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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44105 Fischer Ch.A. Note on the Definition of a Lineal Functional 1922ХХ
44106 Oort J.H. Note on the Difference in Velocity between Absolutely Bright and Faint Stars 1924ХХ
41430 Rabinov I.I. Note on the Diffraction of X-Rays by a Wedge-Shaped Slit 1924ХХ
44688 Vandiver H.S. Note on the Divisors of the Numerators of Bernoullis Numbers 1932ХХ
43295 Scatchard G. Note on the equation of state explicit in the volume 1930ХХ
41431 Allison S.K., Armstrong A.H. Note on the Experimental Determination of the Relative Intensities of Some of the Molybdenum and Copper K Series Lines and the Tungsten L Series Lines 1925ХХ
122272 Erpenbeck J.J., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Fractal Dimension of Hard Sphere Trajectories 1986ХХ
44687 Dalla Valle J.M. Note on the Heaviside Expansion Formula 1931ХХ
119688 Gwa L.-H., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Hydrodynamic Eigenmodes of Couette Flow 1992ХХ
121566 Widom B. Note on the Interfaeial Tension of Phase-Separated Polymer Solutions 1988ХХ
120105 Evans D.J., Cohen E.G.D., Searles D.J. Note on the Kaplan-Yorke Dimension and Linear Transport Coefficients 2000ХХ
43308 Kemble E.C. Note on the Lyman Bands of Hydrogen 1928ХХ
43296 Epstein P.S. Note on the nature of cosmic rays 1930ХХ
97100 Hirsch N. Note on the Paper УGibbs vs. Shannon EntropiesФ by Richard L. Liboff 1975ХХ
40709 Nichols E.L. Note on the Phosphorescence of Uranyl Salts 1916ХХ
41916 Van Vleck J.H. Note on the Postulates of the Matrix Quantum Dynamics 1926ХХ
41432 St.John C.E., Babcock H.D. Note on the Pressure and Currents in the Suns Atmosphere 1924ХХ
44107 Shapley H. Note on the Problem of Great Stellar Distances 1922ХХ
44108 Lotka A.J. Note on the Problem of Great Stellar Distances 1923ХХ
41433 Thomas J.M. Note on the Projective Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
97662 Nilsen T.S., Hemmer P.C. Note on the Quantum Displacement of the Critical Point 1969ХХ
45723 Margenau H. Note on the Quantum Dynamical Correction of the Equation of State 1932ХХ
41434 Duane W. Note on the Quantum Theory of the Reflection of X-Rays 1925ХХ
48520 Geweke J. Note on the Sampling Distribution for the Metrolis-Hastings Algorithm 2003ХХ
46089 Allison S.K. Note on the Selective Reflection of X-Rays by Crystals of Potassium Bromide 1926ХХ
40710 Barus C. Note on the Self-Adjusting of Uranyl Salts 1919ХХ
41917 Hall E.H. Note on the Temperature Relations of Photo-Electric Emission and Thermionic Emission of Electrons 1926ХХ
41918 Miller G.A. Note on the Temperature Relations of Photo-Electric Emission and Thermionic Emission of Electrons 1927ХХ
122013 van Kampen N. G. Note on the Two-Slit Experiment 1993ХХ
43297 Shapley H. Note on the velocities and magnitudes of external galaxies 1929ХХ
44109 Breit G. Note on the Width of Spectral Lines Due to Collisions and Quantum Theory 1923ХХ
99935 Hanggi, P., Thomas, H., Grabert, H. Note on time evolution of non-Markov processes 1978ХХ
40705 Barus C. Note on Torsional Measurement of Variations of the Acceleration of Gravity by Interference Methods 1920ХХ
123800 Cohen E.G.D., de Schepper I.M. Note on Transport Processes in Dense Colloidal Suspensions 1991ХХ
120255 Cohen E.G.D., Gallavotti G. Note on Two Theorems in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 1999ХХ
44102 Duane W. Note on X-Ray Spectra 1922ХХ
79664 John-Steiner V. Notebooks of the Mind: Explorations of Thinking 1997 ХХХ
79461 Nepal Rastra Bank Notes and coins of Nepal / Ѕанкноты и монеты Ќепала 2006ХХ
105740 Francois O. Notes de cours de Processus aleatoires 2005 ХХХ
105469 Linet B. Notes de Cours de Relativite Generale 2005ХХ
773 Baker A. Notes for 4H Galois Theory 2003ХХ
16248 Padgett M. Notes for Modern and Nonlinear Optics n/aХХ
1989 Kuttler K. Notes for Partial Differrential Equations 2003ХХ
117123 Butler S. Notes from Trigonometry 2002ХХ
109387 Hatcher A. Notes on 3-manifold Topology n/aХХ
136080 Uno Ingard Notes on Acoustics 2008 ХХХ
139448 Ingard U. Notes on Acoustics 2008ХХ
132840 Higgins P.J. Notes on categories and groupoids 1971ХХ
579 Cameron P.J. Notes on Classical Groups 2000ХХ
199395 Papadimitrakis M. Notes on classical potential theory 2004ХХ

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