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Matthewson G. — Constructing an Astronomical Telescope
Matthewson G. — Constructing an Astronomical Telescope

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Название: Constructing an Astronomical Telescope

Автор: Matthewson G.


This short work is written primarily for the benefit of those interested in astronomy who wish to possess an instrument capable of extending their exploration of the universe without involving a large capital outlay.
A secondary object is to introduce to those seeking a hobby demanding patience and extreme accuracy, the fascinating art of telescope-mirror making. By accuracy I do not mean the " tenth thou." of the mechanical engineer; for a mirror to be of service it must be worked to an accuracy of something like ten millionths of an inch. Impossible for an amateur? Not a bit. I have made several mirrors ranging from 6 in. to 12 in. in diameter, and being an accountant by profession I cannot lay claim to possessing any special mechanical skill.
If you are interested, digest the following pages and then go to it. The production of your first mirror will be its own reward.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 2-nd edition

Год издания: 1955

Количество страниц: 100

Добавлена в каталог: 20.11.2008

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Предметный указатель
Bearings      77 95 97
Beeswax      27
Bevelling      16 24
Brashear's process      52
Carborundum, action of      26
Carborundum, grades of      12
cleaning      23
Cleaning, the mirror      52
Declination axis      63
defects      40
Dewing      75
Diagonal container      77
Diagonal, making      60
Diagonal, mounting      75
Distortion      19
Dome, constructing      88
drives      80
Edging      13
Edging, time required for      16
Emery      25
Equatorial mounting      63
eyepieces      60
Finders      79
Flat, making      60
Flat, size of      57
Flat, testing      59
Focal length      18 34
Foucault test      31
Glass discs, edging      13
Glass discs, seizing of      24
Glass discs, size of      12
Grades of carborundum      12
Grating      35
Gregorian reflector      5
Grinding, action of      8 21
Grinding, stand      11
Grinding, time of      23
Hill, to remove      40
Hollow, to remove      41
Housing      85
Huyghenian eyepiece      60
Knife edge      31
Magnification      61
materials      12
Mirror, cell      71 95
Mirror, cleaning      52
Mirror, function of      6
Mounting, construction of      91
Mounting, equatorial      63
Mounting, split ring      68
Mounting, Springfield      70
Mounting, types of      66
Observatory      86
Observatory, size of      87
parabola      6
Parabola, accuracy of      48
Pipe fittings      77
Pitch, hardness of      27
Pitch, heating      13
Pitch, lap, contact      29
Pitch, lap, for parabolizing      45
Pitch, lap, for polishing      27
Pitch, properties of      12 46
Polar axis      63 92
Prism, size of      56
Radius of curvature      21 34
Ramsden eyepiece      60
Records      39
Reducing solution      52
Reflector, Cassegrainian      2
Reflector, Gregorian      2
Reflector, Newtonian      1
Refractor      1
Rings      44
Ronchi test      35
Rouge      26
Seizing of disks      24
setting circles      78
Side stroke      46
Silver, cleaning      54
Silver, thickness of      55
Silvering      51
Silvering, precautions      55
Strokes, length of      20 24
Strokes, speed of      50
template      21
Testing      47
Thermal effects      34 46
Time required for edging      16
Time required for grinding      23
Tool      8
Tube, material for      74
Turned down edge      42
Turned up edge      44
Turpentine      12
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