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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125431 Fernando Perez J., Schonmann R. H. On the Global Character of Some Restricted Equilibrium ConditionswA Remark on Metastability 1981ХХ
112484 Schwarzschild K. On the Gravitational Field of a Mass Point according to EinsteinТs Theory n/aХХ
112732 Schwarzschild K. On the Gravitational Field of a Sphere of Incompressible Fluid according to EinsteinТs Theory 1916ХХ
125701 Bendisch J. On the Ground-State Threshold in Random Two-Dimensional Ising +/-J Models 1992ХХ
42590 Kiang T.-H. On the Groups of Orientable Two-Manifolds 1931ХХ
122776 Cercignani C., Lampis M. On the H-Theorem for Polyatomic Gases 1981ХХ
126122 Giancarlo Benettin, Antonio Giorgilli On the Hamiltonian Interpolation of Near-to-the-Identity Symplectic Mappings with Application to Symplectic Integration Algorithms 1993ХХ
126120 Grassberger P. On the Hausdorff Dimension of Fractal Attractors 1980ХХ
41956 Salant E.O. On the Heat Capacity of Non-Polar Solid Compounds 1926ХХ
122775 Benzi R., Toschi F., Tripiccione R. On the Heat Transfer in Rayleigh-Benard Systems 1998ХХ
120437 Manuel Santoro On the Helmholtz Potential Metric: The Isotherm Length-Work Theorem 2004ХХ
100114 Simo C. On the Henon-Pomeau Attractor 1979ХХ
120923 Parisi G., Zamponi F. On the High Density Behavior of Hamming Codes with Fixed Minimum Distance 2006ХХ
112638 Bohn On the History of Conservation of Energy and of its Application to Physics n/aХХ
77899 Letwin S.R. On the History of the Idea of Law 2005ХХ
40746 Miller G.A. On the Holomorphisms of a Group 1918ХХ
122102 Fritz J. On the Hydrodynamic Limit of a One-Dimensional Ginzburg-Landau Lattice Model. The a Priori Bounds 1987ХХ
44131 Wyckoff R.W. On the Hypothesis of Constant Atomic Radii 1922ХХ
42547 Zwicky F. On the imperfections of crystals 1929ХХ
105234 Bertrand L. On the Implementation of a new Algorithm for the Computation of Hyperelliptic Integrals 1994ХХ
97085 Seifer A. On the incoherent scattering of an acoustic or electromagnetic wave 1979ХХ
122390 Heintz A. On the Initial Boundary Value Problems for the Enskog Equation in Irregular Domains 1998ХХ
121405 Ding E.J., Huang Z.Q. On the Initial Layer Solution of the Boltzmann Equation with Small Knudsen Number 1986ХХ
1084 Ritt J.F. On the integrals of elementary functions 1922ХХ
107196 Ritt J. On The Integration in Finite Terms of Linear Differential Equations of the Second Order 1927ХХ
43706 Struve O., Morgan W.W. On The Intensities Of Stellar Absorption Lines 1932ХХ
43707 Woo Y.H. On The Intensity Of Total Scattering Of X-Rays By Gases I 1931ХХ
43708 Woo Y.H. On The Intensity Of Total Scattering Of X-Rays By Gases II 1931ХХ
42548 Woo Y.H. On the intensity of total scattering of x-rays by monatomis gases 1930ХХ
123060 Bol'shov L.A., Pokrovsky V.L., Uimin G.V. On the Interface at the Equilibrium Crystallization 1985ХХ
124779 Hans-Otto Georgii, Valentin Zagrebnov On the Interplay of Magnetic and Molecular Forces in Curie-Weiss Ferrofluid Models 1998ХХ
42592 Breit G. On the Interpretation of Diracs alpha -Matrices 1930ХХ
41450 Alexander J.W. On the Intersection Invariants of a Manifold 1925ХХ
119555 Speziale C.G. On the Invariance of Constitutive Equations According to the Kinetic Theory of Gases 1984ХХ
124572 On The Invariant Measures for the Two-Dimensional Euler Flow 1987ХХ
99522 S. R. Singh, M. C. Zerner On the inversion of the classical second virial coefficient 1976ХХ
124604 van Enter A.C.D., Netocny K., Schaap H.G. On the Ising Model with Random Boundary Condition 2005ХХ
122188 Nardi F. R., Olivieri E., Zahradnik M. On the Ising Model with Strongly Anisotropic External Field 1999ХХ
122891 Reatto L., Stell G., Tau M. On the Isothermal Density Derivative of g(r) and a New Theory of the Pair Correlation Function of Hard Spheres 1991ХХ
160015 McKay L. On the Job Math (Practical Math in Context) 2005ХХ
165000 Frishman M. On the Job Teacher Notes (Practical Math in Context) 2005ХХ
42549 Leavitt H.V., Gowen J.W., Jennes L.C. On the joint influence of iron and aluminium in native sands on mortar strenght 1929ХХ
40747 Duane W., Stenstrom W. On the K Series of X-Rays 1920ХХ
126158 Carlo Cercignani, Maria Lampis On the Kinetic Theory of a Dense Gas of Rough Spheres 1988ХХ
97639 Frisch H.L. On the Kirkwood-Modified Tait Equation 1977ХХ
123937 Prodan E., Nordlander P. On the Kohn-Sham Equations with Periodic Background Potentials 2003ХХ
123326 Cornille H. On the Krook-Wu Model of the Boltzmann Equation 1979ХХ
99934 Tribus M., Rossi R. On the Kullback Information Measure as a Basis for Information Theory: Comments on a Proposal by Hobson and Chan 1973ХХ
41957 Beams J.W. On the Lag of the Kerr Effect 1927ХХ

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