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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124482 Robledo A., Varea C. The Hard-Sphere Order-Disorder Transition in the Bethe Continuum 1991ХХ
124486 Blum L., Rosenfeld Y. Relation Between the Free Energy and the Direct Correlation Function in the Mean Spherical Approximation 1991ХХ
124494 Peter Litz, Stefan Langenbach, Alfred Hiiller Molecular Dynamics Calculation for the Modified xy Model 1991ХХ
124525 Kirkpatrick T.R. Crossover Behavior for a Noninteracting Disordered Electronic System in the Presence of a Weak Magnetic Field 1991ХХ
124552 Speis A. Instability of the Anomalies in the One-Dimensional Anderson Model at Weak Disorder 1991ХХ
124554 Cammarota C. On the Temperature Dependence of the Mean Number of Clusters 1991ХХ
124564 Burlatsky S.F., Oshanin G.S. Fluctuation Kinetics of Diffusion-Controlled Processes: Strong Effects Due to Correlations and Fluctuations 1991ХХ
124570 Braga G. de A. A New Rigorous Upper Bound for the Inverse Critical Temperature of the Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1991ХХ
124576 Kong X.P., Cohen E.G.D. Diffusion and Propagation in Triangular Lorentz Lattice Gas Cellular Automata 1991ХХ
124592 Pastur L.A., Shcherbina M.V. Absence of Self-Averaging of the Order Parameter in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model 1991ХХ
124600 Ting J.J.-L., Lin S.C., Wu F.Y. Exact Analysis of a Lattice Gas on the 3-12 Lattice with Two- and Three-Site Interactions 1991ХХ
124716 Koukiou F., Picco P. Poisson Point Processes, Cascades, and Random Coverings of R^n 1991ХХ
124744 Santos A. Exact Solution of the Boltzmann Equation in the Homogeneous Color Conductivity Problem 1991ХХ
124746 Brightwell G., Winkler P. Nonmonotonic Behavior in Hard-Core and Widom-Rowlinson Models 1991ХХ
124749 Schor R., O'Carroll M. Correlation Functions and the Goldstone Picture for the Hierarchical Classical Vector Model at Low Temperatures in Three or More Dimensions 1991ХХ
124759 Nicholas Provatas, Michael C. Mackey Noise-Induced Asymptotic Periodicity in a Piecewise Linear Map 1991ХХ
124782 Gitterman M., Havlin S., Weiss G.H. Effects of an Oscillating Field on a Diffusion Process in the Presence of a Trap 1991ХХ
124786 Rieger H., Schreckenberg M. Decay of the Remanent Magnetization in the Asymmetric Spin Chain 1991ХХ
124821 Cutler C. D. Erratum and Addendum: Some Results on the Behavior and Estimation of the Fraetal Dimensions of Distributions on Attractors 1991ХХ
124834 Ning L., Ahlers G. Novel States in Taylor-Couette Flow Subjected to a Coriolis Force 1991ХХ
124861 Fujimoto M. Erratum: Hard-Hexagon Model: Anisotropy of Correlation Length and Interfaeial Tension 1991ХХ
124883 Statistical Mechanics at the 45th Parallel: 4th Annual Meeting 1991ХХ
124908 Georgii H.-O. Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions 1991ХХ
124931 Papanicolaou G., Xin X. Reaction-Diffusion Fronts in Periodically Layered Media 1991ХХ
124978 Poland D. Erratum: Relaxation in Cooperative Systems: Use of Mixture Virial Coefficients 1991ХХ
124989 Conlon J.G., Solovej J.P. Uniform Convergence of the Free Energy of the Classical Heisenberg Model to That of the Gaussian Model 1991ХХ
125008 Driebe D. J., Petrosky T. Order and Disorder in the Approach to Equilibrium of a Classical Gas 1991ХХ
125054 de Aguiar F. S., Bernardes L. B., Goulart Rosa S. Metastability in the Potts Model on the Cayley Tree 1991ХХ
125126 Stinchcombe R.B., Cornell S. Freezing of Nonequilibrium Domain Structures in a Kinetic Ising Model 1991ХХ
125131 Geibard F., Mondy L. A New Method for Determining Hydrodynamic Effects on the Collision of Two Spheres 1991ХХ
125136 Martinelli F., Olivieri E., Scoppola E. On the Swendsen-Wang Dynamics. II. Critical Droplets and Homogeneous Nucleation at Low Temperature for the Two-Dimensional Ising Model 1991ХХ
125177 Bassler K., Sasaki K. Interface Interactions in Modulated Phases, and Upsilon Points 1991ХХ
125185 Livi R., Politi A., Ruffo S. Repeller Structure in a Hierarchical Model. I. Topological Properties 1991ХХ
125208 Ueno Y., Ozeki Y. Interfacial Approach to d-Dimensional +/- J Ising Models in the Neighborhood of the Ferromagnetic Phase Boundary 1991ХХ
125226 F. Baccelli, Karpelevich F. I., Kelbert M. A Mean-Field Limit for a Class of Queueing Networks 1991ХХ
125230 Bendisch J. Geometric Localization of the Threshold in Two-Dimensional Ising +/- J Spin Glasses for T = 0 1991ХХ
125241 Lam L. Foreword 1991ХХ
125242 Le Doussai P., Machta J. Self-Avoiding Walks in Quenched Random Environments 1991ХХ
125257 Luding S., Kuzovkov V. Bimoleeular Annihilation Reactions: Immobile Reactants and Multipolar Interactions 1991ХХ
125258 Ziegler K. Statistics of Colored Flux Lines 1991ХХ
125270 Childress S., Klapper I. On Some Transport Properties of Baker's Maps 1991ХХ
125279 Hubmer G.F., Titulaer U.M. A Kinetic Model for Droplet Growth in the Transition Regime 1991ХХ
125301 Lacker H., Percus A. How Do Ovarian Follicles Interact? A Many-Body Problem with Unusual Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking Properties 1991ХХ
125328 Privman V., Schulman L.S. Infinite-Range Mean-Field Percolation: Transfer Matrix Study of Longitudinal Correlation Length 1991ХХ
125338 van den Brule B.H.A.A. Modeling of Concentrated Suspensions 1991ХХ
125353 James L. Monroe Phase Diagrams of Ising Models on Husimi Trees. I. Pure Multisite Interaction Systems 1991ХХ
125355 Hans Conrad, Arnold F. Spreeher Characteristics and Mechanisms of Electrorheological Fluids 1991ХХ
125358 Maury Bramson, Joel L. Lebowitz Spatial Structure in Diffusion-Limited Two-Particle Reactions 1991ХХ
125390 Rapaport D. C. Cluster Size Distribution at Criticality 1991ХХ
125407 Jacques Peyriere On the Trace Map for Products of Matrices Associated with Substitutive Sequences 1991ХХ

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