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deHaan J., deHaan P. — Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8
deHaan J., deHaan P. — Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8

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Название: Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8

Авторы: deHaan J., deHaan P.


Powerful development and design tools require thorough and authoritative technical advice and documentation. When it comes to Macromedia Flash, no one is more authoritative than Macromedia Development and writing teams. Now their official documentation is available to you in printed book form. As you work, keep this guide by your side for ready access to valuable information on using Flash. We’ve designed it so that it’s easy to annotate as you progress.

Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8 shows you how to write proper ActionScript syntax to create useful and interactive Flash applications. This book includes examples of object-oriented programming, and teaches you how to write custom classes for your Flash applications. Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8 also includes numerous hands-on examples on how to apply expressive and interactive features to your files using ActionScript code, such as file upload, filter effects, scripted animation, and anti-alias text using the FlashType font rendering engine.

In Learning Actionscript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8, learn how to:
• Write proper ActionScript syntax using the fundamentals of the ActionScript language.
• Use object-oriented programming techniques to build Flash applications.
• Use ActionScript classes to add interactivity and expressive features to your Flash applications.
• Use best practices and coding conventions to optimize, structure, and write consistent ActionScript.

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Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 864

Добавлена в каталог: 04.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
9-slice scaling      
9-slice scaling, about      
9-slice scaling, enabling      
9-slice scaling, scale9Grid property      
9-slice scaling, understanding      
9-slice scaling, using      
Actions panel      
Actions panel, about      2nd
Actions panel, Actions toolbox      
Actions panel, coding in      
Actions panel, defined      
Actions panel, pop-up menu      
Actions panel, Script navigator      
Actions panel, Script pane      
Actions toolbox, yellow items in      
actions, coding standards      
ActionScript 2.0      
ActionScript 2.0, assigning ActionScript 2.0 class to movie clips      
ActionScript 2.0, compiler error messages      
ActionScript editing      
ActionScript editing, check syntax      
ActionScript editing, code hints      
ActionScript editing, escape shortcut keys      
ActionScript editing, find tool      
ActionScript editing, importing and exporting scripts      
ActionScript editing, line numbers      
ActionScript editing, pin scripts      
ActionScript editing, showing hidden characters      
ActionScript editing, syntax highlighting      
ActionScript editing, word wrap      
ActionScript editor      
ActionScript, about      2nd
ActionScript, comparing versions      
ActionScript, creating cue points with      
ActionScript, editing preferences      
ActionScript, Flash Player      
ActionScript, formatting      
ActionScript, publish settings      
ActiveX controls      
adaptively sampled distance field (ADF)      
adaptively sampled distance fields      
ADFs      2nd
Alias, defined      
alpha channel masking      
animation, brightness      
animation, creating a progress bar      
animation, filters      
animation, frame rate      2nd
animation, symbols and      
animation, with glow filter      
animations, continuing      
animations, that run continuously      
anonymous function      
anonymous function, defined      
anonymous function, using      
anonymous function, writing      
anti-alias text      
anti-alias text, about      
anti-alias text, advanced value      
anti-alias text, creating table      
anti-alias text, Flash Player support      
anti-alias text, limitations      
anti-alias text, modifying sharpness and thickness      
anti-alias text, normal value      
anti-alias text, setting antiAliasType property      
anti-alias text, sharpness property      
anti-alias text, support      
anti-alias text, thickness      
anti-alias text, using      
anti-alias, defined      
anti-alias, for animation and readability      
antiAliasType property      2nd 3rd
ARGB (RGB with Alpha)      
Arguments      [See also parameters]
arguments, defined      
arguments, in named functions      
array access operators, checking for matching pairs      
Array literal      
arrays, about      
arrays, about multidimensional      
arrays, adding and removing elements      
arrays, analogy      
arrays, and Object class      
arrays, and sortOn() method      
arrays, assigning values to      
arrays, associative      
arrays, associative array      
arrays, associative array using Object      
arrays, associative array using the Array constructor      
arrays, creating      
arrays, elements of      
arrays, examples of      2nd
arrays, indexed      
arrays, iterating through a multidimensional array      
arrays, modifying      2nd
arrays, multidimensional array      
arrays, multidimensional using a for loop      
arrays, pass by reference      
arrays, referencing and finding length      
arrays, shorthand syntax      
arrays, to create object      
arrays, using      
arrays, using shorthand syntax to create      
ASCII values      
ASCII values, function keys      
ASCII values, keyboard keys      
ASCII values, numeric keypad keys      
ASCII values, other keys      
ASCII, defined      
ASO files      
ASO files, deleting      
ASO files, using      
associative array, about      
associativity, of operators      
asynchronous actions      
attaching sounds      
authoring environment      
backslash character, in strings      
