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Walsh B. — Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them
Walsh B. — Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them

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Название: Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them

Автор: Walsh B.


Almost overnight, blogging has become a social, political, and business force to be reckoned with. Your fellow students, workers, and competitors are joining the blogosphereand making money, influencing elections, getting hired, growing market share, and having funto the tune of 8,000 new bloggers a day.

Clear Blogging sets out to answer in nontechnical terms what blogging has to offer and why and how you should blog. If you've never read a blog, but you keep hearing that term on the news, Clear Blogging will show you why blogging has shaken up mainstream media, and how a blogger can end up on CNN. If you're just starting to read blogs, Clear Blogging is your native guide to the blogosphere, covering how to get the best, most interesting information with the least amount of time and effort. The main course of Clear Blogging shows what you stand to gain from blogging, and how you can go from your first post to being welcomed aboard the blogosphere's A-list.

Whether you're already blogging or you're considering it, you'll want to get a copy of this book because it
Covers how blogging can improve your job prospects, professional practice, business revenue, company reputation, and the world you live in
Includes over 50 interviews with successful bloggers who are influencing products, policy makers, potential employers, and millions of the general publicall while earning an online reputation and real profits
Shows you how to apply the best practices of news gathering to build your blog's reputation and brand
Is heavy on the specific benefits of blogging and light on the technological aspects

