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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
39718 Moisio J. Environmental Management System ISO 14001 2003ХХ
39717 Welford R., Gouldson A. Environmental Management and Business Strategy 1993ХХ
39716 Foster C., Green K., Bleda M. Environmental Impacts of Food Production and Consumption 2006ХХ
39715 Harrison D.M. Entropy 1999ХХ
39714 Dawkins P. Common Math Errors 2006ХХ
39713 Pfafflin J.R., Ziegler E.N. Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering 2006ХХ
39712 Casella G. Empirical Bayes Gibbs sampling 2001ХХ
39711 Crowell B. Electricity and Magnetism 2000ХХ
39710 Boerner G., Walker M., Stewart J. Astrophysics 1973ХХ
39709 Irwin J.A. Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos 2007ХХ
39708 Dawkins P. Differential Equations 2007ХХ
39707 Seares F.H., Shapley H. Distribution of Colors Among the Stars of N. G. C. 1647 and M 67 1915ХХ
39706 Harrison D.M. Bell's Theorem 1999ХХ
39705 Harrison D.M. The Development of Quantum Mechanics 2000ХХ
39704 Harrison D.M. The Standard Hot Big Bang Model of the Universe 2001ХХ
39703 Harrison D.M. Black Hole Thermodynamics 1999ХХ
39702 Harrison D.M. Complementarity and the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 2000ХХ
39701 Dawkins P. Complex Numbers Primer 2006ХХ
39700 Wilczynski E.J. Conjugate Systems of Space Curves with Equal Laplace-Darboux Invariants 1914ХХ
39699 Abbot C.G., Fowle F.E., Aldrich L.B. Confirmatory Experiments on the Value of the Solar Constant of Radiation 1915ХХ
39698 Langholz B., Goldstein L. Conditional logistic analysis of case-control studies with complex sampling 2001ХХ
39697 Hössjer O. Conditional likelihood score functions for mixed models in linkage analysis 2005ХХ
39696 Cook R.J., Wei Wei Conditional analysis of mixed Poisson processes with baseline counts: implications for trial design and analysis 2003ХХ
39695 Andersen E.W. Composite likelihood and two-stage estimation in family studies 2004ХХ
39694 Pepe M.S., Alonzo T.A. Comparing disease screening tests when true disease status is ascertained only for screen positives 2001ХХ
39693 Carstensen B. Comparing and predicting between several methods of measurement 2004ХХ
39692 Dawkins P. Calculus III 2007ХХ
39691 Dawkins P. Calculus II 2007ХХ
39690 Dawkins P. Calculus I 2007ХХ
39689 Inoue L.Y.T., Etzioni R., Slate E.H. Combining longitudinal studies of PSA 2004ХХ
39688 Pepe M.S., Thompson M.L. Combining diagnostic test results to increase accuracy 2000ХХ
39687 Xu X., Tian L., Wei L.J. Combining dependent tests for linkage or association across multiple phenotypic traits 2003ХХ
39686 Etzioni R., Kooperberg C., Pepe M. Combining biomarkers to detect disease with application to prostate cancer 2003ХХ
39685 Schmidt W.H. An Investigation of Mathematics and Science Teaching in Six Countries 1996ХХ
39684 Harris R.M. Coloring Technology for Plastics 1999ХХ
39683 Frangakis C.E. Clustered Encouragement Designs with Individual Noncompliance Bayesian Inference with Randomization, and Application to Advance Directive Forms 2002ХХ
39682 Zhu J., Hastie T. Classification of gene microarrays by penalized logistic regression 2004ХХ
39681 Bowes A.C. Cleomedes' Lectures on Astronomy: A Translation of "The Heavens" 2004ХХ
39680 Olshen A.B., Venkatraman E.S. Circular binary segmentation for the analysis of array-based DNA copy number data 2004ХХ
39679 Orbe J., Ferreira E. Censored partial regression 2003ХХ
39678 Levin F. Calibrating the Cosmos: How Cosmology Explains Our Big Bang Universe 2006ХХ
39677 Caviedes C.N. El Nino in History: Storming Through the Ages 2001ХХ
39676 Covington M.A. Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes: Practical Amateur Astronomy Volume 2 2002ХХ
39675 Pepin M.B. The Care and Maintenance of Optical Equipment 2004ХХ
39674 Farrington C.P., Kanaan M.N. Branching process models for surveillance of infectious diseases controlled by mass vaccination 2003ХХ
39673 Brady J. Environmental Management in Organizations: The IEMA Handbook 2005ХХ
39672 Betensky R.A., Talcott J.A. Binary data with two, non-nested sources of clustering an analysis of physician recommendations for early prostate cancer treatment 2000ХХ
39671 Dunson D.B., Herring A.H. Bayesian latent variable models for mixed discrete outcomes 2005ХХ
39670 Hanson T.E., Johnson W.O. Bayesian inference for prevalence and diagnostic test accuracy based on dual-pooled screening 2006ХХ
39669 Dunson D.B. Bayesian dynamic modeling of latent trait distributions 2006ХХ

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