, gf files      II-288
Fonts, groups of      II-269
Fonts, italic      II-256
Fonts, italic correction      II-256
Fonts, ligatures      II-291
Fonts, line breaking      II-269
Fonts, loading of      II-230 II-238 II-240
Fonts, loading of, on demand      II-264
Fonts, magnification      II-227
Fonts, magnification, true dimensions      86
Fonts, math      II-199
Fonts, monospaced      II-246
Fonts, names, logical      II-271
Fonts, naming of      II-238
Fonts, none      II-230
Fonts, number of characters      II-296
Fonts, number of characters, per pica      II-282
Fonts, numerical file extension      II-288
Fonts, overview      II-247
Fonts, pixel files      II-286
Fonts, pk files      II-288 II-289
Fonts, plain format      II-258
Fonts, PostScript      II-247 II-309
Fonts, proportionally spaced      20 II-245 II-256
Fonts, pxl files      II-288 II-290
Fonts, relative dimension units      83
Fonts, scaled      II-240
fonts, scaling      II-242 II-275
fonts, sizes      II-257 II-263
Fonts, sizes, typical      II-248
Fonts, substitution      II-265
Fonts, table macros      II-297-11-309
Fonts, tfm      II-238
Fonts, third party      II-247
Fonts, typefaces      II-263
Fonts, typewriter font      4 II-256
fontsam.tip      II-249
fonttab.tip      II-303
Footnotes      IV-29 IV-156
Footnotes, math      II-206
Footnotes, plain format      IV-98-IV-102
footnotes, tables      IV-313
Forced page breaks      IV-19
Formats      8 II-313 IV-2
Formats, $T_{E}XIP$      III-612
Formats, files      9 II-314
formats, plain format      7 8 II-314
formline.tip      202
fotable.tip      II-298
fotok.tip      III-119
Four way choice      II-191
frac .tip      II-175
Fractions      III-99
Fractions, generalized fractions      II-191
Fragile      III-481
Free Software Foundation      11
freespac.tip      IV-6
French ligature oe and OE      22
French spacing      II-246
fsized.tip      II-270
funospac.tip      III-271
futlet.tip      III-256
futpar.tip      III-274
genaeol.tip      III-192
Generalized fractions      II-191
genhead.tip      II-93
genostr.tip      III-474
German es-zet, fi      23
Germany      11 155
getnuml.tip      II-130
Gf files      II-288
Gfread      II-322
Gftodvi      II-322
Gftopk      II-322
Gftopxl      II-322
gftype      II-322
global      III-108
Global, definitions      III-107
Global, magnification      II-227
Global, nested groups      III-109
Global, \$\verb"gdef"$      III-107
Glue      121-145
Glue, basics      121
Glue, between templates      IV-230
Glue, break point      270
Glue, compact specification      III-232
Glue, empty group      124
Glue, horizontal      121
Glue, horizontal, examples      124-127
Glue, horizontal, explicit      121 123
Glue, horizontal, implicit      122 123
Glue, implicit      122 123 142
Glue, interline      217-235
Glue, interline, suppression of      228
Glue, interword      24 27
Glue, kerning and      141
Glue, keywords      122
Glue, leaders      124 145
Glue, main vertical      IV-10
Glue, math      II-185
Glue, minus      122
Glue, moving down      122
Glue, moving left      122
Glue, moving right      122
Glue, moving up      122
Glue, multiple      133
Glue, natural length of      122 123
Glue, none versus zero      139
Glue, notation      122
Glue, notation, spaces      125
Glue, over shrinking      126
Glue, overstretching      126
Glue, parameters      92 122
Glue, plus      122
Glue, reduction rule      137
Glue, registers      36 91
Glue, removal of      191
Glue, shrinkability      122
Glue, shrinkability, default      123
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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