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Год издания: 2007

Количество страниц: 376

Добавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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11 Layers of Citizen Journalism, The      218
9rules blogging network      282 324
Abbett, Jonathan, The Kosher Blog      118
About page, steps to building readership      294
About page, what makes a good blog      74
AdBrite, advertising networks      271
AdSense      see Google AdSense
Advertising      See also marketing
Advertising networks, AdBrite      271
Advertising networks, Blogads      272
Advertising networks, BlogHerAds      271
Advertising networks, Chitika eMiniMalls      267
Advertising networks, Glam      272
Advertising networks, Gorilla Nation Media      272
Advertising networks, invitation-only networks      272
Advertising networks, Microsoft AdCenter      271
Advertising networks, monetizing blogs      266—272
Advertising networks, Performancing Partners      269—270
Advertising networks, RSS feeds      270—271
Advertising networks, Text Link Ads (TLA)      267—269
Advertising networks, Yahoo Publisher Network      271
Advertising, affiliate networks      263
Advertising, Alexa rank      269
Advertising, aligning ads with content      274
Advertising, blog advertising terminology      253
Advertising, doctors blogging      109
Advertising, Google AdSense      39
Advertising, interview with Cameron Reilly      244
Advertising, interview with Josh McAdams      238
Advertising, introducing to blogs      260
Advertising, killing blogs      188
Advertising, monetizing blogs      272
Advertising, RSS advertising      172 270—271
Advertising, traditional advertising and company blogging      140
Affiliate networks, Amazon Associates      263
Affiliate networks, ClickBank      266
Affiliate networks, Commission Junction (CJ)      265—266
Affiliate networks, LinkShare      266
Affiliate networks, monetizing blogs      263—266
Affiliate networks, oneNetwork, Digital River      263—265
Affiliate networks, Performics      266
Akismet, problems with spam comments      322
Alertbox blog      72 73
Alexa rank, advertising statistics      269
Allen, Former Sen. George, ‘macaca' moment      225
Allison, Bill, citizen journalism      219
Amazon Associates, affiliate networks      263
Amazon Associates, monetizing blogs      255—257
Amazon Associates, tips and resources      257
American Bar Association, blogging resources for attorneys      104
Anderson, Chris, Squidoo lenses      291
Angie McKaig's list, free Blogger templates      42
Anker, Andrew      89
Anonymous messages, blog comment guidelines      195
Antarctica, frontline bloggers      308—310
Anti-spam word verification, Google's Blogger      38
Apple iTunes, publicizing podcasts      247
Armano, Dave, personal blogs      12
Associates, Amazon, monetizing blogs      255—257
Atheist soldier blog      312—315
Atom, requirements of bloggers/podcasters      173
Attitude, killing blogs      189
Attorneys blogging      see lawyers blogging
Audacity, editing/tagging podcasts      239
Audacity, hardware/software requirements for podcasts      239
Audacity, interview with Cameron Reilly      243
Audience, maintaining blogs      187
Audio quality, podcasts      232
Audio quality, podcasts, interview with Cameron Reilly      243
Audio quality, podcasts, postproduction, podcasts      245
Audio quality, podcasts, steps for successful podcasting      248
B5media blog network, interview with Darren Rowse      259
Backfence site, citizen journalism      218
Backing up templates, Blogger      39
Beats, choosing topics for blogging      178—179
Beats, steps for blogging successfully      201
Beats, tracking blog beats      179—183
Beliefnet's Blog Heaven      114
Best posts, usability of blogs      72
BigPictureSmallOffice blog      65
Billiards, Kendrick's Billiards Blog      145—146
Biography, usability of blogs      72
Blog advertising, Google AdSense      39
Blog advertising, keys to success with      39
Blog advertising, terminology      253
Blog beats, tracking blog beats      179—183
Blog carnivals, building readership      283
Blog Catalog, The ways of finding blogs      21
Blog communities, building blogs      80
Blog communities, church example      91
Blog communities, community group blogs      91
Blog communities, forums compared      92
Blog communities, LiveJournal      79—85
Blog communities, market segments      90
Blog communities, private weblogs      87
Blog communities, Vox Neighborhood      89
Blog directories, adding blogs to      164
Blog directories, steps to building readership      294
Blog Flux directory      114
Blog Juice Calculator, measurement tools for tracking influence      278
Blog networks, b5media blog network      259
Blog networks, monetizing blogs      273
Blog reviews      185
Blog space, Windows Live Spaces      43 44
Blog style guidelines      193—195
Blog valuation tool, creating good linkbait      286
Blogads, invitation-only advertising networks      272
Blogarama, blog directories for building readership      294
Blogborygmi blog      110
Blogger (Google's Blogger)      33—42
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates      39—42
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, backing up templates      39
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, changing blog headline      40
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, changing Blogger NavBar      40
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, free Blogger templates      41
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, modifying templates      40—41
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, picking initial blog template      36
Blogger (Google's Blogger) templates, replacing templates      41—42
Blogger (Google's Blogger), anti-spam word verification      38
Blogger (Google's Blogger), bookmarklets      52
Blogger (Google's Blogger), building blogs      76
Blogger (Google's Blogger), Create Posting page      37
Blogger (Google's Blogger), features      37—39
Blogger (Google's Blogger), keeping blogs private      79
Blogger (Google's Blogger), picking blog template      36
Blogger (Google's Blogger), pros and cons      54
Blogger (Google's Blogger), setting blog title      35
Blogger (Google's Blogger), starting a blog at Blogger      33—35
Blogger (Google's Blogger), tagging support      196
Blogger (Google's Blogger), tracking Blogger statistics      276
Blogger job boards      123—125
Blogger job boards, getting a job blogging through      124
Blogger NavBar, changing      40
Blogger Stories site      11
Bloggers      see also blogging
Bloggers, being successful as a blogger      200
Bloggers, blogger's rights      61
Bloggers, bloggers as stringers      221—223
Bloggers, clergy as bloggers      114—118
Bloggers, doctors as bloggers      104—113
Bloggers, FeedBurner for business bloggers      174
Bloggers, frontline bloggers      299—318
Bloggers, lawyers as bloggers      98—104
Bloggers, Legal Guide for Bloggers      61
Bloggers, making mark as a blogger      155—164
Bloggers, police bloggers      300—308
Bloggers, professional bloggers      123—127
Bloggers, requirements of bloggers/podcasters      173
Bloggers, supporting blogger's rights      61
Bloggers, traditional professionals as bloggers      97—118
