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Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T. — Windows XP in a Nutshell
Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T. — Windows XP in a Nutshell

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Название: Windows XP in a Nutshell

Авторы: Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T.


Windows XP in a Nutshell, Second Edition documents everything there is to know about the world's most widely used operating system. Updated to include information on the security technologies featured in Service Pack 2 (SP2), this must-have desktop reference is dedicated to making your time at the computer safer, easier, and more fun. It's the ultimate resource for IT professionals and Windows XP power users everywhere.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: second edition

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 684

Добавлена в каталог: 31.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
online Help      
Open command      
Open Command Window Here      
open command, ftp      
open command, Telnet      
Open Database Connectivity      [See ODBC Data Source Administrator]
open windows, switching between      
OpenFiles (openfiles.exe)      2nd 3rd
OpenTextFile method (TextStream)      
OR operator (VBScript)      
ordering text input      
OS variable      
osk.exe (On-Screen Keyboard)      2nd
OSuper-Fast User SwitcherO      
Outlook Express      2nd 3rd
Outlook Express, Accounts window      
Outlook Express, Address Book      [See Address Book]
Outlook Express, compacting mail and news files      
Outlook Express, conversations      
Outlook Express, Desktop icon      
Outlook Express, flagging messages      
Outlook Express, Identity Management      
Outlook Express, message rules      
Outlook Express, newsreader      
Outlook Express, Options      
Outlook Express, rich text email      
Outlook Express, Service Pack 2 enhancements
Outlook Express, signatures and stationery      
Outlook Express, viruses and Trojan horse attacks      
output, formatting for command prompt      
output, redirecting for Java logging      
OWhat's This?O (context menu)      
packager.exe (Object Packager)      2nd
Page File Usage and Page File Usage History (Task Manager)      
paging documents (more)      
paging or swapping      
Paint program      
Paint program, icon creation and      
Paint program, mspaint.exe      
Paint Shop Pro      2nd
parameters (command-line)      2nd
ParentFolder property      
ParentFolder property, File      
ParentFolder property, Folder      
partitioning a hard disk      
partitions, installing Windows XP      
passkey for connections with Bluetooth devices      
Passport account (Microsoft .NET)      
Passport account (Microsoft .NET), required for Windows Messenger      
Password Fields      
Passwords      2nd
passwords, changing for user accounts      
passwords, protecting      
passwords, protecting for wireless connections      
passwords, protecting network data      
pasting, Clipboard operations      
pasting, Command Prompt, using      
pasting, Ctrl-V shortcut      2nd 3rd
pasting, keyboard accelerators, using      
pasting, right-clicking textboxes for Paste command      
patches (Registry)      
path command      
Path property      
Path property, File      
Path property, Folder      
PATH variable      
PATHEXT variable      
pathnames, cd or chdir command and      
pathnames, in FTP      
pathnames, short and long      
pathnames, UNC (Universal Naming Convention)      
Paths      2nd
paths, installation, changing default      
paths, path notation in this book      
paths, pathnames      
paths, Registry keys      
paths, Registry path      
paths, short names and long names      
paths, to network resources      
pause command      
pause command, suspending batch programs      
pause command, suspending Window services      
PC card indicator      
PCMCIA cards      
PCs, configuring for wireless network      
Peer-to-peer LAN      2nd
Pentium Bug Checker (pentnt.exe)      2nd
Performance Log Manager (logman.exe)      2nd 3rd
Performance Logs and Alerts      
Performance Logs and Alerts, perfmon.msc      
Performance Logs and Alerts, smlogsvc.exe      
performance, animation, disabling      
performance, defragmenting disks      
performance, Performance settings, System Properties      
performance, Performance tab (Task Manager)      
Perl      2nd
Perl, downloading      
Personal Information tab in Internet Options      
Personalized Favorites menu      
Petrusha, Ron      
Phone and Modem Options (telephon.cpl)      2nd
Phone and Modem Options (telephon.cpl), command line, accessing from      
phone calls (voice)      
Phone Dialer (dialer.exe)      2nd
phone lines      
phone lines, dial-up Internet connections via analog modem      
phone lines, modem connections over standard      
phones (mobile), using Bluetooth      
Picture Viewer (Windows)      
pictures, My Pictures folder      
pictures, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer      2nd
Pinball (pinball.exe)      2nd
PINE (email service)      
PING (ping.exe)      
PING (ping.exe), networking and      
Ping program      
Places Bar (file dialogs)      
plug-and-play (PnP)      2nd
Plug-and-Play adapters, connecting computers      
plus sign (+)      
plus sign (+), changing folder/file attributes      
plus sign (+), expanding Registry structure      
Pogue, David      
point and click operations      
point and click operations, alternate behavior      
point and click operations, default behavior      
point and click operations, descriptions of      
point and click operations, typing with      
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)      
