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Leader E., Predazzi E. — An introduction to gauge theories and modern particle physics
Leader E., Predazzi E. — An introduction to gauge theories and modern particle physics

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Название: An introduction to gauge theories and modern particle physics

Авторы: Leader E., Predazzi E.


This book is a comprehensive and unified treatment of modern theoretical and experimental particle physics aimed at beginning graduate students. The emphasis throughout is on presenting underlying physical principles in a simple and intuitive way. In 1983, researchers detected the existence of W and Z bosons and many new results have followed. This is the first graduate-level textbook to deal with the "second generation" of particle physics after 1983. Features of this edition include: A detailed discussion of higher order electroweak effects; an expanded discussion of quark mixing; revised sections on charm and beauty and on jet physics; enlarged treatment of deep inelastic lepton-hadron scattering; detailed treatment of QCD corrections to the simple parton model; and an introduction to the nonperturbative or confinement region of QCD.

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Год издания: 1996

Количество страниц: 543

Добавлена в каталог: 20.02.2014

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Предметный указатель
Neutral weak leptonic interactions      1.67
Neutrino oscillations      2.339 2.344—2.346
Neutrino reactions, $\nu N \rightarrow \nu X$      1.182—1.184 1.331 see
Neutrino reactions, $\nu N \rightarrow \nu X$, cross-sections in parton model      1.357
Neutrino reactions, $\nu p \rightarrow \nu p$      1.184
Neutrino reactions, $\nu_{e}e$, $\bar{\nu}_{e}e$ elastic scattering in SM      1.69
Neutrino reactions, $\nu_{e}e$, $\bar{\nu}_{e}e$ elastic scattering in SM, in old V-A theory      1.74
Neutrino reactions, $\nu_{\mu}e$, $\bar{\nu}_{\mu}e$ elastic scattering      1.74
Neutrino reactions, $\nu_{\mu}e$, $\bar{\nu}_{\mu}e$ elastic scattering, comparison with $\nu_{e}e$ and $\bar{\nu}_{e}e$      1.75
Neutrino, masses      2.346
Neutrino, narrow-band beams      1.397
Neutrino, number of species, $\bar{p}p$ collision data      1.87
Neutrino, number of species, LEP data      1.147
Neutrino, wide-band beams      1.397
Neutrinoless $\beta$—decay      2.345
Neutron electric dipole moment      2.341
Neutron-antineutron oscillations      2.344 2.387
Noether currents      1.31
Noether currents, chiral U(1) transformation for      2.331
Noether currents, QCD, in      2.107
Noether theorem      1.31
Non-Abelian gauge theories      see "QCD" "Standard
Non-Abelian gauge transformations      1.35
Non-singlet distributions      2.186
Non-singlet operators      2.140
Nuclear effects in DIS      1.409 see
Nuclear effects in DIS, experimental data on      1.411—1.412
Oblateness      2.267 2.279
Odderon      2.293
Old fashioned perturbation theory      2.383
One particle irreducibility      2.170
Operator product expansion      2.136
Optical rotation in atoms, experimental      1.199—1.200
Optical rotation in atoms, theoretical      1.193
Optical theorem      1.329
Orbital angular momentum of partons      1.407
Ortholepton hypothesis      1.302
OZI rule      1.213
OZI rule, QCD, in      1.217
Paralepton hypothesis      1.302
Parity      1.447 2.355
Parity invariance      2.385
Parity violation, $\tau$-decay, in      1.315
Parity violation, asymmetry in $e^{-}$-nucleus scattering      1.189
Parity violation, QCD, in      2.341
Parity violation, SM, in      1.61 1.193
Particle flow patterns      2.278
Parton model      1.316 1.352 see "Drell "Partons" "W
Parton model, field theory, in      2.155 2.163 2.168 2.206
Parton model, field theory, in, $Q^{2}$-dependent distribution functions      2.208
Parton model, field theory, in, collinear singularities      2.171 2.177
Parton model, field theory, in, factorization scale      2.181
Parton model, field theory, in, fragmentation functions      2.208
Parton model, field theory, in, large $p_{T}$ reactions      2.206
Parton model, field theory, in, leading logarithmic structure      2.174
Parton model, Pomeron, of      2.296
Parton-parton reactions, $qG \rightarrow qG$, colour sum      1.462 2.370
Parton-parton reactions, $qG \rightarrow qG$, cross-section      2.390—2.391
Parton-parton reactions, $qG \rightarrow qG$, Feynman amplitude calculation      1.459 2.366
Parton-parton reactions, $qq \rightarrow qq$      2.222 2.240
