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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
38078 Felli V., Terracini S. Elliptic equations with multi-singular inverse-square potentials and critical nonlinearity 2000ХХ
38077 Badiale M., Guida M., Rolando S. Elliptic equations with decaying cylindrical potentials and power-type nonlinearities n/aХХ
38076 Conley C.H., Pucci P., Serin J. Elliptic equations and products of positive definite matrices 1991ХХ
38075 Schubert H. Elementare Arithmetik und Algebra 2004ХХ
38074 Mihailescu M. Eigenvalue problems for anisotropic quasilinear elliptic equations with variable exponent n/aХХ
38073 Berti M., Biasco L., Bolle P. Drift in phase space a new variational mechanism with optimal diffusion time n/aХХ
38072 Barutello V., Terracini S. Double choreographical solutions for n-body type problems 2006ХХ
38071 Berti M., Bolle P. Diffusion time and splitting of separatrices for nearly integrable isochronous Hamiltonian systems n/aХХ
38070 Bosetto E., Serra E., Terracini S. Density of chaotic dynamics in periodically forced pendulum-type equations n/aХХ
38069 Petrosyan A., Valdinoci E. Density estimates for a degeneratesingular phase-transition model 2005ХХ
38068 Castorina D., Esposito P., Sciunzi B. Degenerate elliptic equations with singular nonlinearities 2007ХХ
38067 Salvatori M.C., Vitillaro E. Decay properties for some Lagrangian systems with dissipative terms and applications 1991ХХ
38066 Salvatori M.C., Vitillaro E. Decay and stability for some nonlinear quasi-variational systems n/aХХ
38065 Pucci P., Serrin J. Dead cores and bursts for quasilinear singular elliptic equations n/aХХ
38064 Calzolari E., Filippucci R., Pucci P. Dead cores and bursts for p-Laplacian elliptic equations with weights 2007ХХ
38063 Darmon H. Rational Points on Modular Elliptic Curves 2004ХХ
38062 Wilkins D.R. Abstract Algebra (Course 311) 2007ХХ
38061 Mancini G., Sandeep K. Cylindrical symmetry of extremals of a Hardy-Sobolev inequality n/aХХ
38060 Braides A., Malchiodi A. Curvature theory of boundary phases the two-dimensional case n/aХХ
38059 Gazzola F., Grunau H.-C. Critical dimensions and higher order Sobolev inequalities with remainder terms n/aХХ
38058 Peirone R. Convergence and uniqueness problems for Dirichlet forms on fractals n/aХХ
38057 Celletti A., Chierchia L. Construction of stable periodic orbits for the spin-orbit problem of celestial mechanics n/aХХ
38056 Badiale M., Duci A. Concentrated solutions for a non variational semilinear elliptic equation n/aХХ
38055 Alessio F., Calanchi M., Serra E. Complex dynamics in a class of reversible equations n/aХХ
38054 Marmi S., Moussa P., Yoccoz J.-C. Complex Brjuno functions 1999ХХ
38053 Damascelli L. Comparison theorems for some quasilinear degenerate elliptic operators and applications to symmetry and monotonicity results n/aХХ
38052 Leoni G. Classification of positive solutions of the elliptic equation 1991ХХ
38051 Berti M., Carminati C. Chaotic dynamics for perturbations of infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems n/aХХ
38050 Marmi S. Chaotic behaviour in the solar system 1998ХХ
38049 Fonseca I., Leoni G. Bulk and contact energies nucleation and relaxation 1999ХХ
38048 Ambrosetti A. Branching points for a class of variational operators n/aХХ
38047 Azorero J.G., Montefusco E., Peral I. Bifurcation for the p-Laplacian in R^N n/aХХ
38046 Arkoya D., Carmona J., Pellacci B. Bifurcation for some quasilinear operators n/aХХ
38045 Perfetti P. An averaging theorem for a chain of coupled rotators n/aХХ
38044 Cerqueti K. A uniqueness result for a semilinear elliptic equation involving the critical Sobolev exponent in symmetric domains 1998ХХ
38043 Pucci P., Serrin J., Zou H. A strong maximum principle and a compact support principle for singular elliptic inequalities n/aХХ
38042 Ndiaye C.B. Curvature flows on four manifolds with boundary n/aХХ
38041 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Critical points inside the gaps of ground state laminations for some models in statistical mechanics 2007ХХ
38040 Pellacci B. Critical points for some functionals of the calculus of variations n/aХХ
38039 Badiale M., Serra E. Critical nonlinear elliptic equations with singularities and cylindrical symmetry n/aХХ
38038 Gazzola F. Critical exponents which relate embedding inequalities with quasilinear elliptic problems 2002ХХ
38037 Lupo D., Payne K.R. Critical exponents for semilinear equations of mixed elliptic-hyperbolic and degenerate types 2000ХХ
38036 Crasta G., Fragala I., Gazzola F. A sharp upper bound for the torsional rigidity of rods by means of web functions n/aХХ
38035 Pomponio A. Coupled nonlinear Schrodinger systems with potentials n/aХХ
38034 Mugnai D. Coupled Klein-Gordon and Born-Infeld type equations looking for solitary waves n/aХХ
38033 Adimurthi, Mancini G., Sandeep K. A sharp solvability condition in higher dimensions for some Brezis-Nirenberg type equation n/aХХ
38032 Pucci P., Serrin J. A note on the strong maximum principle for elliptic differential inequalities n/aХХ
38031 Chierchia L., Valdinoci E. A note on the construction of Hamiltonian trajectories along heteroclinic chains 1998ХХ
38030 Arioli G. A note on a quasilinear elliptic eigenvalue problem 1991ХХ
38029 Ndiaye C.B. Constant t-curvature conformal metrics on 4-manifolds with boundary n/aХХ

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