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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
38178 King J.A., Rasmussen P. Polynomials 1990ХХ
38177 King J.A., Rasmussen P. Equations 1990ХХ
38176 King J.A., Rasmussen P. Variables, Terms and Expressions 1990ХХ
38175 King J.A., Rasmussen P. Operations on Integers 1990ХХ
38174 King J.A., Rasmussen P. Square Roots and Quadratic Equations 1990ХХ
38173 Felli V., Schneider M. Compactness and existence results for degenerate critical elliptic equations 2003ХХ
38172 Chierchia L., You J. KAM tori for 1D nonlinear wave equations with periodic boundary conditions 1999ХХ
38171 Chierchia L. KAM theory and celestial mechanics 2005ХХ
38170 Celletti A., Chierchia L. KAM stability for a three-body problem of the solar system 2000ХХ
38169 Celletti A., Chierchia L. KAM stability and celestial mechanics 2003ХХ
38168 Horn R.A. Matrix Analysis 1990ХХ
38167 Euler L. Introduction to Analysis of the Infinite, Vol. 1 1988ХХ
38166 Euler L. Introduction to Analysis of the Infinite, Vol. 2 1989ХХ
38165 Nolasco M., Tarantello G. Double vortex condensates in the Chern-Simons-Higgs theory n/aХХ
38164 Pomponio A., Secchi S. Interior spikes of a singularly perturbed Neumann problem with potentials n/aХХ
38163 Esposito P. Interior estimates for some semilinear elliptic problem with critical nonlinearity n/aХХ
38162 Kaloshin V., Mather J.N., Valdinoci E. Instability of resonant totally elliptic points of symplectic maps in dimension 4 n/aХХ
38161 Gazzola F., Secchi P. Inflow-outflow problems for Euler equations in a rectangular cylinder n/aХХ
38160 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. Infinitely many solutions to fourth order superlinear periodic problems n/aХХ
38159 Badiale M. Infinitely many solutions for a semilinear elliptic equation in R^ N via a perturbation method 2000ХХ
38158 Maia L.A., Montefusco E., Pellacci B. Infinitely many nodal solutions for a weakly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger system n/aХХ
38157 Perfetti P. Infinite dimensional quasi-periodic solutions 2000ХХ
38156 Abbondandolo A., Molina J.E. Index estimates for strongly indefinite functionals, periodic orbits and homoclinic solutions of first order Hamiltonian systems 1998ХХ
38155 Hastie T.J., Tibshirani R.J. Generalized Additive Models 1990ХХ
38154 Berti M., Bolle P. Homoclinics and chaotic behaviour for perturbed second order systems n/aХХ
38153 Calanchi M., Serra E. Homoclinic solutions to periodic motions in a class of reversible equations n/aХХ
38152 Zelati V.C., Macri M. Homoclinic solutions to invariant tori in a center manifold n/aХХ
38151 Gomes D.A., Valdinoci E. Entropy penalization methods for HamiltonЧJacobi equations n/aХХ
38150 Caldiroli P. H-bubbles with prescribed large mean curvature 2002ХХ
38149 Cotizelati V., Rabinowitz P.H. Heteroclinic solutions between stationary points at different energy levels n/aХХ
38148 Bonheure D., Sanchez L., Tarallo M. Heteroclinic connections between nonconsecutive equilibria of a fourth order differential equation 2000ХХ
38147 Alessio F., Caldiroli P., Montechiarri P. Genericity of the existence of infinitely many solutions for a class of semilinear elliptic equations in R^N n/aХХ
38146 Gazzini M., Musina R. HardyЧSobolevЧMazya inequalities symmetry and breaking symmetry of extremal functions n/aХХ
38145 Castorina D., Fabbri I., Mancini G. HardyЧSobolev inequalities, hyperbolic symmetry and the Webster scalar curvature problem n/aХХ
38144 Gazzola F., Grunau H.-C., Mitidieri E. Hardy inequalities with optimal constants and remainder terms 2000ХХ
38143 Bosetto E., Serra E., Terracini S. Generic-type results for chaotic dynamics in equations with periodic forcing terms n/aХХ
38142 Caldiroli P., Musina R. H-bubbles in a perturbative setting the finite-dimensional reductions method 2002ХХ
38141 Ambrosetti A., Felli V., Malchiodi A. Ground states of nonlinear Schrodinger equations with potentials vanishing at infinity n/aХХ
38140 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Ground states and critical points for generalized frenkel-kontorova models in Z^d 2000ХХ
38139 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Ground states and critical points for aubry-mather theory in statistical mechanics 2007ХХ
38138 Vitillaro E. Global existence for the wave equation with nonlinear boundary damping and source terms 2002ХХ
38137 Vitillaro E. Global nonexistence theorems for a class of evolution equations with dissipation and applications n/aХХ
38136 Vitillaro E. Global existence for the heat equation with nonlinear dynamical boundary conditions n/aХХ
38135 Farina A., Valdinoci E. Geometry of quasiminimal phase transitions n/aХХ
38134 Secchi S., Stuart C.A. Global bifurcation of homoclinic solutions of Hamiltonian systems 1991ХХ
38133 Felli V., Hebey E., Robert F. Fourth order equations of critical Sobolev growth. Energy function and solutions of bounded energy in the conformally flat case 2002ХХ
38132 Gomez D.A., Valdinoci E. Generalized Mather problem and homogenization of HamiltonЧJacobi equations n/aХХ
38131 Mugnai D. Four nontrivial solutions for subcritical exponential equations 2000ХХ
38130 Felli V., Terracini S. Fountain-like solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations with critical growth and hardy potential n/aХХ
38129 Berti M., Biasco L. Forced vibrations of wave equations with non-monotone nonlinearities n/aХХ

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