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39884 Richardson B.A., Hughes J.P. The focus of the contributions contained in this proceedings is the interplay between cosmology astroparticle physics and particle physics, both from the theoretical and experimental point of view. The Adriatic Meetings have traditionally been one of the 2000ХХ
39883 Trampetic J. (ed.), Wess J. (ed.) Particle Physics and the Universe 2004ХХ
39882 Gottardo R., Besag J. Probabilistic segmentation and intensity estimation for microarray images 2006ХХ
39881 Curtis H.D. Preliminary Note on Nebular Proper Motions 1914ХХ
39880 Bedrick E.J., Exuzides A. Predictive influence in the accelerated failure time model 2002ХХ
39879 Franklin E.C. Potassium Ammono Argenate, Barate, Calciate, and Sodate 1915ХХ
39877 Hong S.-K. (Ed), Lee J.A. Ecological Issues in a Changing World: Status, Response and Strategy 2005 ХХХ
39876 Mumford S.L. Pooling biospecimens and limits of detection: effects on ROC curve analysis 2006ХХ
39875 Diggle P.J. Point-source modelling using matched case-control data 2000ХХ
39874 Coble A.B. Point Sets and Allied Cremona Groups 1915ХХ
39873 Somov B.V. Plasma Astrophysics: Part I: Fundamentals and Practice 2006ХХ
39872 Livio M. (Ed), Casertano S. (Ed) Planets to Cosmology: Essential Science in the Final Years of the Hubble Space Telescope 2006ХХ
39871 Pilkey-Jarvis L. Useless Arithmetic: Why Environmental Scientists Can't Predict the Future 2006ХХ
39870 Pimentel D. Biological Invasions: Economic and Environmental Costs of Alien Plant,Animal,and Microbe Species 2002ХХ
39869 Downie N.A. Exploding Disc Cannons, Slimemobiles, and 32 Other Projects for Saturday Science 2006ХХ
39868 van Maanen A. Photographic Determination of Stellar Parallaxes with the 60-inch Reflector 1915ХХ
39867 Trelease W. Phoradendron 1914ХХ
39866 Percy J.R. Understanding Variable Stars 2007ХХ
39865 Bonetti M., Gelber R.D. Patterns of treatment effects in subsets of patients in clinical trials 2005ХХ
39864 Maze R., Carney J.P. Increasing DNA repair methyltransferase levels via bone marrow stem cell transduction rescues mice from the toxic effects of 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea, a chemotherapeutic alkylating agent 1996ХХ
39863 Sparking Y.H, Parametric survival models for interval-censored data with time-dependent covariates 2006ХХ
39862 Hunsberger S. Parametric and semiparametric approaches to testing for seasonal trend in serial count data 2002ХХ
39861 Merrill G.P. On the Monticellite-Like Mineral in Meteorites, and on Oldhamite as a Meteoric Constituent 1915ХХ
39860 Wright W.H. Outlines of a Proposed System of Classification of the Nebulae by Means of their Spectra 1915ХХ
39859 Davidov O. Overdiagnosis in early detection programs 2004ХХ
39858 Greevy R. Optimal multivariate matching before randomization 2004ХХ
39857 Becker G.F. On the Earth Considered as a Heat Engine 1914ХХ
39856 Wright W.H. On the Occurrence of the Line 4686A and the Related Series of Lines in the Spectra of the Planetary Nebulae 1914ХХ
39855 Park Y. One- and two-sample nonparametric inference procedures in the presence of a mixture of independent and dependent censoring 2006ХХ
39854 Byth K. On the relation between initial value and slope 2005ХХ
39853 Harnandez S. On the power for linkage detection using a test based on scan statistics 2005ХХ
39852 Gelfand A.E. On the change of support problem for spatio-temporal data 2001ХХ
39851 Greenland S. On the bias produced by quality scores in meta-analysis, and a hierarchical view of proposed solutions 2001ХХ
39850 Ford W.B. On the Representation of Arbitrary Functions by Definite Integrals 1915ХХ
39849 Kapteyn J.C., Adams W.S. On the Relation Between the Proper Motions and the Radial Velocities of the Stars of the Spectral Types F, G, K, and M 1914ХХ
39848 Campbell W.W. On the Radial Velocities of Nebulae 1914ХХ
39847 Wilson R.E. On the Radial Velocities of Five Nebulae in the Magellanic Clouds 1914ХХ
39846 John Ch.E., Babcock H.D. On the Pole Effect in the Iron Arc 1914ХХ
39845 Blumberg H. On the Factorization of Various Types of Expressions 1914ХХ
39844 Gail M.H., Pfeiffer R.M. On criteria for evaluating models of absolute risk 2005ХХ
39843 Gail M.H. On meta-analytic assessment of surrogate outcomes 2000ХХ
39842 Scharfstein D.O. On estimation of vaccine efficacy using validation samples with selection bias 2006ХХ
39841 Newton M.A. On estimating the polyclonal fraction in lineage-marker studies of tumor origin 2006ХХ
39840 Alley E.R. Water Quality Control Handbook 2006 ХХХ
39839 Gurfil P. Modern Astrodynamics 2006ХХ
39838 Gribbin J.R. White Holes: Cosmic Gushers in the Universe 1977ХХ
39837 Uhler H.S. On Thieles Phase in Band Spectra 1915ХХ
39836 Green G.M. On Isothermally Conjugate Nets of Space Curves 1915ХХ
39835 Levene P.A., La Forge F.B. On Chondrosamine 1915ХХ
39834 Koller J. Offshore Wind Energy: Research on Environmental Impacts 2006ХХ

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