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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
39248 Daintith J. (Ed), Gould W. (Ed) Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy 2006 ХХХ
39249 von Oertzen W. Detectors in Heavy-Ion Reactions. Berlin, 1982: Proceedings 1983ХХ
39250 Eliezer Sh., Ghatak A., Hora H. Fundamentals of Equations of State 2002ХХ
39251 Freidberg J.P. Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics n/aХХ
39252 Lander E.S. Symmetric design: an algebraic approach n/aХХ
39253 Zajone A. (Ed), Greenstein G. The New physics and cosmology: Dialogues with the Dalai Lama 2004ХХ
39254 Boyd T.J., Sanderson J.J. Physics of Plasmas 2003ХХ
39255 Sidi M.J. Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: A Practical Engineering Approach 1997ХХ
39256 Leo W.R. Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments: A how-to Approach 1987 ХХХ
39257 Cooper B. The analysis of hospital infection data using hidden Markov models 2004ХХ
39258 Joffe M.M. The compliance score as a regressor in randomized trials 2003ХХ
39259 Atkinson A.C. The distribution of loss in two-treatment biased-coin designs 2003ХХ
39260 Becker G. The effect of transient exposures on the risk of an acute illness with low hazard rate 2004ХХ
39261 Kendziorski C.M. The efficiency of pooling mRNA in microarray experiments 2003ХХ
39262 Abe K., Fukui K. The first homology of the group of equivariant diffeomorphisms and its applications 2008ХХ
39263 Levine M. The homotopy coniveau tower 2008ХХ
39264 Cohen R.L., Klein J.R., Sullivan D. The homotopy invariance of the string topology loop product and string bracket 2008ХХ
39265 Ji L. The integral Novikov conjectures for linear groups containing torsion elements 2008ХХ
39266 Jaw N.J. The joint modeling of a longitudinal disease progression marker and the failure time process in the presence of cure 2002ХХ
39267 Taylor J. The Сmiss rateТ for the analysis of gene expression data 2005ХХ
39268 Janes H. The optimal ratio of cases to controls for estimating the classification accuracy of a biomarker 2006ХХ
39269 Scharfstein D.O. The optimal ratio of cases to controls for estimating the classification accuracy of a biomarker 2001ХХ
39270 Liang H. The relationship between virologic and immunologic responses in AIDS clinical research using mixed-effects varying-coefficient models with measurement error 2004ХХ
39271 Cai H. The sensitivity and specificity of markers for event times 2006ХХ
39272 Bucher-Karlsson M. The simplicial volume of closed manifolds covered by H2 × H2 2008ХХ
39273 Hobolth A. The spherical deformation model 2003ХХ
39274 Brookmeyer R. The spherical deformation model 2001ХХ
39275 Kalai C., Meshulam R. Leray numbers of projections and a topological Helly-type theorem 2008ХХ
39276 Davidov O. The theory of case-control studies for early detection programs 2003ХХ
39277 Hesselholt L. The tower of K-theory of truncated polynomial algebras 2008ХХ
39278 Buyse M. The validation of surrogate endpoints in meta-analyses of randomized experiments 2000ХХ
39279 Bergstrom J., van der Geer G. The Euler characteristic of local systems on the moduli of curves and abelian varieties of genus three 2008ХХ
39280 Khriplovich I.B. Theoretical Kaleidoscope 2007ХХ
39281 Thompson N. (Ed) Thinking Like a Physicist: Physics Problems for Undergraduates 1987 ХХХ
39282 Biron M. (Ed) Thermosets and Composites: Technical Information for Plastics Users 2003ХХ
39283 Thomas J.H., Weiss N.O. Sunspots and Starspots 2008ХХ
39284 Gravitation Geometry and Relativistic Physics 1985ХХ
39285 Ting L., Klein R. Viscous Vortical Flows (Lecture Notes in Physics) 1991ХХ
39286 Leng X. Time ordering of gene coexpression 2006ХХ
39287 Trampetic J., Wess J. Particle Physics in the New Millennium: Proceedings of the 8th Adriatic Meeting 2003ХХ
39288 Thmpson W.K. Transformations of covariates for longitudinal data 2003ХХ
39289 Su X. Tree-augmented Cox proportional hazards models 2005ХХ
39290 Perola G.C. (Ed), Stella L. (Ed) Iron Line Diagnostics in X-ray Sources 1991ХХ
39291 Tsytovich V.N. (Ed), Morfill G.E. (Ed) Elementary Physics of Complex Plasmas 2008 ХХХ
39292 Freed D.S., Hopkins M.J., Teleman C. Twisted equivariant K-theory with complex coefficients 2008ХХ
39293 Gazis D.C., Azis A.C., Hillier F.S. (Ed) Traffic Theory (International Series in Operations Research and Management Science), Vol. 50 2002ХХ
39294 Ueta M., Nishina Y. Physics of highly excited states in solids: Proceedings of the 1975 Oji Seminar at Tomakomai 1976ХХ
39295 Agresti A. Unconditional small-sample confidence intervals for the odds ratio 2002ХХ
39296 Nicholas J., White D.R. Traceable Temperatures: An Introduction to Temperature Measurement and Calibration 2002 ХХХ
39297 Ўестаков —.Ћ. ”равнение x^2*y^2=y в частично-коммутативных группах 2006ХХ

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