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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
119658 Wiesenfeld K., Tang C., Bak P. A Physicist's Sandbox 1989ХХ
119659 Fontaine J.-R., Gruber Ch., Sbai A. Exact Decay of Correlations for Mixtures and Rotators 1985ХХ
119660 Giarritta S.P., Giaquinta P.V. Statistical Geometry of Four Calottes on a Sphere 1994ХХ
119661 Carneiro C.E.I., de Oliveira M.J., Wreszinski W.F. Ground-State Energy of a Quantum Chain with Competing Interactions 1995ХХ
119662 Shenker S.J., Kadanoff L.P. Critical Behavior of a KAM Surface: I. Empirical Results 1982ХХ
119663 Pollett P.K. On the Problem of Evaluating Quasistationary Distributions for Open Reaction Schemes 1988ХХ
119664 Albano E.V. Damage Spreading in a Single-Component Irreversible Reaction Process: Dependence of the System's Immunity on the Euclidean Dimension 1995ХХ
119665 Robert R., Rosier C. The Modeling of Small Scales in Two-Dimensional Turbulent Flows: A Statistical Mechanics Approach 1997ХХ
119666 Clement E., Kopelman R., Sander L.M. The Diffusion-Limited Reaction A + B -> 0 on a Fractal Substrate 1991ХХ
119667 Clisby N., McCoy B.M. Analytic Calculation of B4 for Hard Spheres in Even Dimensions 2004ХХ
119668 Strogatz S.H. Book Review: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 1995ХХ
119669 Chavez A.E., de Haro M.L., Manero O. Hydrodynamic Interactions of Dilute Polymer Solutions in Elongational Flow 1991ХХ
119670 Field M.J. Book Review: A Practical Introduction to the Simulation of Molecular Systems 2000ХХ
119671 Bardos C., Golse F., Levermore D. Fluid Dynamic Limits of Kinetic Equations. I. Formal Derivations 1991ХХ
119672 Percus J.K. Collective Modes in Ising Lattices 1989ХХ
119673 Advanced Research Workshop on Lattice Gas Automata Theory, Implementation, and Simulation 1992ХХ
119674 Zhang M.Q. The Nonuniform Hard-Rod Fluid Revisited 1991ХХ
119675 Dekking F.M., Meester R.W.J. On the Structure of Mandelbrot's Percolation Process and Other Random Cantor Sets 1990ХХ
119676 Schmidt K.E., Lee M.A. Erratum: Implementing the Fast Multipole Method in Three Dimensions 1997ХХ
119677 Sehonmann R.H., Tanaka N.I. Errata: One-Dimensional Caricature of Phase Transition Roberto H. Sehonmann and Nelson I. Tanaka 1991ХХ
119678 Dhara A.K., Mukhopadhyay T. Coherent Stochastic Resonance in One Dimensional Diffusion with One Reflecting and One Absorbing Boundaries 2002ХХ
119679 Papanicolaou G. Book Review: Random Media 1989ХХ
119680 Coulomb S., Bauer M. On Certain Perturbations of the ErdösЦRenyi Random Graph 2004ХХ
119681 Forrester P.J. Vicious Random Walkers in the Limit of a Large Number of Walkers 1989ХХ
119682 Koma T., Mizukoshi N. Finite-Size Scaling for Correlations of Quantum Spin Chains at Criticality 1996ХХ
119683 Ny L.A., Redig F. Short Time Conservation of Gibbsianness Under Local Stochastic Evolutions 2002ХХ
119684 Briet P., Cornean H.D., Zagrebnov V.A. Do Bosons Condense in a Homogeneous Magnetic Field? 2004ХХ
119685 Jayaprakash C., Hayot F. An Equation for the Dissipation Rate Correlation and Its Implications for the Intermittency Exponent m in Turbulence 2003ХХ
119686 Baxter R.J. Chirai Ports Model with Skewed Boundary Conditions 1993ХХ
119687 Chernov N.I. Statistical Properties of the Periodic Lorentz Gas. Multidimensional Case 1994ХХ
119688 Gwa L.-H., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Hydrodynamic Eigenmodes of Couette Flow 1992ХХ
119689 Gallavotti G. Ergodicity, Ensembles, Irreversibility in Boltzmann and Beyond 1995ХХ
119690 Gidas B. Nonstationary Markov Chains and Convergence of the Annealing Algorithm 1985ХХ
119691 Greven A., den Hollander F. Population Growth in Random Media. II. Wavefront Propagation 1991ХХ
119692 Schramm P., Grabert H. Low-Temperature and Long-Time Anomalies of a Damped Quantum Particle 1987ХХ
119693 Maudlin T. Book Review: Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity 1996ХХ
119694 Ѕарзилович ≈.ё.,  аштанов ¬.ј. ќрганизаци€ обслуживани€ при ограниченной информации о надежности системы 1975ХХ
119695 ћельчаков ј.ѕ., Ќикольский ».—. —борник задач по строительной механике 2004ХХ
119696 –адзевич —.ѕ. ‘ормообразование поверхностей деталей. ќсновы теории 2001ХХ
119697 Ќиколаенко ћ.Ќ. Ќастольна€ книга радиолюбител€ конструктора 2004ХХ
119698 Samaj L., Percus J.K. A Functional Relation Among the Pair Correlations of the Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma 1995ХХ
119699 Arora D., Bhatia D.P., Prasad M.A. Survival Probability in One Dimension for the A+B->B Reaction with Hard-Core Repulsion 1996ХХ
119700 Weiss G.H., Havlin S. Some Properties of a Fractal-Time Continuous-Time Random Walk in the Presence of Traps 1991ХХ
119701 Benzi R., Biferale L., Sbragaglia M. A Gibbs-Like Measure for Single-Time, Multi-Scale Energy Transfer in Stochastic Signals and Shell Model of Turbulence 2004ХХ
119702 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1988ХХ
119703 Chernov N. Decay of Correlations and Dispersing Billiards 1999ХХ
119704 Madras N. A Rigorous Bound on the Critical Exponent for the Number of Lattice Trees, Animals, and Polygons 1995ХХ
119705 Landau D.P., Binder K. Book Review: A Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics 2001ХХ
119706 Klafter J., Jortner J., Blumen A. Book Review: Dynamical Processes in Condensed Molecular Systems 1990ХХ
119707 Redner S., Leyvraz F. Spatial Organization in Two-Species Annihilation 1991ХХ

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