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Bulger B., Greenspan J., Wall D. Ч MySQL/PHP Database Applications
Bulger B., Greenspan J., Wall D. Ч MySQL/PHP Database Applications

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Ќазвание: MySQL/PHP Database Applications

јвторы: Bulger B., Greenspan J., Wall D.


This guide explains how to write web-based applications with PHP and MySQL and get data-driven web sites up and running, then walks through a sample guest book, survey, content management system, discussion board, and shopping cart. The second edition covers MySQL 4.0. The CD-ROM contains MySQL, the Apache web server, PHP 4, and example applications.

язык: en

–убрика: –уководства по программному обеспечению/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

»здание: 2nd Edition

√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 818

ƒобавлена в каталог: 13.05.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
# (space character)      717
$ (dollar sign)      91
= (equals sign)      92
=== (triple equals sign)      93
Absolute pathname, returning (REALPATH())      175
Absolute value      702
Abstract classes      212Ч215
Access key      568
Action, object      See Method
Active projects, showing      544Ч545
Active threads, viewing      589Ч590
Adding, column to table      42
Adding, files automatically      581Ч582
Adding, index to table      43
Adding, survey questions (admin/questions.php)      298Ч303
Adding, to beginning of array (ARRAY_UNSHIFT())      160
Adding, to end of array (ARRAY_PUSH())      160
Adding, user to project      545
Address book      4
Address table, manipulating      490Ч491
Address, file or Web page      See URL
Administrative tasks      389Ч392 586Ч587
Alias (as)      76
Alphabetical order, array (SORT())      163
Alphabetical order, list of entries in table      73
Anchor tag      671
AND, bitwise (BIT_AND)      734
anomalies      5 8 10
Anonymous users      257
Apache      109Ч111 696
Application design, Guestbook 2003      229Ч230
Application design, NuSOAP      527Ч528
Application design, problem-tracking system      441Ч444
Application design, project management      537Ч541
Application design, shopping cart      477Ч479
Application design, survey      261Ч266 294Ч298
Application design, threaded discussion      312Ч315
Application design, XML parsing      506Ч508
Arc cosine (ACOS)      706
Arc sine (ASIN)      706
Arc tangent (ATAN)      706
Arc tangent of two arguments (ATAN2)      707
Argument, arc tangent of two (ATAN2)      707
Argument, concatenation of (CONCAT)      711Ч712
Argument, handling, HTML survey functions      276Ч281
Argument, PHP functions      134Ч135
Argument, printing (PRINT_INPUT_FIELDS())      249Ч250
Argument, replacing (STR_REPLACE())      140
Argument, script control functions, obtaining, information (func_get_arg(), func_get_args(), and func_num_args())      176Ч177
Argument, string, outputting and then terminating script (die())      176
Argument, value in first is found in second (IN_ARRAY())      159
Argument, variable number      205Ч206
Array, adding to beginning (ARRAY_UNSHIFT())      160
Array, assigning, PHP scripts      96Ч99
Array, associative      162 671
Array, browser-passed variables      102Ч104
Array, common elements (ARRAY_INTERSECT())      159
Array, concatenating in a string (JOIN())      154
Array, converting into variables (COMPACT())      153
Array, counting (ARRAY_COUNT())      157Ч158
Array, creating and populating (RANGE())      154
Array, cursor, resetting (RESET())      162
Array, described      615Ч619
Array, differences (ARRAY_DIFF())      159
Array, end, adding to (ARRAY_PUSH())      160
Array, filtering (ARRAY_FILTER())      157Ч158
Array, first element, return and remove (ARRAY_SHIFT())      160
Array, key / last element, return and remove (ARRAY_POP())      160
Array, key / value pair, exchanging (ARRAY_FLIP())      155Ч156
Array, key / value pair, pulling and making into standalone variables (EXTRACT())      153Ч154
Array, key / value pair, returning (EACH())      161
Array, key / value pair, seeking (ARRAY_KEY_EXISTS())      159Ч160
Array, key, returning all (ARRAY_KEYS())      158
Array, key, true / false whether exists (ARRAY_KEY_EXISTS())      158
Array, matching (PREG_GREP())      147
Array, merging or concatenating (ARRAY_MERGE())      156
Array, of matched subpatterns, assigning (PREG_MATCH())      147
Array, of properties (get_object_vars())      164
Array, passing through function (ARRAY_WALK())      161
Array, Perl regular expression string, transforming into (PREG_SPLIT())      152Ч153
Array, random elements, picking (ARRAY_RAND())      162Ч163
Array, randomizing elements (SHUFFLE())      163
Array, regular expression string, transforming into (SPLIT())      151Ч152
Array, removing specific elements (ARRAY_SPLICE())      156Ч157
Array, return values generated by called function, in original order (ARRAY_MAP())      158Ч159
Array, returning values defined in enum field (enum_to_array())      679Ч680
Array, sorting in ascending or alphabetical order      163
Array, string, transforming (EXPLODE())      150Ч151
Array, testing (is_array())      113
Array, turning into string (IMPLODE())      151
