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Laumon G. — Cohomology of Drinfeld modular varieties (Part 2)
Laumon G. — Cohomology of Drinfeld modular varieties (Part 2)

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Название: Cohomology of Drinfeld modular varieties (Part 2)

Автор: Laumon G.


Cohomology of Drinfeld Modular Varieties provides an introduction, in two volumes, both to this subject and to the Langlands correspondence for function fields. It is based on courses given by the author who, to keep the presentation as accessible as possible, considers the simpler case of function rather than number fields; nevertheless, many important features can still be illustrated. Several appendices on background material make this a self-contained book. It will be welcomed by workers in algebraic number theory and representation theory.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Математика/Алгебра/Алгебраическая геометрия/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1997

Количество страниц: 197

Добавлена в каталог: 12.03.2005

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Предметный указатель
$(G, M)^~$-family      172
$(Gal(\bar{F}/F) \times H_I^{\infty})$-module      204
$L^2$-automorphic irreducible representation      24
$L^2$-Lefechetz number      228
$Z_M(\mathbb{A})$-finite      4
(G, M)-family      171
Adjacent (parabolic subgroups)      170
Admissible (ideal)      26
Arthur truncation operator $\Lambda^T$      123
Automorphic form      2
Automorphic irreducible representation      2
Characteristic functions $\tau^I_J$ and $\hat{\tau}^I_J$      53
Component at T, outside T (of an adelic representation)      34
Constant term      15
Cusp form      15
Cuspidal automorphic irreducible representation      21
Cuspidal datum      146 288
Cuspidal function      15
Cuspidal pair      146 283
Deligne conjecture      203
Discrete spectrum      25
distribution      74
Distribution $J^Y_{spec}$      134
Distributions $J_{geom}$ and $J_O$      71
Eisenstein series      291
Elliptic over F, over $F_x$      73
Equivalent (conjugacy classes)      50
Equivalent (cuspidal pairs)      146
Flicker — Kazhdan simple trace formula      114
Formal trace      35
Fourier transform      68
Geometric Frobenius element      205
Grothendieck group of admissible representations      260
Half sum of the positive roots      291
Harder — Narasimhan nitration      265
Intersection complex      246
Intertwining operator      300
Invariant distribution      74
Kernel K(g,h)      48
l-adic representation      204
l-pure of weight m      216
Langlands conjecture      214
Local intertwining operator      186
Multiplicity $m_{cusp}(\pi)$      21
Normalized (intertwining) operator      191
Paley — Wiener function      289
Poisson summation formula      68
Positive cone      291
Pseudo-Eisenstein series      315
Radicial hyperplane      327
Ramanujan — Petersson conjecture      214
Regular cuspidal datum      150 328
Regular cuspidal pair      328
Restricted product      249
Restricted tensor product:      51
Satake compactification      246
Semi-stable vector bundle      265
Siegel set      58
Slice through $\gamma$      276
Square-integrable automorphic form      24
Strong approximation      44
Strong approximation property      272
Supercuspidal function      114
Support of a distribution      74
Tate twist      216
Unitary cuspidal pair      283
Unramified at a place, outside a finite set of places      205
Virtual $(Gal(\bar{F}/F) \times H_I^{\infty}$-module      205
Virtual l-adic representation      205
Virtual module $W^d_I$      207
Waldspurger's theorem      196
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