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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
176117 Cohen H. A course in computational algebraic number theory 1993 ХХХ
159355 Kaniuth E. A course in commutative Banach algebras 2009ХХ
152247 Gregor Kemper A Course in Commutative Algebra (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) 2010 ХХХ
195329 Kemper G. A Course in Commutative Algebra (Graduate Texts in Mathematics 256) 2011 ХХХ
1042 Ash R.B. A course in commutative algebra 2003ХХ
161703 Kemper G. A course in commutative algebra 2009ХХ
38543 Schrijver A. A Course in Combinatorial Optimization 2008ХХ
55673 Ghorpade S.R., Limaye B.V. A Course In Calculus And Real Analysis 2006ХХ
130480 Ghorpade S., Limaye B. A Course in Calculus and Real Analysis 2006 ХХХ
147009 Serre J. A Course in Arithmetic (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) 1973ХХ
4535 Serre J.P. A course in arithmetic 1996ХХ
457 Ash R.B. A Course In Algebraic Number Theory 2003ХХ
190620 Vinberg E. A Course in Algebra (Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 56) 2003ХХ
149772 Vinberg E. A course in algebra 2003ХХ
32762 Borden R. A Course in Advanced Calculus 1998ХХ
197802 Borden R. A Course in Advanced Calculus 1998ХХ
160116 Folland G. A Course in Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Studies in Advanced Mathematics) 1995ХХ
149993 Folland G.B. A course in abstract harmonic analysis 1995ХХ
11746 Conway J.B. A Course in Functional Analysis 1985ХХ
21224 Francis B.A. A cource in H Control Theory 1987ХХ
123693 Montei T. A Counter-Example to the Theorem of Hiemer and Snurnikov 2004ХХ
144537 Layton B. A Coptic Grammar with Chrestomathy and Glossary: Sahidic Dialect 2000 ХХХ
173356 Vinogradov V. A cookbook of mathematics 1999ХХ
96910 E. Braun, A. Flores, G. Coutiño A convergent nonequilibrium statistical mechanical theory for dense gases. III. Transport coefficients to second order in the density 1974ХХ
97711 Flores A., Braun E. A convergent nonequilibrium statistical mechanical theory for dense gases. II. Transport coefficients to first order in the density 1973ХХ
100101 Braun E., Flores A. A Convergent Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanical Theory for Dense gases. I. The Two-Body Distribution Function 1973ХХ
123271 Wagner W. A Convergence Proof for Bird's Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for the Boltzmann Equation 1992ХХ
42426 Wallin H. A convergence problem on rational approximation in several variables n/aХХ
122097 Baldwin P.R. A Convergence Exponent for Multidimensional Continued-Fraction Algorithms 1992ХХ
190927 Ѕараночников ћ.Ћ. A Controllable Resistor with Features of a Field-Effect Transistor and Field Hall-Effect Sensor. Authors: A.G.Akimov, M.Yu.Barabanenkov, M.L.Baranochnikov, A.V.Leonov, A.D.Mokrushin, and N.M.Omel'yanovskaya n/aХХ
44521 Shapley H. A Contribution to the Study of Galactic Dimensions 1932ХХ
100087 Henri R. Leribaux A contribution to the equation of state of fluids at low temperatures based on thermodynamic Green's functions 1971ХХ
113654 Duncan C.D. A Contribution to The Biology of North American Vespine Wasps 1939ХХ
12998 Akkaram S. A Continuum Sensivity Analysis of Large Deformations with Applications to Metal Form Design 2000ХХ
128719 Dijkstra D. A Continued Fraction Expansion for a Generalization of Dawson Integral 2003ХХ
57543 Kirschkamp A. A Contigency-Based View of Chief Executive Officer's Early Warning Behavior: An Emirical Analysis of German Medium-Sized Companies 2007 ХХХ
59445 Morrison A. A contextualisation of entrepreneurship 2006ХХ
122715 Schinazi R. A Contact Process with a Single Inhomogeneous Site 1996ХХ
168794 Malainey M. A Consumer's Guide to Archaeological Science: Analytical Techniques (Manuals in Archaeological Method, Theory and Technique) 2011ХХ
1356 Turchin V.F. A constructive interpretation of the full set theory 1987ХХ
120964 Rozikov U.A. A Constructive Description of Ground States and Gibbs Measures for Ising Model with Two-Step Interactions on Cayley Tree 2006ХХ
134761 A Constrained Space Exploration Technology Program: A Review of NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program 2008ХХ
97126 Millard K., Leff H.S. A constant-magnetization ensemble is introduced in order to study classical, anisotropic Heisenberg systems. Existence, uniform convergence, and convexity properties are proved for an appropriate thermodynamic potential. The thermodynamic equivalence of t 1972ХХ
120160 Rheinlander M. A Consistent Grid Coupling Method for Lattice-Boltzmann Schemes 2005ХХ
122764 Andries P., Aoki K., Perthame B. A Consistent BGK-Type Model for Gas Mixtures 2002ХХ
80335 Royer J.S. A Connotational Theory of Program Structure 1987 ХХХ
1221 Katz N.M. A conjecture in arithmetic theory of differential equations 1982ХХ
197641 Katz N.M. A conjecture in arithmetic theory of differential equations 1982ХХ
47603 Petrich M., Silva P.V. A Conical Directly Infinite Ring 1998ХХ
176605 Hartmann A. A Concurrent Pascal Compiler for Minicomputers 1977ХХ

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