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Rockmore D. Ч Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis
Rockmore D. Ч Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis

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Ќазвание: Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis

јвтор: Rockmore D.


In 1859 a German professor named Bernhard Riemann postulated a law capable of describing with an amazing degree of accuracy the baffling occurrence of prime numbers; coming up with its proof has been the holy grail of mathematicians ever since. In 'Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis, Dan Rockmore, a prominent mathematician in his own right, takes us from Euclid's pondering of the infinitude of the primes through modern efforts to prove the Riemann hypothesis-efforts that astonishingly connect the primes to the statistics of solitaire, chaos theory, and even the mysteries of quantum mechanics. Along the way, he introduces us to the many brilliant and fascinating thinkers who have contributed to this work, from the most famous mathematician of all time, Carl Friedrich Gauss (Riemann's teacher), to the intellectual giants David Hilbert and Freeman Dyson.
A lively, comprehensive, and accessible examination of one of the most compelling unsolved problems in mathematics, 'Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis tells us the full story of the quest to find that elusive solution.

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√од издани€: 2006

 оличество страниц: 292

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.03.2008

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ѕредметный указатель
Schwartz, Laurent      141
Schwingcr, Julian      163 171 237
Scientific American      221
Selberg trace formula      209Ч211
Selberg zeta function      210Ч221
Selberg, Atle      141 142 143 147 155 216 217 231 263
Selberg, existence proof of      151
Semiclassical limit      186Ч231
Semiclassical limit, Berry and      188Ч189
Semiclassical limit, billiard table analogy      see УBilliard tables for physicistsФ
Semiclassical limit, correspondence principle and      187
Semiclassical limit, Hamiltonian matrix and      227Ч228
Semiclassical limit, life at the      187Ч188
Semiclassical limit, quantization and      196Ч200
Semiclassical limit, quantum chaos and      187Ч190
Semiclassical limit, trace formula and      198
Seminaire Bourbaki      144Ч145
Sensitive dependence on initial conditions      189Ч190 198
Sensitive dependence on initial conditions, chaotic dynamical systems and      194Ч195 208
SETI project      266
Seven bridges of Konigsberg, puzzle of      48Ч49
Shepp, L.      255
Siegel, Carl Ludwig      64Ч65 155
Siegel, described      140Ч141
Siegel, Rademachcr and      147
Siegel, Riemann Ч Siegel formula and      139Ч140
Simon, Barry      242
Sinai's table      194 195 198 200
Sinai, Yakov      195
Sine function      160Ч162 164
Single-valued functions      147
Sinusoids      83
Skewes number      133Ч134 150 213
Skewes, S.      133
Snaith, Nina      226 262
Sncll, Laurie      234
Snow, C.R      162
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics      260
Solitaire      250 253Ч259
Sorting      248Ч259
Sound waves      85Ч86
Spacing distribution      182Ч184 197Ч198
Spacing distribution, bulk spectrum      232
Spacings      182
Special functions      238
Spectral geometry      216Ч227
Spectral lines      172Ч173
Spectral theory      214
Spectrum, atomic      172
Specular reflection      191
Spin assignment      238Ч239
Spin states      238Ч239
Square numbers      10Ч11
Square pulse      160Ч161
Square-free numbers      97Ч99
standing waves      196Ч197 216
Stanfotd University      177 214 215 221 224 257
Stark, Harold      211
State University of New York at Stony Brook      233
Statistical mechanics      137
Statistical physics      173Ч175 233
Steepest descent      244
Stieltjes, claimed proof of the Rcimann hypothesis and      95Ч99
Stieltjes, Thomas      104Ч105 107 175 177 181 259
Stock market unpredictability      100 102Ч103
Stoppard, Tom      50
