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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
110724 Pinchover Y., Rubinstein J. An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations 2005ХХ
55488 Pinchover Y., Rubinstein J. Extended Solutions for Instructors for the Book An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations n/aХХ
9836 Pinchuk G. Schaum's outline of immunology 2002ХХ
17559 Pinchuk G.V. SchaumТs Outline of Theory & Problems of Immunology 2004ХХ
142216 Pinchuk L., Nikolaev V., Tsvetkova E. Tribology & Biophysics of Artificial Joints, Volume 50 (Tribology and Interface Engineering) 2006ХХ
193092 Pincus D., Ehrenreich J., Mattis S. Mastery of Anxiety and Panic for Adolescents Riding the Wave, Therapist Guide 2008ХХ
133212 Pincus M. Boost Your Presentation IQ: Proven Techniques for Winning Presentations and Speeches 2005ХХ
83854 Pinder D. (ed.), Slack B. Shipping and ports in the twenty-first century. Globalisation, technological change and the environment 2004ХХ
176298 Pinder G. Groundwater Modeling Using Geographical Information Systems 2002ХХ
40082 Pinder G.F., Celia M.A. Subsurface Hydrology 2006 ХХХ
4470 Pindyck R.S., Rubinfeld D.L. Microeconomics n/a ХХХ
64442 Pindyck R.S., Rubinfeld D.L. Microeconomia 1995 ХХХ
142814 Pine C. Learn to Program (Pragmatic Programmers) 2005ХХ
162064 Pine C. Learn to Program, Second Edition (The Facets of Ruby Series) 2006 ХХХ
27607 Pine Ch. Pine to Program 2006ХХ
204840 Pineda B.L. Shipwrecked Identities: Navigating Race on NicaraguaТs Mosquito Coast 2006ХХ
64753 Pinedo M.L. Scheduling. Theory, Algorithms, and Systems 2008 ХХХ
177340 Pinell P. The Birth of a Scourge: The Anti-Cancer War in France 1890-1940 (Studies in the History of Science, Technology Andmedicine) 2002ХХ
125888 Pines D, Nozieres P. The Theory of Quantum Liquids. Volume 1. Normal Fermi Liquids 1966ХХ
49100 Pines D. Elementary Excitations In Solids: Lectures on Protons, Electrons, and Plasmons 1999ХХ
30078 Pingoud A.M. Restriction Endonucleases 2004ХХ
147629 Pingree D.E. Jyotihsastra: Astral and mathematical literature 1981ХХ
78827 Pinhasi R., Mays S. Advances in Human Palaeopathology 2008ХХ
169039 Pinho L., Harbour M. Reliable Software Technologies -- Ada-Europe 2006: 11th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, Porto, Portugal, June 2006ХХ
121638 Pini D., Parola A., Reatto L. Hierarchical Reference Theory of Fluids: Application to Three-Dimensional Ising Model 1993ХХ
123837 Pini D., Parola A. Fluctuations-Inclusive Approach to Phase Transitions in Binary Mixtures 2000ХХ
139719 Pink D. A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age 2006ХХ
76436 Pink T. Free will: a very short introduction 2004ХХ
80192 Pinkard T. German Philosophy 1760-1860: The Legacy of Idealism 2002ХХ
74786 Pinker S. Words and rules: the ingredients of language 1999ХХ
74325 Pinker S. The stuff of thought: language as a window into human nature 2007ХХ
53667 Pinker S. The Blank Slate 2002ХХ
54757 Pinker S. How the Mind Works 1997ХХ
50948 Pinkert J.R. An Exact Method for Finding the Roots of a Complex Polynomial 1976ХХ
172010 Pinkus A. On L1-Approximation 1989ХХ
124344 Pinn K., Rehwald M. On the Stability of the O(N)-Invariant and the Cubic-Invariant Three-Dimensional N-Component Renormalization-Group Fixed Points in the Hierarchical Approximation 1999ХХ
123303 Pinn K., Pordt A., Wieczerkowski C. Computation of Hierarchical Renormalization-Group Fixed Points and Their e-Expansions 1994ХХ
83863 Pinnau I ., Freeman B., Yampolskii Y. Materials Science of Membranes for Gas and Vapor Separation 2006ХХ
60233 Pinnavaia T.J., Sayari A., Jaroniec M. Nanoporous Materials II 2000ХХ
136282 Pinney C., Thomas N. Beyond Aesthetics: Art and the Technologies of Enchantment 2001ХХ
157191 Pinney C., Thomas N. Beyond Aesthetics: Art and the Technologies of Enchantment 2001ХХ
54570 Pinnington A.H., Macklin R., Campbell T. Human Resource Management: Ethicsand Employment 2007 ХХХ
179213 Pino G., Rebolledo R. Lectures in Probability and Statistics 1986ХХ
164960 Pinsky M., Birnir B. Probability, geometry and integrable systems 2008ХХ
33448 Pinsky M.A. Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Wavelets 2002ХХ
37253 Pinsky M.A. (Ed) Probabilistic Methods In Differential Equations 1975ХХ
82299 Pinsky M.R., Brochard L., Mancebo J. Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine 2006ХХ
152424 Pinsky R. Positive Harmonic Functions and Diffusion 1995ХХ
141703 Pinsky R. Positive Harmonic Functions and Diffusion 1995ХХ
122018 Pinson H.T. Critical Percolation on the Torus 1994ХХ

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