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Gullberg J. — Mathematics: from the birth of numbers
Gullberg J. — Mathematics: from the birth of numbers

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Название: Mathematics: from the birth of numbers

Автор: Gullberg J.


A gently guided, profusely illustrated Grand Tour of the world of mathematics. This extraordinary work takes the reader on a long and fascinating journey — from the dual invention of numbers and language, through the major realms of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, to the final destination of differential equations, with excursions into mathematical logic, set theory, topology, fractals, probability, and assorted other mathematical byways. The book is unique among popular books on mathematics in combining an engaging, easy-to-read history of the subject with a comprehensive mathematical survey text. Intended, in the author's words, "for the benefit of those who never studied the subject, those who think they have forgotten what they once learned, or those with a sincere desire for more knowledge," it links mathematics to the humanities, linguistics, the natural sciences, and technology. Contains more than 1000 original technical illustrations, a multitude of reproductions from mathematical classics and other relevant works, and a generous sprinkling of humorous asides, ranging from limericks and tall stories to cartoons and decorative drawings. Over 1000 technical illustrations and cartoons and drawings

Язык: en

Рубрика: Математика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1997

Количество страниц: 1110

Добавлена в каталог: 22.11.2014

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Предметный указатель
Vertex/vertices, cones      402
Vertex/vertices, ellipse      390
Vertex/vertices, graphs, network      202
Vertical angles      389
Vertical angles, theorem      426
VESALIUS, A.      96
Vibrations      see "Oscillations"
Vicenary      46
VIETE (VIETA), F., $\pi$      92 93
VIETE (VIETA), F., equations      299 316
VIETE (VIETA), F., law of cosines      483
VIETE (VIETA), F., powers      134
Vigesimal numeration      46 58
Vinogradov, I.M.      81
Vinogradov’s theorem      81
VLACQ, A., logarithms      152
VLACQ, A., multiplication sign      104
VLACQ, A., radical sign      135
VOEGELIN, J.      425
Volume, elementary geometry      446
Volume, ellipsoid of revolution      876
Volume, generated by area bounded by two curves      880
Volume, methods of calculus      871
Volume, shell method      877
Volume, solids, known cross section      885
Volume, torus      884
Volume, translation of axes      882
Volume, units, measurements      409
von KOCH, N.H.F.      627
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., $\pi$      93
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., binary numeration      62
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., brachistochrone problem      590
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., combinatorics      184
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., derivative, notation of      686
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., determinants      639
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., functions      336
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., fundamental theorem of calculus      748
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., history of calculus      676
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., history of geometry      369
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., integral, notation of      722
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., lingua universalis      216
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., logic reasoning, use of diagrams      242
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., mathematical logic      216 217
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., multiplication sign      104
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., negative distance, concept of      548
von LEIBNIZ, G.W., negative numbers      73
von LINDEMANN, F.      86
von Linne, C.      5
von Neumann, J.      218 301 965 968
WALLIS, J., $\pi$      93
WALLIS, J., complex numbers      87
WALLIS, J., history of calculus      675
WALLIS, J., infinity symbol      30
WALLIS, J., powers      134
Walther, H.      17
Warren, J.      600
Weierstrass, K.T.W.      682
Weight      611 896
Weighted mean      975
Welsh number names      22 23
Wenzelides      209
Wessel, C.      88 600
West Arabic numerals      49
Whitehead, A.N.      218
Whitehead, J.H.C.      370
WIDMANN, J.      103
Wiener, N.      301 909
Wiles, A.      333
Wolfram, S.      301
Work      867
WREN, Chr.      590
WRENCH, J.W., Jr.      94
Xylander      108
YANGHUI      213
Yard      409
Yocto      54
Yotta      54
Youngs, J.W.T.      204
YU, the Emperor      205
z score      978
ZENO (ZENON)      275 674 893
Zenodorus      680
Zepto      54
Zero/zeros, angle      388
Zero/zeros, Babylonian      57
Zero/zeros, dimension      376
Zero/zeros, etymology      26
Zero/zeros, identity for addition      72
Zero/zeros, multiplication law      133
Zero/zeros, nontrivial      778
Zero/zeros, part of integers      70 72
Zero/zeros, product law      133
Zero/zeros, real, methods of approximation      931
Zero/zeros, value, matrices, predicting      651
Zero/zeros, vector      603
Zero/zeros, zeta function      778
Zetta      54
Zone, spherical      403
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