Parton-parton reactions, $qq \rightarrow qq$, colour sum      1.461 2.369
Parton-parton reactions, $qq \rightarrow qq$, cross-sections      2.387—2.388 2.391
Parton-parton reactions, $qq \rightarrow qq$, Feynman amplitude calculation      1.458 2.366
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $GG \rightarrow GG$      2.390—2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $GG \rightarrow q\bar{q}$      2.389
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $G\gamma \rightarrow q\bar{q}$      2.392
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $qG \rightarrow qG$      2.390—2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $qG \rightarrow q\gamma$      2.392
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $qq \rightarrow qq$      2.387—2.388 2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $q\bar{q} \rightarrow GG$      2.389 2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $q\bar{q} \rightarrow G\gamma$      2.392
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $q\bar{q} \rightarrow q\bar{q}$      2.388 2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $q\bar{q} \rightarrow \gamma\gamma$      2.393
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $q\gamma \rightarrow qG$      2.393
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $q\gamma \rightarrow q\gamma$      2.394
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $\bar{q}G \rightarrow \bar{q}G$      2.390—2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $\bar{q}G \rightarrow \bar{q}\gamma$      2.392
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $\bar{q}\bar{q} \rightarrow \bar{q}\bar{q}$      2.387—2.388 2.391
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $\bar{q}\gamma \rightarrow \bar{q}G$      2.393
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $\bar{q}\gamma \rightarrow \bar{q}\gamma$      2.394
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, $\gamma\gamma \rightarrow q\bar{q}$      2.394
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, angular distributions, graphical      2.240 2.242
Parton-parton reactions, cross-sections in, at 90°      2.391
Partonic cross-sections      see also "Parton-parton reactions"
Partonic cross-sections, angular distribution, graphical      2.240 2.242
Partons      1.352 see
Partons, '+' formalism for integrals      2.187
Partons, antipartons      1.359
Partons, antipartons, distribution functions      1.362
Partons, antipartons, evidence for      1.363
Partons, Bjorken scaling, with      1.355—1.356
Partons, covariant spin vector for      1.394
Partons, distribution functions      1.354 2.180
Partons, distribution functions, $Q^{2}$-dependence      2.148 2.180
Partons, distribution functions, $Q^{2}$-dependence, gluons, of      2.193
Partons, distribution functions, $Q^{2}$-dependence, interpretation of      2.182
Partons, distribution functions, $Q^{2}$-dependence, models for      2.148
Partons, distribution functions, $Q^{2}$-dependence, models for, sea quarks of      2.152
Partons, distribution functions, $Q^{2}$-dependence, models for, valence quarks, of      2.151
Partons, distribution functions, data on      1.420—1.421 2.151—2.152 2.193 2.206—2.207 2.244—2.245
Partons, distribution functions, non-singlet      2.186
Partons, distribution functions, polarized      1.379 1.405
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, $Q^{2}$-dependence      2.190—192
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, beyond the LLA      2.166
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, evolution equations      2.195
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, evolution, non-linear      2.186
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, renormalization      2.180
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, scheme dependence      2.196
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, small-x behaviour      2.189
Partons, distribution functions, QCD field theoretic definition of, spin-dependent distributions      2.187
Partons, distribution functions, singlet      2.186
Partons, distribution functions, small-x behaviour      1.375
Partons, distribution functions, small-x behaviour, Regge theory, link with      1.375
Partons, distribution functions, summary of      2.200
Partons, fusion (recombination)      2.191
Partons, gluons, evidence for      1.377
Partons, orbital angular momentum, of      1.407
Partons, quark-parton model      1.364
Partons, quarks, as      1.361
Partons, recombination (fusion)      2.191