String theory      230
Stuyvesant High School      234
Superposition      83 85 176
Svnehronicity      225
Symplectic matrices      219
Tabor, Michael      197Ч198 208
Tacoma Narrows bridge      148
Tao, Terrence      265
Taylor, Richard      148
te Riele, Herman      181
Tel Aviv University      218
Teller, Edward      249
tests of significance      226
TeX      257
Theorems      49Ч51 217
Theoretical computer science      149
Theories      49Ч50 217
Theory of Numbers (Legendre)      37 66
Theory of Numbers, Fir (Hardy and Wright)      162
Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics      96
Time      149
Time-limited phenomena      160Ч161
Time-reversal symmetry      227
Titchmarsh, E.C.      140
Tomonaga, S.-I.      171 237
topology      48Ч49
Trace formula      198 200
Trace formula, Selberg      209Ч211
Traces      198
Tracy Ч Widom distributions      234Ч241
Tracy Ч Widom distributions, Deift and      240Ч246
Tracy, Craig      233Ч235 260 262
Tracy, described      233Ч234
Tracy, Ising model and      238Ч239
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society      148Ч149
Transcendental numbers      71Ч72
Transfinite numbers      22Ч23
Transformation      165Ч170 229
Transformation, Frobcnius      220
Triangular numbers      11
Trinity College      170
Trivial zeta zeros      88Ч92
Turing Award      150 253 257
Turing machine      149Ч151
Turing Test      149Ч151
Turing, Alan      149Ч152
Twin Prime Conjecture      265
Twin primes      23Ч24
Ulam distance      252
Ulam's problem      255Ч256
Ulam, algorithms and      250Ч253
Ulam, atomic bomb and      249Ч250 255
Ulam, described      249
Ulam, Stanislaw      249Ч253
Uncertainty principle      135 187Ч188
Unitary matrices      219
University of Arizona      197
University of Birmingham      257
University of Cairo      82
University of California, Berkeley      264
University of California, Davis      234 258
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)      265
University of California, Santa Cruz      234
University of Chicago      234
University of Gottingcn      4 59 62 65 66 84 121 122 179
University of Leiden      96
University of Michigan      156 257
University of Pennsylvania      147 148Ч149
University of Toulouse      96
Update law      239
Vandcrbilt University      265
Veblen, Oswald      155
Vernon, Dale      223
Vershik, A      255
Volkov, A.F.      228
von Koch, Niels      126Ч127
von Mangoldt, Hans      130 157
von Neumann, John      155 229 249
von Sterneck, R. Daublebsky      103Ч104 120 259
Wave function      171Ч172 176Ч179 216Ч227
Waves      83Ч87
Waves, atomic nuclei and      171Ч172 176Ч179
Waves, Fourier analysis of      160Ч161 178
Waves, standing      196Ч197
Weber's law      34
Wedeniwski, Sebastian      261 266
Weil, Andre      143Ч147 155
Weil, described      142 144 145
Weil, Eveline      144
Weil, function fields and      143 145Ч147 220
Weil, Riemann hypothesis and      145Ч146
Weil, Seminaire Bourbaki and      144Ч145
Weil, Simonc      144
Wesscl, Caspar      74Ч75
Weyl, Hermann      146
Widom, described      234
Widom, Harold      233 235 260
Widom, Tracy Ч Widom distributions      234Ч246
Wigner, Eugene      174 177
Wiles, Andrew      114 148 261Ч262
William of Occam      221
Williams, David      152
World War II      140Ч142 145 149 150 162Ч163 249
Wright, Wilbur      238
Yohe, J.M.      151
Young tableaux      256 258
Young, Alfred E.      256
Zagier, Don      24
Zeno      53 55 57 58
Zero      3Ч4 71
Zero, zeta      see УZeta zerosФ
zeros and ones      16
Zeta zeros      4 86Ч88 116 see
Zeta zeros, computing for      266
Zeta zeros, eigenvalues and      175Ч185 199Ч200 210Ч221 220 225Ч229 232
Zeta zeros, height or level of      90Ч91
Zeta zeros, L-series and      110
Zeta zeros, nontrivial      89Ч92 120
Zeta zeros, quantum chaos and      199
Zeta zeros, random ness of      157Ч160
Zeta zeros, Riemann hypothesis and      5 88Ч94
Zeta zeros, trivial      88Ч92
Zeta-function computer      150
ZetaGrid project      266
Zhou, Xin      243 260
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