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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40789 Millikan R.A. Quantum Relations in Photo-Electric Phenomena 1915ХХ
40788 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Protecting New Health Facilities from Natural Disasters: Guidelines for the Promotion of Disaster Mitigation 2003ХХ
40787 Committee to Develop a Long-Term Research Preventing Earthquake Disasters: The Grand Challenge in Earthquake Engineering: A Research Agenda for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) 2004ХХ
40786 Bowie W. Present Status of Geodesy and Some of the Problems of This Branch of Geophysics 1920ХХ
40785 API TDB Complete 1997ХХ
40784 Miller R., Wilson K. Making and Enjoying Telescopes 1997ХХ
40783 Seares F.H. Preliminary Results on the Color of Nebulae 1916ХХ
40782 Jenkins D.R. American X-Vehicles: An Inventory-X-1 to X-50 2005ХХ
40781 Seares F.H. Preliminary Note on the Distribution of Stars With Respect to the Galactic Plane 1917ХХ
40780 van Maanen A. Preliminary Evidence of Internal Motion in the Spiral Nebula Messier 101 1916ХХ
40779 Davis S. GIS for Web Developers: Adding Where to Your Web Applications 2007ХХ
40778 Coble A.A. Point Sets and Cremona Groups Part III 1916ХХ
40777 Coble A.B. Point Sets and Allied Cremona Groups Part II 1916ХХ
40776 Serviss G.P. Pleasures of the telescope 1901ХХ
40775 Littmann M. Planets Beyond: Discovering the Outer Solar System 2004ХХ
40774 Miner E.D., Wessen R. Planetary Ring Systems 2006ХХ
40773 Sears F.H. Photographic Magnitudes of Stars in the Selected Areas of Kapteyn 1917ХХ
40772 Collins P.D., Squires E.J., Martin A.D. Particle Physics and Cosmology 1989 ХХХ
40771 Leuschner A.O. Perturbations and Tables of the Minor Planets Discovered by James C. Watson 1916ХХ
40770 Barus C. Path Differences Within Which Spectrum Interferences are Observable 1916ХХ
40769 Terasawa A. (Ed), Motobayashi T. (Ed) Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies 2003: RIKEN, Japan 17 - 19 November 2003 2004ХХ
40768 Glendenning N.K. Our Place in the Universe 2007ХХ
40767 Heiken G., Jones E. On the Moon: The Apollo Journals 2007ХХ
40766 Ordway Automorphic representations and Galois representations n/aХХ
40765 Duane W., Shimizu T. On the X-Ray Absorption Wave-Lengths of Lead Isotopes 1919ХХ
40764 Adams W.S., Stromberg G. On the Use of the Spectroscopic Method for Determining the Parallaxes of the Brighter Stars 1919ХХ
40763 Gronwall T.H. On the Twist in Conformed Mapping 1919ХХ
40762 John Ch.E. On the Suggested Mutual Repulsion of Fraunhofer Lines 1916ХХ
40761 Zeldin S.D. On the Structure of Finite Continuous Groups with Exceptional Transformations 1920ХХ
40760 Webster A.G. On the Springfield Rifle and the Leduc Formula 1920ХХ
40759 Shapley H., Nicholson S.B. On the Spectral Lines of a Pulsating Star 1919ХХ
40758 Hardy G.H. On the Representation of a Number as the Sum of any Number of Squares, and in Particular of five or seven 1918ХХ
40757 Duane W., Patterson R.A. On the Relative Positions and Intensities of Lines in X-ray Spectra 1920ХХ
40756 Lefschetz S. On the Real Folds of Abelian Varieties 1919ХХ
40755 Pearl R., Reed.L.J. On the Rate of Growth of the Population of the United States since 1790 and Its Mathematical Representation 1920ХХ
40754 Barus C. On the Pressure Variation of Specific Heat of Liquids 1919ХХ
40753 Webster A.G. On the Possible Form of the Equation of State of Powder Gases 1919ХХ
40752 Campbell W.W., Moore J.H. On the Observed Rotations of a Planetary Nebula 1916ХХ
40751 Loeb L.B. On the Nature of the Negative Carriers Produced in Pure Hydrogen and Nitrogen by Photo-Electrons 1920ХХ
40750 Loeb L.B. On the Nature of the Heat Production in a System of Platinum Black, Alcohol and Air 1920ХХ
40749 Moore R.L. On the Most General Class L of Frechet in which the Heine-Borel-Lebesgue Theorem Holds True 1919ХХ
40748 Green G.M. On the Linear Dependence of Functions of Several Variables, and Certain Completely Integrable Systems of Partial Differential Equations 1916ХХ
40747 Duane W., Stenstrom W. On the K Series of X-Rays 1920ХХ
40746 Miller G.A. On the Holomorphisms of a Group 1918ХХ
40745 Green G.M. On the General Theory of Curved Surfaces and Rectilinear Congruences 1917ХХ
40744 Moore R.L. On the Foundations of Plane Analysis Situs 1916ХХ
40743 Larmor J. On the Essence of Physical Relativity 1918ХХ
40742 Barus C. On the Equations of the Rectangular Interferometer 1917ХХ
40741 Perrine C.D. On the Distribution of the Aphelia of the Secondary Bodies of the Solar System 1919ХХ
40740 Gronwall T.H. On the Distortion in Conformal Mapping When the Second Coefficient in the Mapping Function Has an Assigned Value 1920ХХ

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