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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
24586 Perros H.G. Connection-oriented Networks : SONET/SDH, ATM, MPLS and Optical Networks 2005ХХ
176167 Perrott R. High Performance Computing and Communications: Third International Conference, HPCC 2007, Houston, USA, September 26-28, 2007, Proceedings 2007ХХ
173805 Perrotta P. Metaprogramming Ruby (Facets of Ruby) 2010ХХ
178480 Perrotta P. Metaprogramming Ruby 2010ХХ
137251 Perrotta P. Metaprogramming Ruby 2010ХХ
55339 Perrow C. Organizing America: Wealth, Power, and the Origins of Corporate Capitalism 2002ХХ
83878 Perruquetti W., Barbot J.P. Sliding mode control in engineering 2002 ХХХ
83807 Perruquetti W., Barbot J.-P. Chaos in automatic control 2005 ХХХ
83627 Perry A.H.(ed.), Symons L.J. (ed.) Highway Meteorology 2003ХХ
54971 Perry B. The 25% Cash Machine: Double Digit Income Investing 2007 ХХХ
139914 Perry B. CIMA Revision Cards Organisational Management and Information Systems 2006ХХ
153144 Perry B. CIMA Learning System 2007 Organisational Management and Information Systems 2006ХХ
14029 Perry B.W. Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook 2004ХХ
16251 Perry B.W. Ajax Hacks 2006ХХ
24549 Perry B.W. AppleScript in a nutshell 2001ХХ
29526 Perry B.W. Google Web Toolkit for Ajax 2006ХХ
77105 Perry C. Literature and Favoritism in Early Modern England 2006ХХ
128793 Perry D. VHDL Programming by Example 2002ХХ
177899 Perry D. Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional 2004ХХ
173343 Perry D. Career Guide for the High-Tech Professional 2008ХХ
16807 Perry D.J., Pasi K.J. Hemostasis and Thrombosis Protocols 1999ХХ
38971 Perry D.L., Foster H. Formal Verification: For Digital Circuit Design 2005ХХ
192829 Perry E., Ashton H., Young A. Neurochemistry of Consciousness: Neurotransmitters in Mind 2002ХХ
64544 Perry E.G., Arias O.S., Lopez J. H. Poverty Reduction and Growth: Virtuous and Vicious Circles 2006ХХ
19551 Perry G. Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2003 in 24 Hours 2003ХХ
19556 Perry G., Freeze J.T., Grimes G.A. Sams Teach Yourself Windows XP Computer Basics All in One 2003ХХ
24311 Perry G. Show Me! QuickBooks 2006 2005ХХ
24437 Perry G. Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap 2004ХХ
24572 Perry G. C by Example 1999ХХ
26603 Perry G. Show Me QuickBooks 2004 2004ХХ
26887 Perry G. Teach Yourself Microsoft Office 2007 All in One 2006ХХ
27730 Perry G. Windows XP: All In One ( Sams Teach Yourself Series) 2004 ХХХ
28546 Perry G., Spencer I. Visual C++ in 12 easy lessons 1995ХХ
22957 Perry G., Brown K. Sams Teach Yourself OpenOffice.org All In One 2003ХХ
23058 Perry G., Cozzola M.T., Fulton J. OpenOffice.org 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One 2005ХХ
140823 Perry G., Krantz M. Mint.com For Dummies 2011ХХ
79001 Perry G. Excel 2007 Macros Made Easy 2008 ХХХ
14384 Perry G.A. Quicken All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies: All-in-one Desk Reference 2006ХХ
27726 Perry G.M. Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 Days 1998 ХХХ
27470 Perry G.M. Sams Teach Yourself Office Productivity All in One 2003ХХ
75606 Perry H.T., Forbes D.P. Understanding Orthodontics 1997ХХ
26466 Perry J., Staley J.T. Microbial Life 2002ХХ
34086 Perry J. The Calculus for Engineers 1897 ХХХ
17933 Perry J. Java Management Extensions 2001ХХ
168533 Perry J., Sherrod A. Essential XNA Game Studio 2.0 Programming 2008ХХ
30659 Perry J.S. Java Management Extensions 2002ХХ
80421 Perry M., Schweitzer F.M. Antisemitism. Myth and hate from antiquity to the present 2002ХХ
19722 Perry R. Marketing Unwrapped 2001ХХ
211379 Perry R. C++ by Example (By Example S.) 1992ХХ
196975 Perry R.D. The Genus Yersinia: From Genomics to Function (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) 2007ХХ

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