Pointer Options (Mouse Properties)      
policy settings, changing for a particular user      
pop-up blocker (IE)      
popup messages      
Popup method (Shell)      
portable computers, power status      
Portable Media Serial Number      
Portable Network Graphics (.png)      
Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)      
power button, pressing on your computer      
Power Calculator      
Power Options (powercfg.cpl)      2nd
Power Options (powercfg.cpl), Advanced tab      
Power Options (powercfg.cpl), command line, accessing from      
Power Options (powercfg.cpl), Hibernate tab      
Power Options (powercfg.cpl), Power Schemes tab      
Power Options (powercfg.cpl), UPS tab      
power status indicator      
Power Toys      
power-saving features in Windows XP      
powering off automatically      
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)      
PPPoE (PPP over ethernet)      
PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet), Remote Access PPPoE Driver      
PPTP (WAN Miniport)      
prefixing VBScript variable names      
previews (icons) of .bmp files in Explorer and on your Desktop      
Print command      
print command, Net      
print command, Route      
print command, Route, wildcards for destination and gateway      
Print menu item      
Print Spooler (spoolsv.exe)      
print spooling (offline printing)      
Print Working Directory (PWD)      
Printers and Faxes (control.exe printers)      2nd
Printers and Faxes (control.exe printers), command line, accessing from      
printers, Bluetooth-capable      
printers, color matching with monitors, cameras, and scanners      
printers, creating shortcuts to      
printers, networking and      
printers, networking printing functions (WSH)      
printers, settings      
printers, sharing      2nd
printing, controlling in Internet Options      
printing, hardcopy listing of folder contents      
printing, print server settings      
Privacy tab in Internet Options      
Private Character Editor (eudcedit.ext)      2nd
privileges, user      
processes, ending with Taskkill      
processes, Processes tab, Task Manager      
processes, running, displaying list of      2nd
processor settings      
PROCESSOR_LEVEL variable      
product activation      
Professional edition (XP)      
Professional edition (XP), features not found in Home edition      
Professional edition (XP), tools and accessories      
Profile Assistant      2nd
Program Manager (progman.exe/grpconv.exe)      2nd
PROGRAMFILES variable      
programs (applications)      
programs (applications), Add or Remove Programs utility      
programs (applications), closing unresponsive programs      
programs (applications), configuring to run at startup      
programs (applications), currently running, displaying      
programs (applications), deleting      
programs (applications), hiding all running      
programs (applications), interrupting (Ctrl-Alt-Del)      
programs (applications), launching with Run      
programs (applications), shortcuts to      [See shortcuts]
programs (applications), starting      
programs (applications), starting from the command line      
programs (applications), starting with Address Bar      
programs (applications), starting, automatically, at startup      
Programs (or All Programs) (Start menu)      
Programs tab in Internet Options      
progress indicators      
Prompt      [See command line Command Prompt]
prompt command      2nd
prompt variable      
Properties window      
Properties window, LAN or High-Speed Internet connections      
properties, Desktop, customizing      
properties, devices      
properties, keyboard, changing      
properties, mouse      [See Mouse Properties]
properties, of objects (VBScript)      
properties, of objects (VBScript), collections and      
properties, shortcut      
properties, Taskbar      
property_tab parameter in control.exe      
Protected storage      
Protocols      2nd
proxy settings      
punctuation characters in filenames      
pushbuttons, showing focus      
put command (FTP)      
PuTTY (SSH client)      
pwd command (FTP)      
Python      2nd
QoS RSVP      
qprocess.exe (Query Process)      2nd
query command (Registry Console Utility)      
Query Process (qprocess.exe)      2nd
Quick Launch toolbar      2nd
Quick Launch Toolbar, applications, starting      
Quick Launch Toolbar, Show Desktop button      2nd
quit command      
quit command, ftp      
quit command, Telnet      
Quit method (Wscript)      
quote (') for VBScript comments      
quote command (ftp)      
race conditions, batch files and      
Radio buttons      2nd
Radio Tuner (Windows Media Player)      
RAM, 128 Mb, minimum required for XP      
RAM, paging or swapping data to hard disk      
RAM, problems with XP installation      
RAS Asynchronous Media Driver (asyncmac.sys)      
rcimlby.exe      [See Remote Assistance]
rcp.exe (Remote Copy)      2nd
rd command      
rd command, Recovery Console      
Rdbss (rdbss.sys)      
Read choice, setting permissions      
Read method (TextStream)      
ReadAll method (TextStream)      
reading text files (scripts)      
ReadLine method (TextStream)      
README files      
recording of audio      
recording of audio, voice, settings for      
recording of audio, volume control for      
Recovery Console      [See Windows Recovery Console]
recovery settings in System Properties      
Recreational Software Advisor Council Internet advisor (RSACi)      
recv command (ftp)      
Recycle Bin      
Recycle Bin, context menu      
Recycle Bin, dragging items in      
Recycle Bin, dragging objects into      
Recycle Bin, emptying      
Recycle Bin, Properties window settings      
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