Blogging      see also bloggers; blogosphere; company blogging
Blogging publishers      54
Blogging services, blog hosting services      54
Blogging services, Blogger (Google's Blogger)      33—42 54
Blogging services, BlogHarbor blog      54
Blogging services, choosing between      53—55
Blogging services, Movable Type      48
Blogging services, Rotten Tomatoes blog      54
Blogging services, TypePad      48—52 54
Blogging services, Vox blog      54 88—94
Blogging services, Weblogger blog      54
Blogging services, Windows Live Spaces      43—48 54
Blogging statistics, Technorati.com      53
Blogging tools      155—175
Blogging tools, FeedBurner      164—175
Blogging tools, Technorati      155—164
Blogging, adding podcasting to blogs      229—248
Blogging, anonymity      95
Blogging, audio blogging      4
Blogging, biggest lie about blogging      14
Blogging, Blogger      76 79
Blogging, blogging today      3
Blogging, blogs as small-town newspapers      216 217
Blogging, building blogs      73
Blogging, businesses and blogging      9—11
Blogging, career considerations      119
Blogging, changing direction      77
Blogging, choosing appropriate blog      86 96
Blogging, choosing topics for blogging      178—179 190
Blogging, claiming blogs at Technorati      162
Blogging, commenting on blogs      21—25
Blogging, commenting on blogs, keeping track of comments and replies      23—25
Blogging, commenting on blogs, using links in comments      23
Blogging, communal interests and      75
Blogging, connecting blog to FeedBurner      169—171
Blogging, criticism of paying for posts      127
Blogging, description      230
Blogging, direction of blogging      159
Blogging, effect of blogging on business      159
Blogging, effect on mainstream media      203—227
Blogging, effect on mainstream media, journalists online      205—206
Blogging, effect on mainstream media, journalists starting blogs      208—211
Blogging, effect on mainstream media, newspapers reacting      211—215
Blogging, effect on mainstream media, reporters and newspapers      205—211
Blogging, etiquette for      22
Blogging, evolution of Meg Hourihan's blog      76—78
Blogging, fake blogs      69
Blogging, finding the important blog      4
Blogging, food blogging      77
Blogging, getting attention      4
Blogging, getting paid for posts      126—127
Blogging, getting started      15—21 33—55
Blogging, getting started, domain name      55
Blogging, getting started, first steps summarized      55
Blogging, getting started, naming blogs      55
Blogging, getting started, taglines      55
Blogging, getting started, visiting blogging services      55
Blogging, getting started, what kind of blog are you creating      55
Blogging, Google Blog Search      19
Blogging, Google's blog-only search portal      13
Blogging, growth of      95
Blogging, having multiple personas      95
Blogging, history of blogging      75 86
Blogging, incorporating nontext content      88
Blogging, interview with Steve Rubel      7
Blogging, keeping blogs private      79
Blogging, keeping blogs private, Vox      89
Blogging, keyword stuffing      69
Blogging, killing blogs      188
Blogging, legal considerations of blogging      62
Blogging, maintaining blogs      186
Blogging, maintaining story list      184—185
Blogging, making money from      see monetizing blogs
Blogging, making RSS feeds more accessible      164—175
Blogging, Micro Persuasion      14
Blogging, owning words      77
Blogging, paying for positive blogs      136
Blogging, paying for posts      126—127
Blogging, personal blogs      11—12
Blogging, personal isolation and      75
Blogging, predictions about the future      321—330
Blogging, predictions about the future, blogs reinventing journalism      329
Blogging, predictions about the future, connecting people      327—329
Blogging, predictions about the future, future growth      321—322
Blogging, predictions about the future, it's up to you      330
Blogging, predictions about the future, personal definition      323—324
Blogging, predictions about the future, problem with comments      322—323
Blogging, predictions about the future, social networking      325—326
Blogging, predictions about the future, time limitations and blogging networks      324—325
Blogging, responding to comments      95
Blogging, RSS (Really Simple Syndication)      27—31
Blogging, scheduling blogs      72
Blogging, sharing knowledge      185
Blogging, socializing blogs      199
Blogging, spam blogs      22 69
Blogging, spam blogs, detecting spam blogs at Technorati      156—157
Blogging, tagging other blogs      198—200
Blogging, tagging posts      195—197
Blogging, tags      25—27
Blogging, Technorati's top 100 blogs      16
Blogging, theme blogs      183—184
Blogging, usability of blogs      71—73
Blogging, using blogs to choose a car      12
Blogging, using pictures      95
Blogging, values of blogging      5
Blogging, vast amounts of blogging      4
Blogging, ways of finding blogs      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, Blog Catalog      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, Blogs by Women      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, BritBlog      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, Globe of Blogs      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, Google Blog Search      19
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, Guardian Unlimited, The      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, IceRocket      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, Sphere      21
Blogging, ways of finding blogs, StumbleUpon      21
Blogging, what makes a good blog      59—74
Blogging, what makes a good blog, About page      74
Blogging, what makes a good blog, citing sources      64
Blogging, what makes a good blog, credibility      59—64
Blogging, what makes a good blog, disclosure policy      74
Blogging, what makes a good blog, enabling RSS      70
Blogging, what makes a good blog, eradicating spam      68—70
Blogging, what makes a good blog, letting people comment      64—66
Blogging, what makes a good blog, owning words      60—63
Blogging, what makes a good blog, photos      74
Blogging, what makes a good blog, turning on trackbacks      66—68
Blogging, what makes a good blog, word usage      74
Blogging, what makes a good blog, writing for readers      63—64
Blogging, WhiteSmoke      191—193
Blogging, why blogging matters      3
Blogging, writing blog posts      201
Blogging, writing comments on blogs      195
Blogging, writing compelling blog posts      193—195
Blogging, writing well      190—195
BlogHarbor blog      54
BlogHerAds, advertising networks      271
Bloginfluence rating, measurement tools for tracking influence      278
Bloglines, RSS readers      30
Blogosphere Radar Screen, socialmeter measuring presence      280
Blogosphere Radar Screen, tracking blog beats      179—183
Blogosphere, finding interests in      19
Blogosphere, growth since 2002      156
Blogosphere, steps for getting started in      175
Blogosphere, tagging other blogs      198—200
Blogosphere, tagging posts      195—197
Blogosphere, Technorati's role in      158
blogrolls      14
Blogs      see blogging
Blogs by Women, ways of finding blogs      21
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