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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
172145 Liu W. Elementary Feedback Stabilization of the Linear Reaction-Convection-Diffusion Equation and the Wave Equation (Matha (c)Matiques Et Applications) 2010ХХ
131541 Liu W., Li Q. Advances in Web Based Learning -- ICWL 2006: 5th International Conference, Penang, Malaysia, July 19-21, 2006, Revised Papers 2006ХХ
79831 Liu W. (ed.), Shi Y. (ed.), Li Q. (ed.) Advances in web-based learning - ICWL 2004. Lecture notes in computer science 3143 2005ХХ
49985 Liu X., Chu P.K., Ding C. Surface modification of titanium, titanium alloys, and related materials for biomedical applications 2004ХХ
144998 Liu X., Cohen P., Berthold M. Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis. Reasoning about Data: Second International Symposium, IDA-97, London, UK, August 4-6, 1997, Proceedings 1997ХХ
179211 Liu X. Nanoscale Structure and Assembly at Solid-Fluid Interfaces. Assembly in Hybrid and Biological Systems 2004ХХ
180495 Liu X. Xenopus Protocols. Cell Biology and Signal Transduction 2006ХХ
157544 Liu X. Xenopus Protocols: Cell Biology and Signal Transduction 2006ХХ
153259 Liu X., Yoreo J. Nanoscale Structure and Assembly at Solid-Fluid Interfaces: Volume I: Interfacial Structures versus Dynamics, Volume II: Assembly in Hybrid and Biological ... (Nanostructure Science and Technology) 2004ХХ
41459 Liu X., Yue R. P-optimal robust designs for multiresponse approximately linear regression 2008ХХ
42366 Liu X., Liang N. 3-D Fracture propagation simulation and production prediction in coalbed (2) 2002ХХ
39728 Liu X., Wall M.M., Hodges J.S. Generalized spatial structural equation models 2005ХХ
26040 Liu Y. Introduction to Finite Element Method - I & II 1998ХХ
78664 Liu Y. Introduction to combinatorial maps 2000ХХ
117385 Liu Y. Power Electronic Packaging: Design, Assembly Process, Reliability and Modeling 2012ХХ
148861 Liu Y. Modelling Urban Development with Geographical Information Systems and Cellular Automata 2009ХХ
147756 Liu Y., Yang Z. Location, Localization, and Localizability: Location-awareness Technology for Wireless Networks 2010ХХ
182978 Liu Y., Muppala J., Veeraraghavan M. Data Center Networks: Topologies, Architectures and Fault-Tolerance Characteristics 2013ХХ
143875 Liu Y., Yang H. High-speed Optical Tranceivers: Integrated Circuit Design And Optical Device Techniques (Selected Topics in Electronics and Sstems) (Selected Topics in Electronics and Sstems) 2006ХХ
155746 Liu Y., Tanaka K., Iwata M. Evolvable Systems: From Biology to Hardware: 4th International Conference, ICES 2001 Tokyo, Japan, October 3-5, 2001 Proceedings 2001ХХ
51071 Liu Y.M. A Characterization for Windowed Fourier Orthonormal Basis with Compact Support 2001ХХ
77297 Liu Z., Liu L. Essentials Of Chinese Medicine. Volume 2 2009ХХ
157127 Liu Z., Jifeng H. Mathematical Frameworks for Component Software: Models for Analysis and Synthesis (Series on Component-Based Software Development) (Series on Component-Based Software Development) 2007ХХ
147160 Liu Z., He J. Formal Methods and Software Engineering: 8th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods, ICFEM 2006, Macao, China, November 1-3, 2006 2006ХХ
170141 Liu Z. Aquaculture Genome Technologies 2007ХХ
77872 Liulevicious G.V. War land on eastern front 2000ХХ
123363 Liverani C., Turchetti G. Improved KAM Estimates for the Siegel Radius 1986ХХ
125548 Liverani C. Decay of Correlations for Piecewise Expanding Maps 1995ХХ
147266 Liveri V.T. Controlled Synthesis of Nanoparticles in Microheterogeneous Systems 2006ХХ
5922 Livesey H.B. Frommer's Montreal and Quebec City 2004 2003ХХ
145210 Livi R., Vulpiani A. Lecture Notes in Physics. The Kolmogorov legacy in physics 2003ХХ
124747 Livi R., Politi A. Liapunov Exponents in High-Dimensional Symplectic Dynamics 1987ХХ
125185 Livi R., Politi A., Ruffo S. Repeller Structure in a Hierarchical Model. I. Topological Properties 1991ХХ
124025 Livi R., Maritan A., Ruffo S. The Spectrum of a One-Dimensional Hierarchical Model 1988ХХ
121448 Livi R., Pettini M., Ruffa S. Chaotic Behavior in Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems and Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics 1987ХХ
124311 Livi R. Ergodic Properties of Microcanonical Observables 1998ХХ
119360 Livi R., Politi A., Ruffo S. Repeller Structure in a Hierarchical Model. II. Metric Properties 1991ХХ
60260 Livine M.J. Pesticides: A toxic time bomb in our midst 2007ХХ
21925 Livingston B., Thurrott P. Windows Vista Secrets 2007ХХ
166656 Livingston C. Knot Theory 1993ХХ
147113 Livingston C. Knot theory 1996ХХ
23555 Livingston D. ActionScript 2.0 Garage 2005ХХ
44693 Livingston H.D. Marine Radioactivity 2004ХХ
28987 Livingston J. Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days 2007ХХ
186821 Livingstone D., Davis A. Drug Design Strategies Computational Techniques and Applications 2012ХХ
60891 Livingstone D. Data Analysis for Chemists: Applications to QSAR and Chemical Product Design 1995ХХ
144719 Livio M. The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved: How Mathematical Genius Discovered the Language of Symmetry 2005ХХ
181264 Livio M. Is God a Mathematician? 2010ХХ
149101 Livio M. The equation that couldn't be solved: How mathematical genius discovered the language of symmetry 2006ХХ
39659 Livio M., Sparks M., Fall M. Astrophysics of Life 2004ХХ

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