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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44988 Epstein P.S. On the Air Resistance of Projectiles 1931ХХ
40733 Russell H.N. On the Albedo of the Planets and Their Satellites 1916ХХ
125920 Blum L., Vericat F., Herrera-Pacheco J. N. On the Analytical Solution of the Ornstein-Zernike Equation with Yukawa Closure 1991ХХ
132366 Benfatto G., Gallavotti G., Nicolb F. On the Analyticity of the Pressure in the Hierarchical Dipole Gas 1988ХХ
40734 Webster A.G. On the Angle of Repose of Wet Sand 1919ХХ
41445 Moore C.N. On the Application of Borels Method to the Summation of Fouriers Series 1925ХХ
40735 Michelson A.A. On the Application of Interference Methods to Astronomical Measurements 1920ХХ
42539 Bridgman P.W. On the application of thermodynemics to the thermo-electric circuit 1929ХХ
35863 Hamilton W.R. On the Application to Dynamics of a General Mathematical Method Previously Applied to Optics 2000ХХ
44124 Blichfeldt H.F. On the Approximate Solutions in Integers of a Set of Linear Equations 1921ХХ
124301 Hunt F.Y., Miller W.M. On the Approximation of Invariant Measures 1992ХХ
121150 Enting I.G., Guttmann A.J. On the Area of Square Lattice Polygons 1990ХХ
35843 Hamilton W.R. On the Argument of Abel 2000ХХ
41937 Bell E.T. On the Arithmetic of Abelina Functions 1927ХХ
126051 Weiss G.H., Masoliver J., Shuler K.E. On the Asymmetry of a Random Walk in the Presence of a Field 1990ХХ
124839 Heyde C.C. On the Asymptotic Behavior of Random Walks on an Anisotropic Lattice 1982ХХ
119912 Fritz J. On the Asymptotic Behaviour of Spitzer's Model for Evolution of One-Dimensional Point Systems 1985ХХ
119752 Ayton G., Evans D.J. On the Asymptotic Convergence of the Transient and Steady-State Fluctuation Theorems 1999ХХ
123052 Bellomo N., Lachowicz M. On the Asymptotic Equivalence between the Enskog and the Boltzmann Equations 1988ХХ
123553 Lebowitz J.L., Schonmann R.H. On the Asymptotics of Occurrence Times of Rare Events for Stochastic Spin Systems 1987ХХ
87545 Dieudonne J. On the automorphisms of the classical groups 1949ХХ
123154 Forrester P.J., Jancovici B. On the Average Distance Between Particles in the Two-Dimensional Two-Component Plasma 1992ХХ
23457 Carter D.M., Rovell D. On the Ball: What You Can Learn About Business from America's Sports Leaders 2003ХХ
125362 Wolfgang Dreyer, Frank Duderstadt On the BeckerDoring Theory of Nucleation of Liquid Droplets in Solids 2005ХХ
125573 Abdel-Gawad H.I. On the Behavior of Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations 1999ХХ
44989 Fréchet M. On the Behavior of the nth Iterate of a Fredholm Kernel AS n Becomes Infinite 1932ХХ
122063 Chayes L., Machta J. On the Behavior of the Surface Tension for Spin Systems in a Correlated Porous Medium 1995ХХ
38362 Ricciardi T. On the best Holder exponent for two dimensional elliptic equations in divergence form n/aХХ
125237 Bouchaud J. P., Orland H. On the Bethe Ansatz for Random Directed Polymers 1990ХХ
39851 Greenland S. On the bias produced by quality scores in meta-analysis, and a hierarchical view of proposed solutions 2001ХХ
38363 Fanelli L., Montefusco E. On the blow-up threshold for weakly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations n/aХХ
41448 Wilson E.B. On the Boltzmann Equation 1925ХХ
125325 Boldrighini C., Bunimovich L.A. On the Boltzmann Equation for the Lorentz Gas 1983ХХ
122872 Uchiyama K. On the Boltzmann-Grad Limit for the Broadwell Model of the Boltzmann Equation 1988ХХ
124360 Schroder M. On the Bose Gas with Local Mean-Field Interaction 1990ХХ
122796 Parisi G. On the Branching Structure of the Tree of States in Spin Glasses 1993ХХ
124169 Saied E.A. On the Brazil Nuts Problem: Is It of Relevance to Hydrodynamics? 2000ХХ
166031 Peskir G., Shiryaev A.N. On the Brownian First-Passage Over a One-Sided Stochastic Boundary 1998ХХ
124131 Mazo R.M. On the Brownian Motion of a Frequency- Modulated Oscillator 1981ХХ
122041 Bocquet L., Piasecki J., Hansen J.-P. On the Brownian Motion of a Massive Sphere Suspended in a Hard-Sphere Fluid. I. Multiple-Time-Scale Analysis and Microscopic Expression for the Friction Coefficient 1994ХХ
123208 Bocquet L., Hansen J.-P., Piasecki J. On the Brownian Motion of a Massive Sphere Suspended in a Hard-Sphere Fluid. lI. Molecular Dynamics Estimates of the Friction Coefficient 1994ХХ
39325 Wang X. On the C*-Algebras of Foliations in the Plane 1987ХХ
120106 de Sehepper I.M., Cohen E.G.D., Kamgar-Parsi B. On the Calculation of Equilibrium Time Correlation Functions in Hard-Sphere Fluids 1989ХХ
44126 Duane W. On the Calculation of the X-Ray Absorption Frequencies of the Chemical Elements 1921ХХ
44125 Duane W. On the Calculation of the X-Ray Absorption Frequencies of the Chemical Elements (Second Note) 1921ХХ
59109 Sabillon C. On The Causes of Economic Growth - Lessons from History 2008ХХ
39852 Gelfand A.E. On the change of support problem for spatio-temporal data 2001ХХ
44990 Widder D.V. On the Changes of Sign of the Derivatives of a Function Defined by a Laplace Integral 1932ХХ
42586 Hille E., Tamarkin J.D. On the Characteristic Values of Linear Integral Equations 1928ХХ
120084 Hasegawa H., Nakagomi T. On the Characterization of the Stationary State of a Class of Dynamical Semigroups 1980ХХ

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