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Richter J. Ч CLR Via C#: Applied Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Programming
Richter J. Ч CLR Via C#: Applied Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Programming

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Ќазвание: CLR Via C#: Applied Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Programming

јвтор: Richter J.


In this new edition of Jeffrey Richter's popular Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming, you get focused, pragmatic guidance on how to exploit the common language runtime (CLR) functionality in .NET Framework 2.0 for applications of all types-from Web Forms, Windows Forms, and Web services to solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft code names "Avalon" and "Indigo", consoles, NT Service, and more. Targeted to advanced developers and software designers, this book takes you under the covers of .NET for an in-depth understanding of its structure, functions, and operational components, demonstrating the most practical ways to apply this knowledge to your own development efforts. You'll master fundamental design tenets for .NET, and get hands-on insights for creating high-performance applications more easily and efficiently. The book features extensive code examples in Microsoft Visual C# 2005.

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»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 2006

 оличество страниц: 736

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
!= operator      146 412
& (ampersand)      582
+ operator (concatenating strings)      246
+ symbol      195
+= (delegate combine overload)      345
.ctor metadata table names      183
.NET Framework, abstraction benefit of      xxi
.NET Framework, advantages of      xxiii-xxv
.NET Framework, CLR version unification for references      88
.NET Framework, consistent programming model of      xxiii
.NET Framework, deployment goals      34Ч35
.NET Framework, detection of      8
.NET Framework, development environment      See Visual Studio Microsoft
.NET Framework, distribution of      8
.NET Framework, exceptions, migrating to .NET Framework 2.0      427
.NET Framework, file formats allowed by Windows      521
.NET Framework, Framework Class Library      See FCL (Framework Class Library)
.NET Framework, goals of      xxi-xxii
.NET Framework, installing      xxiii
.NET Framework, major parts of      xxii
.NET Framework, product support for      xxviii
.NET Framework, program language interoperability benefit of      xxii
.NET Framework, rapid development benefit      xxv
.NET Framework, SDK      xxvi
.NET Framework, superiority of      xxii
.NET Framework, version 2.0      xxiii
.NET Framework, versions, history of      xxii
.NET Framework, Windows versions supported by      xxiii
.netmodule files, command for creating      48
.netmodule files, contents of      49
.netmodule files, switch for creating      48
/addmodule switch      48
/checked+ switch      121Ч123
/clr switch (C++)      31
/company switch      55
/debug switch      14Ч15
/debug+ switch      466Ч467
/description switch      55
/embed[resource] switch      53
/fileversion switch      55
/keycontainer switch      84
/keyfile switch      70 92
/link[resource] switch      53
/main switch      52Ч53
/nostdlib switch      36
/optimize switch      14Ч15
/out:file compiler switch      158
/platform switch      8Ч10
/productversion switch      55
/reference switches      35 37Ч38 50
/t:exe switch      36
/t:library switch      48
/t:winexe switch      36
/target:module switch      48
/version switch      55
/win32icon switch      53Ч54
/win32res switch      53Ч54
64-bit Windows      32-bit applications running 9Ч10
64-bit Windows, assembly references      81
64-bit Windows, cache coherency of      624Ч625
64-bit Windows, IA64 (Itanium)      See IA64 Windows
64-bit Windows, loading CLR for      8Ч10
64-bit Windows, MSCorEE.dll file versions installed      522
64-bit Windows, multi-core CPUs with      588
64-bit Windows, PE32+ headers      5
64-bit Windows, platform switches      8Ч10
64-bit Windows, selection for with ProcessorArchitecture string      550
64-bit Windows, WoW64      9Ч10
== operator      146 412
?? (null-coalescing operator)      413
@ symbol for verbatim strings      246
Aborting threads      544Ч547
Abstract class constructors      184
Abstract type version effects      164
Abstraction technologies, .NET Framework goal for      xxi
Abstraction technologies, historical examples of      xxi
Abstraction technologies, purpose of      xxi
Abstraction technologies, superiority of .NET      xxii
Accessibility, accessor methods, of      224
Accessibility, constructors, rule for      184
Accessibility, design guidelines      171Ч172
Accessibility, modifiers      158Ч160
Accessor methods, accessibility issues      224
Accessor methods, defined      214
Accessor methods, generic      224
Accessor methods, get methods of      See get methods
Accessor methods, indexers with      218Ч222
Accessor methods, performance issues      223Ч224
Accessor methods, PropertyInfo class for finding associations with      223
Accessor methods, set methods of      See set methods
Activator class, CreatInstance methods      560Ч561
Activator class, CreatInstanceFrom methods      561
Active Template Library (ATL)      xxi
Add instruction overflow checking      121
Add method of Interlocked      629Ч630
Add-ins, AppDomains with      565
Add-ins, AppDomains, controlling      542Ч543
Add-ins, application design for      562Ч565
Add-ins, assembly versioning issues      563
Add-ins, discovery for      549 564