balance (sound), controlling      
behaviors, about      
behaviors, Zoom transition      
Best practices      
best practices, ActionScript 1 and ActionScript 2.0
best practices, coding conventions      
best practices, comments      
best practices, comments in classes      
best practices, functions      
best practices, naming Booleans      
best practices, naming classes and objects      
best practices, naming constants      
best practices, naming functions and methods      
best practices, naming interfaces      
best practices, naming packages      
best practices, naming variables      
best practices, scope      
bevel filter      
bevel filter, about      
bevel filter, using      
binding components with ActionScript      
bindings, creating a one-way binding      
bindings, creating a two-way binding      
bindings, creating with ActionScript      
bitmap caching      
bitmap caching, about      2nd
bitmap caching, advantages and disadvantages      
bitmap caching, and alpha channel masking      
bitmap caching, and filters      
bitmap caching, caching a movie clip      
bitmap caching, defined      
bitmap caching, enabling      
bitmap caching, opaqueBackground property      
bitmap caching, scrollRect      
bitmap caching, surfaces      
bitmap caching, when to avoid      
bitmap caching, when to use      
bitmap, graphics      
bitmap, text      
BitmapData class      
BitmapData class, about      
BitmapData class, applying filters to      
BitmapData class, noise effect      
BitmapData class, using      2nd
BitmapData class, with displacement map filter      
blend modes      [See blending modes]
blending modes      
blending modes, about      
blending modes, applying      
Blur filter      
blur filter, about      
blur filter, animated with Tween class      
blur filter, using and animating      
Boolean, data type      
Boolean, values      
Bounce easing class      
breakpoints, about      
breakpoints, and external files      
breakpoints, setting and removing      
breakpoints, setting and removing, in Actions panel      
breakpoints, setting and removing, in Script window      
breakpoints, setting in Debugger      
breakpoints, XML file      
broadcaster object      
built-in functions      
cacheAsBitmap property      
caching, defined      
callback functions      
callback functions, defined      
callback functions, writing      
calling methods      
caps styles      
caps styles, about      
caps styles, setting      
capturing keypresses      
Cascading Style Sheets      
cascading style sheets, and TextField.StyleSheet class      
cascading style sheets, applying style classes      
cascading style sheets, applying to text fields      
cascading style sheets, assigning styles to built-in HTML tags      
cascading style sheets, combining styles      
cascading style sheets, defining styles in ActionScript      
cascading style sheets, example with HTML tags      
cascading style sheets, example with XML tags      
cascading style sheets, formatting text with      
cascading style sheets, loading      
cascading style sheets, properties supported      
cascading style sheets, using to define new tags      
case sensitivity      
case sensitivity, about      
case sensitivity, and Flash Player version      
casting objects      
character embedding dialog box      
character embedding dialog box, using      
Character encoding      
character sequences      [See strings]
Character sets      
character sets, creating custom set      
characters, adding and removing embedded      
characters, defined      
checking, for loaded data      
checking, syntax and punctuation      
child, movie clips, defined      
child, node      
class file      
class file, guidelines for organizing      
class file, structuring      
class members      2nd
class members, about      
Classes      [See also classes built-in]
classes, about built-in      
classes, accessing built-in properties      
classes, and ASO files      
classes, and constructor functions      
classes, and inheritance      
classes, and instance variables      
classes, and polymorphism      
classes, and scope      2nd
classes, as blueprints      
classes, as data types      
classes, assigning to an instance in Flash      
classes, assigning to movie clips      
classes, benefit of using      
classes, best practices for writing      
classes, built-in and top-level      
classes, calling built-in object methods      
classes, class members      
classes, classpaths      
classes, compared to interfaces      
classes, compared with packages      
classes, compiler resolving references      
classes, compiling and exporting      
classes, controlling member access      
classes, creating a class file      
classes, creating a new instance of built-in class      
classes, creating an instance of      
classes, creating and packaging      
classes, creating dynamic      
classes, defined      
classes, documenting      
classes, encapsulation      
classes, excluding built-in classes      
classes, flash.display classes      
classes, flash.external classes      
classes, flash.filters classes      
classes, flash.geom classes      
classes, flash.net classes      
classes, flash.text classes      
classes, getter/setter methods      
classes, importing      
classes, importing and packaging      
classes, inheritance example      
classes, initializing properties at runtime      
classes, instantiation      
classes, methods and properties      
classes, mx.lang classes      
classes, naming class files      
classes, organizing in packages      
classes, overriding methods and properties      
classes, preloading      
classes, private methods and properties      
classes, properties of      
classes, public, private, and static methods and properties      
classes, resolving class references      
classes, scoping      
classes, static members of built-in classes      
classes, static methods and properties      
classes, superclass      
classes, System and TextField classes      
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