Array, two-dimensional arrays, assigning      99
Array, type other than, testing (is_scalar())      114
Array, user-defined function, passing (call_user_func_array())      176
Array, value in first argument is found in second argument (IN_ARRAY())      159
Array, values, returning all (ARRAY_VALUES())      161
Array, variable functions, testing (is_array(), is_numeric() and is_string())      148
Ascending order, array, sorting (SORT())      163
ASCII, integers, values of (CHAR)      711
ASCII, string function values      709
ASCII, string, specially-formatted (ORD)      709
Associative array, database (db_values_array())      671
Associative array, defined      97Ч98
Associative array, values, returning (ARRAY_COUNT_VALUES())      162
Atomic value      11
Authentication, project management code      546Ч548
Authentication, user for content-management system (content / authenticate.php)      387Ч389
Authentication, user-defined functions      669Ч670
Author, creating or updating records (write_author())      381Ч382
Author, finding all stories by (function fetch_author())      378
Average (avg()), group by and aggregate functions      78Ч79
Babelfish application      532Ч534
Barnes & Noble application      528Ч531
Base, numbers, converting (CONV)      710
Base, path elements, cutting off all but (BASENAME())      175
Base-10 logarithm (LOG10)      705
BC math function      640
BEGIN(), catalog classes      422
Beginning of array, adding to (ARRAY_UNSHIFT())      160
BerkeleyDB      40Ч41
BINARY cast operator      700
Binary installation      572Ч575
Binary objects (tinytext/tinyblob, text/blob, mediumtext/mediumblob, longtext)      31Ч32
Binary value, string functions, returning (BIN)      710
Bitmask, constant, defining to use (get_constant())      345Ч347
Bitwise operators      733Ч734
Blocking      See Security
Body, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)      521Ч522
Boolean, testing for (is_bool())      113Ч114
Border, HTML form text surrounded by thin line (fieldset)      569
Border, page      201
Break loop      131 132
Break, HTML adding after each newline (NL2BR())      141Ч142
Browser, arrays      102Ч104
Browser, HTML forms      100Ч102
Browser, HTTP header      179Ч180
Browser, information stored by      104Ч106 180
Browser, sessions      106Ч107
Browser, username and password, getting (authenticate())      669
Buffering, PHP output      187Ч189
Bulleted list (ul_list())      672
Bytes, file pointer reading to specified (FREAD())      172
C-style pattern string, formatting (SPRINTF())      166
Calculating      See also Mathematical functions
Calculating, MD5 checksum      732
Calculating, valid dates (MKTIME())      168Ч169
Called function, return values, generated in original order (ARRAY_MAP())      158Ч159
Capitalization, changing, characters, (LCASE)      718
Capitalization, changing, functions (UCASE)      719
Capitalization, changing, string (STRTOLOWER(), STRTOUPPER(), UCFIRST() and UCWORDS())      141
Case-insensitivity, pattern match (split())      155
Case-insensitivity, regular expression functions, altering (sql_regcase())      145Ч146
Cast operator, BINARY      700
Casting, variable types, changing      114Ч115
Catalog, classes, base      412Ч413 431Ч432
Catalog, classes, BEGIN(), COMMIT() and ROLLBACK()      422
Catalog, classes, inherited (LEGAL_VALUES())      420Ч421
Catalog, classes, values, saving (WRITE_TO_DB())      420
Catalog, data      403Ч407
Catalog, deleting record (DELETE_FROM_DB())      417
Catalog, described      397 411Ч412
Catalog, empty properties, leaving out (DATA_FIELDS())      418
Catalog, file system, accessing      408
Catalog, ID value, getting record by (FETCH_FROM_DB())      416Ч417
Catalog, image, extending      432Ч433
Catalog, list of fields (FIELDLIST())      417Ч418
Catalog, matching field value, getting all (FETCH_ALL())      417
Catalog, multi-statement transaction (TRANSACTION())      421Ч422
Catalog, new objects, instantiating (__CONSTRUCT())      413
Catalog, new record, creating (CREATE_RECORD())      419
Catalog, object-oriented approach      408 410Ч411
Catalog, products      422Ч431
Catalog, property values, setting (BUILD())      414
Catalog, query for later-named table (FETCH_SIMPLE_QUERY())      415
Catalog, sample script      434Ч439
Catalog, scope and goals, determining      398Ч403
Catalog, single record, returning (FETCH_RECORD())      416
Catalog, static variables, using in methods (DBH())      413Ч414
Catalog, style      433Ч434
Catalog, table name, returning result (FETCH_SIMPLE())      415Ч416
Catalog, updating record (UPDATE_RECORD())      419
Catalog, uploading files      409Ч410
Catalog, values, saving them (WRITE_TO_DB())      420
Categories, shopping cart      492Ч493
CD, back-of-the-book, applications      558Ч559
CD, back-of-the-book, eBook version of text      560
CD, back-of-the-book, example applications      558
CD, back-of-the-book, system requirements      557
CD, back-of-the-book, troubleshooting      560
CD, back-of-the-book, using      558
Cell tag      673
Certificates, security      481Ч482
Changes, recording most recent (timestamp), date and time columns      36
Character classes      661Ч663