Add-ins, Host Application assemblies      563
Add-ins, Host SDK assembly creation      563
Add-ins, interfaces use in      562Ч563
Add-ins, MSCorLib.dll types for      563
Add-ins, sample code console applications      564
Add-ins, sample code for      564
Add-ins, sample code for hosts      564
Addition, overflow checking for      121
AddMemoryPressure method      507Ч510
Address spaces for applications      17
Administrative control configuration, advanced      88Ч93
Administrative control configuration, advantages of      90
Administrative control configuration, assemblyIdentity elements      89Ч90
Administrative control configuration, bindingRedirect elements      89Ч90
Administrative control configuration, CodeBase elements      89 90
Administrative control configuration, dependentAssembly elements      89Ч90
Administrative control configuration, Machine.config modification      90
Administrative control configuration, probing elements      89
Administrative control configuration, publisher policy control      91Ч93
Administrative control configuration, publisherPolicy elements      90
Administrative control configuration, simple      60Ч63
ADO.NET nullable value types      409
Advanced administrative control configuration      88Ч93
Advantages of CLR and IL      11
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /keyfile switch      92
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /keyname switch      84
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /main switch      52Ч53
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /out switch      92
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /version switch      92
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /win32icon switch      53Ч54
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), /win32res switch      53Ч54
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), command line      52
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), custom attributes, table of      55Ч56
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), delayed signing with      82Ч84
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), multifile assemblies with      52
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), publisher configuration file creation      91Ч92
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), purpose of      51
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), resource files, adding with      53Ч54
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), satellite assemblies with      51 58
AL.exe (Assembly Linker), version information switches      55Ч56
Algorithms, generics for code-reuse of      359. See also generics
Algorithms, math, problem with generic operations in      385Ч386
Algorithms, memory-hungry      511Ч513
aliases, creating      105
Aliases, extern      105Ч106
Alloc method of GCHandle      494 495Ч496
Allocating the managed heap      459Ч461
ampersand (&)      582
Anonymous methods of delegates, asynchronous rendezvous technique with      609
Anonymous methods of delegates, syntax for      348Ч350
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model)      See also asynchronous operations
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), advantages of      598Ч599
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), anonymous methods feature with      609
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), AsynchCallback parameter of BeginXxx methods      607
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), Asynchronous flag of FileStream      601
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), BeginInvoke with      612Ч613 616Ч617
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), BeginRead method with      600Ч601
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), BeginXxx methods      601 615 616
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), canceling outstanding operations      615Ч616
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), compute-bound operations with      611Ч613
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), defined      598
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), delegates with      599 611Ч613
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), disadvantages of      615Ч617
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), Dns class with      598
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), EndRead method of FileStream class      602Ч604
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), EndXxx methods for      601 614 615
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), exception handling      614
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), FileStream with      599Ч601
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), I/O threads      589
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), I/O-bound operations with      599Ч601
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), IAsynchResult objects      600 601Ч608
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), Main method issues      610
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), method callback rendezvous technique      606Ч610 612Ч613
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), NetworkStream with      600
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), polling rendezvous technique      604Ч606
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), rendezvous techniques      599 600Ч610
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), SerialPort class with      599
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), Socket class with      598
