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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
32022 Pauli W. Meson Theory of Nuclear Forces 1948 ХХХ
32461 Pauli W., Sommerfeld A. Theory of Relativity 1981ХХ
32489 Pauli W. Niels Bohr and the development of physics 1955ХХ
131115 Pauli W. Lectures on Physics: Thermodynamics and the Kinetic Theory of Gases 1973ХХ
113714 Pauli W. Physical Chemistry in the Service of Medicine: Seven Addresses 1907ХХ
179143 Pauli W., Enz C. Pauli lectures on physics - Thermodynamics and the kinetic theory of gases 1973ХХ
180436 Pauling L., Wilson E. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry 1935ХХ
189411 Pauling L., Wilson E. Introduction to quantum mechanics: with applications to chemistry 1985ХХ
139434 Pauling L. College Chemistry : An Introductory Textbook of General Chemistry 1950ХХ
50419 Pauling L. The Nature of the Chemical Bond and the Structure of Molecules and Crystals: An Introduction to Modern Structural Chemistry 1960 ХХХ
41239 Pauling L. A New Crystal for Wave-Length Measurements of Soft X-Rays 1925ХХ
41570 Pauling L. The Quantum Theory of the Dielectric Constant of Hydrogen Chloride and Similar Gases 1925ХХ
49589 Pauling L., Goudsmit S. The Structure of Line Spectra 1930ХХ
42080 Pauling L. The Crystal Structure of Topaz 1928ХХ
42541 Pauling L. On the crystal structure of the chlorides of certain bivalent elements 1929ХХ
42720 Pauling L. The Structure of Some Sodium and Calcium Aluminosilicates 1930ХХ
42721 Pauling L. The structure of the chlorites 1930ХХ
42766 Pauling L. The Structure of the Micas and Related Minerals 1930ХХ
43634 Pauling L. Interatomic Distances in Covalent Molecules and Resonance between Two or More Lewis Electronic Structures 1932ХХ
44590 Pauling L. The Electronic Structure of the Normal Nitrous Oxide Molecule 1932ХХ
44652 Pauling L., Yost D.M. The Additivity of the Energies of Normal Covalent Bonds 1932ХХ
130590 Pauling L., Kamb B. Linus Pauling: Selected Scientific Papers 2002ХХ
131707 Paulisch F. The Design of an Extendible Graph Editor 1993ХХ
175518 Paulisch F. The Design of an Extendible Graph Editor (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 704) 1993ХХ
211603 Paulo Freire Por uma pedagogia da pergunta 2014 ХХХ
211882 Paulo Freire, Antonio Faundez Por uma pedagogia da pergunta 2013ХХ
199666 Paulo Ribenboin The New Book of Prime Number Records 1996ХХ
211534 Paulo Thiago de Mello Milton Nascimento e Lô Borges: Clube da Esquina 2020ХХ
211703 Paulo Thiago de Mello MILTON NASCIMENTO E LÔ BORGES 1998ХХ
162580 Paulos J. Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences (Vintage) 1990ХХ
152484 Paulos J. Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up 2008ХХ
171477 Paulos J.A. Mathematics and Humor: A Study of the Logic of Humor 1982ХХ
127733 Paulos J.A. Irreligion: a mathematician explains why the arguments for God just don't add up 2009ХХ
3012 Paulos J.A. A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market 2003ХХ
15528 Paulsen K., Meaney P.M. Alternative Breast Imaging Four Model-Based Approaches 2005ХХ
61182 Paulsen M.B., Smart J.C. The Finance of Higher Education: Theory, Research, Policy, and Practice 2001ХХ
139872 Paulsen V. Completely Bounded Maps and Operator Algebras 2002ХХ
51612 Paulsen V.I., Singh D. A Simple Proof of Bohr's Inequality 2004ХХ
178721 Paulson L., Nipkow T. Isabelle: A Generic Theorem Prover 1994ХХ
182811 Paulson L., Fontaine P., Ringeissen C. Frontiers of Combining Systems: 9th International Symposium, FroCoS 2013, Nancy, France, September 18-20, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
181382 Paulson L. Logic and Computation: Interactive Proof with Cambridge LCF (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science) 1990ХХ
131955 Paulson L.C. Foundations of functional programming 1995ХХ
13308 Paulson T. TOEFL Secrets 2002ХХ
210851 Paulus Gerdes Geometría y Cestería de los Bora en la Amazonía Peruana 2007ХХ
20227 Paulus S. Kryptographie II 1998ХХ
156287 Pauly P. Controlling Life: Jacques Loeb & the Engineering Ideal in Biology (Monographs on the History and Philosophy of Biology) 1987ХХ
145678 Pauly P. Controlling Life: Jacques Loeb & the Engineering Ideal in Biology (Monographs on the History and Philosophy of Biology) 1987ХХ
196541 Paun Grammar Systes - A Grammatical Approach to Distribution and Cooperation (Topics in Computer Mathematics) 1994ХХ
141015 Paun G., Perez-Jimenez M., Riscos-Nunez A. Membrane Computing: 10th International Workshop, WMC 2009, Curtea de Arges, Romania, August 24-27, 2009. Revised Selected and Invited Papers (Lecture ... Computer Science and General Issues) 2010ХХ

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