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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
127856 Piquette J.C. Journal of Symbolic Computation. A Method for Symbolic Evaluation of Indefinite Integrals Containing Special Functions or their Products. Volume 1 (є3 1991) 1991ХХ
135274 Piran T. Physics in higher dimensions. Volume 2 1987ХХ
56099 Pirani F., Russel B. The ABC of Relativity 1969 ХХХ
112510 Pirastu R. On Combinatorial Identities: Symbolic Summation and Umbral Calculus 1996ХХ
179990 Pires J. Industrial Robots Programming: Building Applications for the Factories of the Future 2007ХХ
165200 Pires J. Industrial Robots Programming 2007ХХ
83995 Pires J.N. Industrial robots programming: building applications for the factories of the future 2007ХХ
29824 Pires J.N., Loureiro A., Bolmsjo G. Welding Robots: Technology, System Issues and Application 2005 ХХХ
28017 Pirhonen A., Hannakaisa I., Roast Ch.R. (Ed) Future Interaction Design 2004ХХ
48070 Piringer O.-G. (ed.), Baner A.L. (Ed) Plastic Packaging Materials for Food: Barrier Function, Mass Transport, Quality Assurance, and Legislation 2000 ХХХ
74631 Piringer O.G., Baner A.L. Plastic Packaging: Interactions with Food and Pharmaceuticals 2008 ХХХ
48071 Piringer O.G. (Ed), Baner A.L. (Ed) Plastic Packaging: Interactions with Food and Pharmaceuticals 2008 ХХХ
178648 Pirker C. Statistical Noise or Valuable Information - The Role of Extreme Cases in Marketing Research 2009ХХ
124511 Pirmin Lemberger Large-Field Versus Small-Field Expansions and Sobolev Inequalities 1994ХХ
27771 Pirogov V., Laing J. (Ed) The Assembly Programming Master Book 2004ХХ
23879 Pirogov V. Disassembling Code: IDA Pro and SoftICE 2006ХХ
62307 Pirolli P. Information Foraging Theory: Adaptive Interaction with Information 2007ХХ
150519 Piron C. Foundations Of Quantum Physics 1976ХХ
23523 Pironneau O. Optimal Shape Design for Elliptic Systems 1983ХХ
180219 Pirotte A., Delobel C., Gottlob G. Advances in Database Technology - EDBT '92: 3rd International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Vienna, Austria, March 23-27, 1992. Proceedings 1992ХХ
28579 Piroumian V. Wireless J2MEЩ Platform Programming 2002ХХ
30127 Pirrung M.C. Synthetic Organic Chemists Companion 2007ХХ
14158 Pirscher A. Ein Materialgesetz für gefüllte Elastomere unter mehrachsiger dynamischer Beanspruchung 1999ХХ
125552 Pisani C., Thompson C.J. Generalized Classical Theory of Magnetism 1987ХХ
49218 Pisano D.J., Mantus D.S. FDA Regulatory Affairs: A Guide for Prescription Drugs, Medical Devices, and Biologics 2008 ХХХ
49220 Pisano D.J., Mantus D.S. FDA Regulatory Affairs: A Guide for Prescription Drugs, Medical Devices, and Biologics 2004ХХ
172882 Pisarenko V., Rodkin M. Heavy-Tailed Distributions in Disaster Analysis (Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research) 2010ХХ
82913 Piscitelli S.C. (ed.), Rodvold K. (ed.) Drug interactions in infectious diseases 2005 ХХХ
57459 Piscopo M. Graphic Designer's and Illustrator's Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion 2004ХХ
42121 Pisier G. The Kadison Similarity Problem n/aХХ
46118 Pisier G. Von Neumanns inequality and Andos generalization n/aХХ
8496 Pisier G. Similarity Problems and Completely Bounded Maps 2001 ХХХ
197686 Pisier G. Similarity Problems and Completely Bounded Maps 2001ХХ
137853 Pisier G. The Volume of Convex Bodies and Banach Space Geometry 1999ХХ
187658 Pisignano D. Polymer nanofibers : building blocks for nanotechnology 2013ХХ
134628 Pisin Chen, Kevin Reil Quantum Aspects Of Beam Physics 2003: The Joint 28th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics And Advanced & Novel Accelerators , Workshop, Hiroshima, Japan 7 ?ї 11 January 2003 2004ХХ
24652 Piskurich G. Getting the Most from Online Learning: A Learner's Guide 2003ХХ
24426 Piskurich G.M. (ed.) The AMA Handbook of E-Learning: Effective Design, Implementation, and Technology Solutions 2003ХХ
135635 Pissanetzky S. Sparse matrix technology 1984ХХ
181914 Pissanetzky S. Sparse Matrix Technology 1984ХХ
11593 Pisters P., Staat W. (eds.) Shooting the Family: Transnational Media and Intercultural Values 2005ХХ
186799 Pistikopoulos E., Georgiadis M., Dua V. Multi-Parametric Programming: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications, Volume 1 2007ХХ
38223 Pistoia A., Serra E. Multi-peak solutions for the Henon equation with slightly subcritical growth n/aХХ
59553 Pistoia G., Wiaux J.-P., Wolsky S.P. Used Battery Collection and Recycling (Industrial Chemisrty Library, Volume 10) 2001ХХ
176726 Pistoia G., Wiaux J., Wolsky S. Used Battery Collection and Recycling, Volume 10 (Industrial Chemistry Library) 2001ХХ
111457 Pistoia G. Battery Operated Devices and Systems From Portable Electronics to Industrial Products n/aХХ
17904 Pistoia M., Reller D.F., Gupta D. Java 2 Network Security 1999 ХХХ
24439 Pistoia M., Nagaratnam N., Koved L. Enterprise Java Security: Building Secure J2EE Applications 2004ХХ
140621 Pistolese C. Technical Analysis for the Rest of Us: What Every Investor Needs to Know to Increase Income, Minimize Risk, and Archieve Capital Gains 2006ХХ
179380 Pitaevskii L., Stringari S. Bose-Einstein Condensation 2003ХХ

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