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Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T. — Windows XP in a Nutshell
Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T. — Windows XP in a Nutshell

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Название: Windows XP in a Nutshell

Авторы: Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T.


Windows XP in a Nutshell, Second Edition documents everything there is to know about the world's most widely used operating system. Updated to include information on the security technologies featured in Service Pack 2 (SP2), this must-have desktop reference is dedicated to making your time at the computer safer, easier, and more fun. It's the ultimate resource for IT professionals and Windows XP power users everywhere.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: second edition

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 684

Добавлена в каталог: 31.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
Cancel button      2nd 3rd
capitalization in pathnames      
captions for sounds      
card games      
card games, FreeCell      
card games, Hearts      
card games, Solitaire (sol.exe)      
card games, Spider Solitaire      
caret (\\>)      
cascaded windows      
cascading menus      2nd
Cascading Style Sheets      2nd
case sensitivity of pathnames      
catalog files for content indexer      
categories (Control Panel)      
categorized view      
cd command      
cd command, DOS      
cd command, ftp      
cd command, Recovery Console      
CD drives      2nd 3rd
CD drives, Audio      
CD drives, displaying and summarizing      
CD drives, installing Windows XP      
CD Slide Show Generator      
CDO (Collaborative Data Objects)      
CDs, burning      
CDs, burning, burners not designed for XP      
CDs, burning, Windows Explorer      
CDs, burning, Windows Media Player      
CDs, playing on Windows XP      
CDs, turning off Autoplay option      
CDs, writer support, built-in      
certificates, Certificates tab, Internet Options      
certificates, Snap-in for MMC      
certificates, verification by Internet Explorer      
Change choice, setting permissions      
change command (Route)      
Change Icon      2nd
Change or Remove Programs option (Add or Remove Programs)      
changed files, scanning the system for      
character codes      
Character Map (charmap.exe)      2nd 3rd
characters, legal, in filenames      
characters, Private Character Editor      
Chat (Microsoft)      2nd 3rd
Chat feature (NetMeeting)      
chdir command      
checkboxes      2nd
checkboxes, focus, showing      
Checkers (Internet)      
Chkdsk (chkdsk.exe)      2nd
chkdsk command (Recovery Console)      
Chkntfs (chkntfs.exe)      2nd
chkrzm.exe (Internet Checkers)      
choice command (batch files)      
cipher.exe (NTFS Encryption Utility)      2nd
class identifiers (CLSIDs)      
Classic Windows interface      
Classic Windows interface, Start menu      
cleanmgr.exe (Disk Cleanup)      2nd
clearing DOS window      
Clicking      [See mouse]
clipboard      2nd
Clipboard, keyboard shortcuts      
Clipboard, viewing contents and managing data      
ClipBook (clipsrv.exe)      
Clipbook Viewer (clipbrd.exe)      2nd 3rd
clock, adjusting system date and time      
clock, displaying or setting system time      
clock, setting      
clock, showing on the Taskbar      
clock, showing or hiding in notification area      
cloconfg.exe (SQL Server Client Network Utility)      2nd
close button in windows      
Close command      
close command, ftp      
close command, Telnet      
Close method (TextStream)      
closing, unresponsive programs      
closing, windows      
cls command      
cls command, Recovery Console      
CLSIDs (class identifiers)      
clues on using GUI elements      
cmd.exe      [See Command Prompt]
cmstp.exe (Connection Manager Profile Installer)      2nd
Code page conversion tables      
Color depth      
color depth, and screen resolution      
Color profiles (.icm files)      
color scheme (Appearance tab) in Display Properties      
COM (Component Object Model)      
COM+ Event System      
COM+ System Application (dllhost.exe)      
COM, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)      
COM, ActiveX objects      
COM, CDO (Collaborative Data Objects)      
COM, Component Services      
COM, FileSystem object      
Combo Boxes      2nd 3rd [See also Listboxes]
command extensions, enabling/disabling      
Command key      
command line      2nd [See also Command Prompt]
command line, Address Bar, Run dialog, and Command Prompt      
command line, applications based solely upon      
command line, as alternative to the GUI      
command line, Control Panel, using from      
command line, DLL routine, running      
command line, documentation      
command line, ending running processes with Taskkill      
command line, executable filenames of applications      
command line, Java Command-Line Loader      
command line, listing running processes with Tasklist      
command line, parameters      
command line, Shutdown, using from      
command line, special symbols      
command line, system menu for applications      
command line, using      
command line, Windows XP interface, Command Prompt      
command prompt      2nd 3rd 4th 5th [See also Address Bar; command line; Run]
Command Prompt, applications, starting      
Command Prompt, choices      
Command Prompt, choices, Address Bar      
Command Prompt, choices, Start menu, Run      
Command Prompt, Clipboard and      
Command Prompt, cmd.exe      2nd
Command Prompt, commands      
Command Prompt, Control Panel, accessing      
Command Prompt, documentation      
Command Prompt, exiting      
Command Prompt, filenames and      
Command Prompt, keyboard accelerators      
Command Prompt, Run Dialog and      
Command Prompt, scripts based on, running      
Command Prompt, short filenames, investigating      
Command Prompt, shortcuts to      
Command Prompt, starting instance of Command window      
Command Prompt, TweakUI and      