Character, counting string (STRLEN())      140
Character, decimals, storing as      35
Character, escape sequences      54
Character, escaping string      94
Character, HTML 4.0 entity references      696
Character, matching to series of known patterns      659Ч660
Character, non-alphanumeric      185
Character, order, reversing      717
Character, position of last occurrence in string (STRRPOS())      140Ч141
Character, regular expressions      660Ч661
Character, separating directory names (path_separator()), HTML survey      292
Character-set      238Ч239
Checkbox, default status      290Ч291
Checkbox, form      675
Checkbox, multiple before pressing Submit button      104
Checking and moving uploaded file (MOVE_UPLOADED_FILE())      175
Checkout, shopping cart      495Ч504
Child products, catalog, printing      437Ч439
Children, listing, catalog products class      423Ч424
Claim code, survey winner, checking (claim.php)      304Ч308
Class functions, described      163Ч164
Class functions, determining (is_a())      164
Class functions, method, whether defined (method_exists())      164
Class functions, name, returning (get_class())      164
Class, abstract      212Ч215
Class, catalog, Base      412Ч413
Class, catalog, BEGIN(), COMMIT() and ROLLBACK()      422
Class, catalog, deleting record (DELETE_FROM_DB())      417
Class, catalog, described      411Ч412
Class, catalog, empty properties, leaving out (DATA_FIELDS())      418
Class, catalog, ID value, getting record by (FETCH_FROM_DB())      416Ч417
Class, catalog, inherited (LEGAL_VALUES())      420Ч421
Class, catalog, list of fields (FIELDLIST())      417Ч418
Class, catalog, matching field value, getting all (FETCH_ALL())      417
Class, catalog, multi-statement transaction (TRANSACTION())      421Ч422
Class, catalog, new objects, instantiating (__CONSTRUCT())      413
Class, catalog, new record, creating (CREATE_RECORD())      419
Class, catalog, property values, setting (BUILD())      414
Class, catalog, query for later-named table (FETCH_SIMPLE_QUERY())      415
Class, catalog, single record, returning (FETCH_RECORD())      416
Class, catalog, static variables, using in methods (DBH())      413Ч414
Class, catalog, table name, returning result (FETCH_SIMPLE())      415Ч416
Class, catalog, updating record (UPDATE_RECORD())      419
Class, catalog, values, saving them (WRITE_TO_DB())      420
Class, described      210
Class, determining (is_a())      164
Class, inheritance      215Ч218
Class, interfaces      211Ч212
Class, shopping cart, Address table      490Ч491
Class, shopping cart, database record tree structure      488Ч490
Class, shopping cart, described      486
Class, shopping cart, orders      491Ч492
Class, shopping cart, requests      487Ч488
Cleaning up, output buffering (FLUSH())      188
Cleaning up, string for use as HTML tag (make_page_title())      670
Cleaning up, text, reversing (REVERSE_CLEANUP_TEXT())      239Ч240
Client file, Barnes & Noble application      529Ч531
Cloning      218Ч219
Closing tag      561Ч562 672
Codd, E.F. (relational database inventor)      3
Code class      See Class
Code, blocks, indenting      192Ч194
Code, catalog, file system, accessing      408
Code, catalog, files, uploading      409Ч410
Code, catalog, object-oriented approach      408
Code, comments      221Ч224
Code, content-management system      361Ч362
Code, external files, including      197Ч200
Code, Guestbook 2003      235Ч236
Code, HTML survey initialization      293Ч294
Code, indenting      191Ч197
Code, object-oriented programming      209Ч220
Code, problem-tracking system      452
Code, procedural versus object-oriented code      220Ч221
Code, project management, active projects, showing      544Ч545
Code, project management, authentication      546Ч548
Code, project management, file contents, displaying      553
Code, project management, logging in and establishing session      544
Code, project management, new project, creating      545
Code, project management, projects' status, viewing      548Ч552
Code, project management, session management      545Ч546
Code, project management, uploading files      545 552
Code, project management, user, adding      545
Code, project management, viewing files      545
Code, stored in variable, executing (eval())      176
Code, survey      270Ч273 274Ч276
Code, threaded discussion, main functions      320Ч321
Code, user-defined functions      200Ч208
Column, date and time      35Ч37
Column, definitions, changing      43Ч44
Column, dependencies      11
Column, dropping      43
Column, excessive use of      19
Column, indexes, creating      37Ч38
Column, numeric      33Ч35
Column, sum of given, returning (sum() function)      77Ч78
Column, table, adding      42
Column, text strings      29Ч33
Column, viewing      46
Command, terminating (G)      176
Command-line interface (mysql)      583Ч586
Commands, bundle      See Transaction
Comments, code, organized and readable      221Ч224
COMMIT(), catalog classes      422
Common elements, array functions (ARRAY_INTERSECT())      159
Comparison operators      69 122
Complex data types, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)      523Ч524
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