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), SqlCommand class with      599
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), starting operations      601
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), Stream support for      598
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), types supporting      598Ч599
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), unavailability for some functions      616
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), wait-until-done rendezvous techniques      601Ч604
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), WebRequest class with      599
APM (Asynchronous Programming Model), windows, creating      616Ч617
AppDomains, accessing objects across boundaries      527Ч538
AppDomains, add-ins with      542Ч543 565
AppDomains, AppDomainManager class      542Ч543
AppDomains, AppDomainMarshalling code example      527Ч531
AppDomains, AppDomainSetup objects      532
AppDomains, arguments, marshaling      537Ч538
AppDomains, ASP.NET with      540Ч541
AppDomains, assemblies in      526Ч527
AppDomains, assembly location issues      536
AppDomains, configurability of      525 532
AppDomains, console applications with      539Ч540
AppDomains, CreateDomain method      531Ч532
AppDomains, CreateInstanceAndUnwrap method      532Ч533 535Ч536
AppDomains, creation of      525
AppDomains, critical regions, threads in      543Ч544
AppDomains, defined      525
AppDomains, executing code upon shutdowns of      192
AppDomains, Exit method of System.Environment      540
AppDomains, features of      525Ч526
AppDomains, friendly names for      531
AppDomains, garbage collection, triggering      478
AppDomains, GC handle tables      493Ч500
AppDomains, instance fields in      535
AppDomains, instancing objects in      532 535Ч536
AppDomains, Internet Explorer with      540
AppDomains, isolation provision purpose of      525
AppDomains, Load method      551
AppDomains, loader heaps of      526
AppDomains, loading assemblies into      532
AppDomains, marshal-by-reference demo      531Ч535
AppDomains, marshal-by-value demo      535Ч537
AppDomains, MarshalByRefType      533
AppDomains, MarshalByValType      535
AppDomains, marshaling code example      527Ч531
AppDomains, MSCorLib.dll      527
AppDomains, NGen.exe reduction of      20
AppDomains, non-marshalable types demo      537
AppDomains, ObjectHandles      560Ч561
AppDomains, permission settings feature      525 531Ч532
AppDomains, policy evidence      531Ч532
AppDomains, proxy types      533
AppDomains, purpose of      17 521
AppDomains, return values, marshaling      537
AppDomains, robust host application design      543Ч544
AppDomains, shadow copying      541
AppDomains, shims      539
AppDomains, SQL Server 2005      541
AppDomains, static members of types      535
AppDomains, String objects, marshaling across boundaries      538
AppDomains, thread pool coverage of      588
AppDomains, thread synchronization in multiple      643Ч647
AppDomains, threads for      531 533Ч534 544Ч547
AppDomains, type instance construction methods      561
AppDomains, types in multiple domains      527
AppDomains, Unload method      534Ч535 538Ч539
AppDomains, unloadability feature      525
AppDomains, Web Forms with      540Ч541
AppDomains, Windows Forms applications with      539Ч540
AppDomains, XML Web Services with      540Ч541
AppendFormat method of StringBuilder      269Ч272
Arguments, exception validation for      437Ч440
Arguments, InvokeMember args parameter      575
Arity of types      368
ArrayList compared to List\T\      361Ч363
Arrays, BlockCopy method with      300
Arrays, casting elements of      297Ч300
Arrays, collection methods for      300Ч302
Arrays, ConstrainedCopy method      300
Arrays, Copy method      297Ч300 302
Arrays, covariance of      299
Arrays, CreateInstance method      303Ч304
Arrays, DateTime type in      301Ч302
arrays, declaring      295
Arrays, defined      295
Arrays, embedding inside structures      310
Arrays, generic static methods of Array      365
Arrays, GetLowerBound method      303Ч304
Arrays, IL instructions for vector arrays      305
Arrays, implicit derivation from Array type      300
Arrays, index verification      297
Arrays, inline      310
arrays, instantiating      295
Arrays, interfaces implemented by      300Ч302
Arrays, jagged arrays      295 297 306Ч308
Arrays, Length property      305Ч306
Arrays, managed heap      296
Arrays, memcpy function with      298
Arrays, memory requirements      295
Arrays, methods exposed for      300
Arrays, multi-dimensional, declaring      296Ч297
Arrays, multi-dimensional, performance      304Ч308
Arrays, non-zero lower bound, creating      303Ч304
Arrays, non-zero lower bound, performance      304Ч308
Arrays, overhead information      296
Arrays, passing by reference      302
Arrays, performance issues      304Ч308
Arrays, pointer nature of variables      295
Arrays, reference types, arrays of      295Ч296
Arrays, referenced type nature of      295
Arrays, reflection, object creation for      562
Arrays, returning by reference      302
Arrays, safe vs. unsafe arrays      306Ч308
Arrays, stackalloc statement with      309Ч310
Arrays, System.Array base class      295 300
Arrays, SZ (single-dimensional, zero-based)      304 305
Arrays, types supported by CLR      295
Arrays, unsafe      306Ч310
Arrays, vector type of      296Ч297
Arrays, zero-base requirement of CLS      296
as operator      101Ч102
ASCII      276
ASP.NET, abstraction function of ASP      xxi
ASP.NET, AppDomains with      540Ч541
ASP.NET, configuration files, directory for      62
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