commands, available to Boot Configuration Manager      
commands, batch files      
commands, DOS      
commands, FTP      
commands, FTP, abbreviation of names      
commands, issuing from Address Bar      
commands, Net      
comments, inserting into batch files      
comments, VBScript scripts      
Common Dialogs (TweakUI)      
Common Tasks      2nd
communication (using networks)      
compact.exe (NTFS Compression Utility)      2nd
compact.exe (NTFS Compression Utility), Disk Cleanup, using      
company name, changing for XP registration      
compare command (Registry Console Utility)      
comparing contents of files      
comparing contents of files, comp.exe      2nd
comparing contents of files, fc.exe      2nd
Comparison operators      
Compatibility tab (Windows shortcuts)      
compmgmt.msc      2nd
Component Object Model      [See COM]
Component Services (dcomcnfg.exe)      
components, Windows      
components, Windows, adding or removing      2nd
components, Windows, common name and executable filename, listing of      
compression utility files      [See .cab files]
compression, Cabinet (CAB) maker      
compression, extracting compressed files from a cabinet      
compression, NTFS Compression Utility      2nd
compression, NTFS files (compressed), differentiating with color      
Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)      
Computer Browser (svchost.exe)      
computer command (Net)      
Computer Management (compmgmt.msc)      2nd
Computer Name (System Properties)      
Computer Name Changes window      
ComputerName property (Network)      
COMPUTERNAME variable      
Computers      [See also networking]
computers, configuring PCs for wireless network      
computers, networked, assigning roles to      
computers, remote, terminal access to      
computers, shutting down      2nd
computers, troubleshooting connections      
COMSPEC variable      
concatenate (&) operator
conditional statements (VBScript)      
conf.exe      [See NetMeeting]
config command (Net)      
Connection Manager      
Connection Manager Profile Installer (cmstp.exe)      2nd
Connection Manager, Advanced tab      
Connection Manager, Connect/Disconnect      
Connections      [See also Internet connections; network connections]
Connections tab in Internet Options      
connections, network and Internet      
connections, network shares, disconnecting      
connections, networking printing, WSH functions for      
connections, New Connection Wizard      
connections, using single serial or parallel cable      
connections, wireless      
console, command-line based applications      
console, Component Services (dcomcnfg.exe)      
console, Event Viewer (eventvwr.exe)      
console, Scheduled Tasks Console application      
constants (VBScript)      
constraints on controls      
contact list, default      
Content Advisor for the Internet      2nd
content indexer, catalog files      
Content tab in Internet Options      
content types      
content-filtering software packages for the Internet      
context (or environment) of a shell      
context key      
context menus      2nd 3rd
context menus, Create Shortcut      
context menus, creating verbs on      
context menus, dragging files      
context menus, file types in New menus      
context menus, for printers      
context menus, in Registry Editor      
context menus, OWhat's This?O      
context menus, Send To      
context menus, toolbar      
ContextMenuHandler keys (HKCR)      
continuation character (_)      
continue command (Net)      
contrast (high), for screen colors      
Control Menu      
Control Panel      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, access.cpl (Accessibility Options)      2nd 3rd 4th
Control Panel, accessing      
Control Panel, applets for      
Control Panel, appwiz.cpl (Add or Remove Programs)      2nd 3rd 4th
Control Panel, bthprops.cpl (Bluetooth Devices)      2nd
Control Panel, categories      
Control Panel, common controls, displaying      
Control Panel, desk.cpl      [See Display Properties]
Control Panel, file extensions on your system      
Control Panel, firewall.cpl (Windows Firewall)      2nd
Control Panel, Folder Options      2nd
Control Panel, Folder Options, common tasks      
Control Panel, Fonts      
Control Panel, hdwwiz.cpl (Add Hardware Wizard)      2nd 3rd 4th
Control Panel, inetcpl.cpl      [See Internet Options]
Control Panel, intl.cpl (Regional and Language Options)      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, joy.cpl (Game Controllers)      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, main.cpl (Mouse Properties)      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, main.cpl keyboard      2nd
Control Panel, mmsys.cpl (Sounds and Audio Devices)      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, ncpa.cpl      [See Network Connections]
Control Panel, nusrmgr.cpl      [See User Accounts]
Control Panel, powercfg.cpl      [See Power Options]
Control Panel, Printers and Faxes      2nd
Control Panel, settings      
Control Panel, shortcuts to      
Control Panel, speech      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, sysdm.cpl      [See System Properties]
Control Panel, telephon.cpl      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, timedate.cpl (Date and Time)      2nd 3rd
Control Panel, TweakUI and      
Control Panel, upgrades      
Control Panel, using from the command line      
Control Panel, visual styles and      
Control Panel, wscui.cpl      [See Security Center]
Control.exe      [See Control Panel]
ControlPanel key (HKCU)      
controls, common      
controls, constraints on      
controls, focus      2nd
controls, focus, moving with keyboard accelerators      
controls, grayed-out      2nd
controls, labels      
controls, ListView      
conversations (Outlook Express)      
convert.exe (FAT to NTFS Conversion Utility)      2nd
Cookies      2nd 3rd
cookies, controlling acceptance by IE      
cookies, managing with Internet Options      
Copy method      2nd
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