Partons, spin $\frac{1}{2}$, evidence for      1.356 2.260
Partons, splitting functions      2.179—2.187
Partons, structure functions of, electromagnetic interactions      1.353
Partons, structure functions of, general V-A interaction      1.356
Paschos — Wolfenstein relation      1.188 1.423
Path integrals      see "Feynman path integral"
Pauli — villars cut-off      2.62
Peccei — Quinn symmetry      2.332
Penguin diagrams      2.41
Perturbation theory, old fashioned      2.383
PETRA storage ring      1.118
Photinos      2.347
Photon field      1.2
Photon propagator, Coulomb gauge, in      2.102
Photon propagator, covariant gauge, in      2.102 2.104
Pion decay      1.14
Pion decay, $\pi \rightarrow l\nu$      1.286
Pion decay, $\pi^{0} \rightarrow 2\gamma$      1.168
Polarization vector      1.446 2.354
Polarization vector, massive vector mesons, for      1.330
Polarization vector, virtual $\gamma$, for      1.330
Polarization, $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow f\bar{f}$ with polarized beams      1.149
Polarization, $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow f\bar{f}$ with polarized beams, polarization of f      1.153
Polarization, $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow hX$ with polarized beams      2.258
Polarization, $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow \tau^{+}\tau^{-}$, polarization of $\tau$      1.154
Polarization, $e^{+}e^{-}$ colliders, in      1.121
Polarization, $Z^{0}$, measurements at      1.149
Polarization, inelastic lepton-nucleon scattering, in      1.342 1.378
Polarization, LEP, at      1.123
Polarized deep inelastic scattering      1.342 1.378 1.406
Polarized scaling functions      see "Scaling functions"
Polarized structure functions      1.344 1.378
Pomeranchuk theorem      2.290
Pomeron, operator product expansion, in      2.141
Pomeron, partonic structure of      2.296
Pomeron, QCD interpretation of      2.299
Pomeron, small-x scaling functions, link with      1.375
Pomeron, triple Pomeron mechanism      2.296
Potential, $q\bar{q}$      see "Quarkonium"
Principle of minimum sensitivity      2.133
Prompt photons      2.245
Propagators, ghost      1.453 2.115 2.361
Propagators, gluon      1.453 2.115 2.361
Propagators, lepton      1.453 2.114 2.361
Propagators, photon      1.453 2.102 2.104 2.361
Propagators, quark      1.453 2.114 2.361
Propagators, W and $Z^{0}$      1.455 2.363
Proton decay      2.339 2.344
Proton lifetime      2.339 2.344
Pure gauges, QCD, in      2.323
Pure gauges, QCD, in, classes of      2.324—2.325
Pure gauges, QED, in      2.320
Pure gauges, SU(2) colour theory, in      2.324
Pure gauges, SU(2) colour theory, in, $\theta$-vacuum      2.326
Pure gauges, SU(2) colour theory, in, classification of      2.325
Pure gauges, SU(2) colour theory, in, homotopy classes      2.325
Pure gauges, SU(2) colour theory, in, winding number      2.325
Purely leptonic reactions      see "Leptonic reactions"
QCD      1.4 2.97
QCD sum rules      2.302
QCD sum rules, current correlation functions      2.302
QCD sum rules, glueballs      2.304
QCD sum rules, meson spectroscopy      2.304
QCD vacuum      see "Vacuum QCD
QCD, $\gamma/\pi^{0}$ ratio      2.247
QCD, $\Lambda$ parameter      2.125
QCD, $\Lambda$ parameter, renormalization scheme dependence      2.127
QCD, $\tau$-decay, test in      1.311
QCD, Applequist — Carrazone theorem      2.122
QCD, charmonium decay, in      2.302
QCD, chiral symmetry      2.106
QCD, colour      2.105
QCD, colour charge      2.109 2.322
QCD, Compton scattering with gluons      2.111
QCD, covariant derivatives      2.105
QCD, current conservation      2.107
QCD, decoupling theorem for heavy quarks      2.122
QCD, deep inelastic scattering      see "DIS" "QCD"
QCD, degenerate vacuum      2.318
QCD, detailed theory      2.104
QCD, Drell — Yan reactions      2.209
QCD, Drell — Yan reactions, $p_{T}$ distributions      2.213
QCD, equations of motion      2.106 2.321
QCD, Feynman rules      1.452—1.455 2.114 2.360
QCD, field energy      2.322
QCD, field tensor $G^{\alpha}_{\mu\nu}$      2.105
QCD, flavour symmetry      2.106
QCD, gauge transformations      2.109 2.322
QCD, generators of $SU(3)_{C}$      2.105
QCD, ghosts      2.113
QCD, heavy quarks      2.121
QCD, jet production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions      2.262
QCD, jet production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions, $\alpha_{S}$, implications for      2.282
QCD, jet production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions, gluons non-Abelian coupling      2.288
