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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
43217 Webster D.L., Clark h., Yeatman R.M. Intensities of K-Series X-Rays from Thin Targets 1928ХХ
43219 Bell E.T. Invariant Sequences 1928ХХ
43223 Brillouin L. Is It Possible to Test by a Direct Experiment the Hypothesis of the Spinning Electron 1928ХХ
43258 ћартенс Ћ. . (ред.) “ехническа€ энциклопеди€. “ом 2. јэродинамика - Ѕумажное производство 1928ХХ
43266 ћартенс Ћ. . (ред.) “ехническа€ энциклопеди€. “ом 3 1928ХХ
43267 ћартенс Ћ. . (ред.) “ехническа€ энциклопеди€. “ом 4 1928ХХ
43292 Wilson E.B,, Hilferty M.M. Note on C.S. Perces experimental discussion of the law of errors 1928ХХ
43294 Kinsey E.L. Note on the D line excitation by the green sodium band and the dissociation potential of sodium vapor 1928ХХ
43299 Milas N.A. New Studies in Polymerization I. Polymerization of Styrene 1928ХХ
43305 Albert A.A. Normal Division Algebras Satisfying Mild Assumptions 1928ХХ
43308 Kemble E.C. Note on the Lyman Bands of Hydrogen 1928ХХ
43380 Dridoman P.W. Resistance and Thermo-Electric Phenomena in Metal Crystals 1928ХХ
43390 Vandiver H.S. Summary of results and proof concerning Fermat's last theorem (theird paper) 1928ХХ
43393 Green J.B., Lang R.J. Series Spectra of Cadmium-Like Atoms 1928ХХ
43403 Smith S. Some Multiplets of Doubly Ionized Lead 1928ХХ
43404 Smith S. Some Multiplets of Singly Ionized Thallium 1928ХХ
43410 Cassen B. Spectral Intensities of Radiation from Non-Harmonic and Aperiodic Systems 1928ХХ
43417 Shapley H. Studies of the Galactic Center I. The Program for Milky Way Variable Stars 1928ХХ
43418 Shapley H., Swope H.H. Studies of the Galactic Center II. Preliminary Indication of a Massive Galactic Nucleus 1928ХХ
43419 Shapley H. Studies of the Galactic Center III. The Absolute Magnitudes of Long Period Variables 1928ХХ
43422 DuBridge L.A. Systematic Variations of the Constant A in Thermionic Emission 1928ХХ
43429 Bauer P.S. The condition of self-oscillation of a general triode system 1928ХХ
43432 Scroggie A.G., Clark G.L. The crystal structure of anhydrous silicotungstic acid and related compounds and their probable molecular formulas 1928ХХ
43448 Goeder F.P. The Crystal Structure of Potassium Sulphate 1928ХХ
43450 Gerasimovic B.P. The Absolute Magnitudes of Long Period Variable Stars 1928ХХ
43455 Harris L. The Absorption Spectrum of Nitrogen Dioxide 1928ХХ
43457 Kaplan J. The Aurora Red Line 1928ХХ
43461 Smyth H.D. The Critical Potentials of Molecular Hydrogen 1928ХХ
44100 Robertson H.P. Note on Projective Coordinates 1928ХХ
44645 Beilstein F. Handbuch der Organischen Chemie. Elfter Band 1928 ХХХ
46080 Hall E.H. Electron "Free Path" and Supra-Conductivity in Metals 1928ХХ
48920 William Henry Bragg An introduction to crystal analysis 1928ХХ
32430 Gibbs J.W. The Collected Works of J. Willard Gibbs, Volume 2. Part 1: Elementary Principles in Statistical Mechanics, & Part 2: Dynamics Vector AGibbs (nalysis and Multiple Algebra Electromagnetic Theory of Lightvvv 1928ХХ
33554 Fowler R.H. Elementary Differential Geometry of Plane Curves 1928ХХ
38790 Grammel R., Henning F., Konen H. Handbuch der Physik: Mechanik der Elastischen Korper (Band VI) 1928ХХ
41316 Millikan R.A., Cameron G.H. Evidence That the Cosmic Rays Originate in Interstellar Space 1928ХХ
41317 Barus C. Experiments with Modified Mucronate Electrodes 1928ХХ
41328 Millikan R.A., Cameron G.H. Evidence for the Continuous Creation of the Common Elements Out of Positive and Negative Electrons 1928ХХ
41336 Rates J.R., Andrews D.H. Fundamental Frequencies, Interatomic Forces and Molecular Properties 1928ХХ
41363 Miller G.A. Harmony as a Principle of Mathematical Development 1928ХХ
41373 Thomas J.M. Incomplete Systems of Partial Differential Equations 1928ХХ
41747 Ruark A.E. A Critical Experiment on the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 1928ХХ
41754 Hopf H. A New Proof of the Lefschetz Formula on Invariant Points 1928ХХ
41755 Simon A.W. A Note on Corona at High Humidity 1928ХХ
41765 Wulf O.R. A Progression Relation in the Molecular Spectrum of Oxygen Occurring in the Liquid and in the Gas at High Pressure 1928ХХ
41767 Dennison D.M. A Proposed Experiment on the Nature of Light 1928ХХ
41782 Wadlund A.P.R. Absolute X-Ray Wave-Length Measurements 1928ХХ
41796 McIlwraith C.G., Cox R.T. Apparent Evidence of Polarization in a Beam of -Ray 1928ХХ
41797 Barus C. Anode and Cathode Sparks Differentiated by the Mucronate Electrode 1928ХХ
41803 Harnwell G.P. Angular Scattering of Electrons in Hydrogen and Helium 1928ХХ

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