QCD, jet production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions, spin of      2.287
QCD, jet production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions, tests of      2.268 2.283
QCD, jet production in hadronic reactions, $Q^{2}$-evolution      2.242
QCD, jet production in hadronic reactions, $\alpha_{S}$ evaluation      2.249
QCD, jet production in hadronic reactions, 0(a®) calculation      2.250
QCD, jet production in hadronic reactions, data      2.237
QCD, jet production in hadronic reactions, multijets      2.249
QCD, Lagrangian      2.106
QCD, large $p_{T}$ exclusive reactions      2.228
QCD, large $p_{T}$ inclusive reactions      2.225
QCD, Monte Carlo formulation      2.270
QCD, multiplicity in $e^{+}e^{-}$ collisions      2.277
QCD, Noether currents      2.107
QCD, parton model      see "DIS" "Parton "Partons" "Distributions" "QCD"
QCD, parton model, large $p_{T}$ reactions      2.206
QCD, Pomeron, in      2.296
QCD, prompt photon production      2.245
QCD, QED, differences with      2.107
QCD, QED, differences with, $\epsilon_{\mu}(k) \rightarrow \epsilon_{\mu}(k) + ck_{\mu}$      2.109
QCD, QED, differences with, non-conservation of quark current      2.107
QCD, QED, differences with, non-gauge invariance of currents      2.108
QCD, QED, differences with, self-coupling of gluons      2.107
QCD, qualitative features      1.206
QCD, quark fields      2.105
QCD, quark masses      2.106
QCD, renormalization group      2.116 2.121
QCD, renormalization point, choice of      2.133
QCD, vertices      1.4 1.454 2.362
QCD, W and $Z^{0}$ production      2.216
QCD, W and $Z^{0}$ production, $p_{T}$ distributions      2.217
QCD, W and $Z^{0}$ production, data, comparison with      2.216—2.219
QED, $\epsilon_{\mu}(k) \rightarrow \epsilon_{\mu}(k) + ck_{\mu}$, invariance under      2.109
QED, Coulomb gauge      2.101
QED, detailed theory      2.98
QED, Feynman gauge      2.104
QED, field energy      2.320
QED, field tensor $F_{\mu\nu}$      2.99
QED, gauge transformations      2.99 2.320
QED, Gauss' law      2.100
QED, ghosts      2.104
QED, lagrangian      1.2
QED, Lagrangian, generalized Fermi      2.103
QED, Landau gauge      2.104
QED, Lorentz condition      2.99
QED, Maxwell equations      2.99 2.319
QED, propagators, Coulomb      2.102
QED, propagators, covariant      2.102 2.104
QED, propagators, transverse      2.102
QED, quantization, difficulties with      2.100
QED, quantization, transverse modes, of      2.101
QED, subsidiary condition      2.103
Quark content of hadrons      1.210—1.212
Quark distributions      see "Partons distribution
Quark fields, covariant derivative for      2.105
Quark fields, gauge transformation in QCD      1.161 2.108
Quark fields, QCD, in      2.106
Quark fusion (recombination)      2.191
Quark masses, constituent      1.174 1.209 2.106
Quark masses, current      2.106
Quark masses, KM matrix, and      1.179
Quark masses, QCD, in      2.106
Quark mixing      1.160 see
Quark number densities      see "Partons distribution
Quark phase convention in CP-violation      2.29
Quark propagator      1.453 2.114 2.361
Quark recombination      2.191
Quark spin      1.356 2.260
Quark statistics      1.166
Quark-lepton parallelism      1.208
Quark-lepton universality      1.157
Quark-quark reactions      see "Parton-parton reactions"
Quarkonium      1.240
Quarkonium, $J/\Psi$ decay, $\alpha_{S}$ determination      1.260
Quarkonium, $J/\Psi$ decay, leptons, into      1.262
Quarkonium, $J/\Psi$ decay, photons and gluons, into      1.259
Quarkonium, $J/\Psi$ decay, theoretical      1.254
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential      1.242
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, conditions from      1.246—1.248
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, effective strength      1.245
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, Fermi-Breit interaction      1.249
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, flavour independence      1.244
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, QCD, relation to      1.242—1.245
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, spin dependence      1.248
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, spin-orbit interaction      1.249
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, spin-spin interaction      1.249
Quarkonium, $q\bar{q}$ potential, data, tensor interaction      1.249
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