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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41921 Hedrick E.R. On Derivatives of Non-Analytic Functions 1928ХХ
41928 Hopf H. On Some Properties of One-Valued Transformations of Manifolds 1928ХХ
41936 Luyten W.J. On the Absolute Magnitudes of the Class M Stars 1928ХХ
41939 Stebbins J. On the Constancy of the Light of Red Stars, with Forty New Variables of This Class 1928ХХ
41940 Payne C.H. On the Contours of Stellar Absorption Lines, and the Composition of Stellar Atmospheres 1928ХХ
41943 Payne C.H On the Distortion of the Continuous Background by Wide Absorption Lines 1928ХХ
41945 Tolman R.C. On the Energy and Entropy of Einsteins Closed Universe 1928ХХ
41946 Tolman R.C. On the Equilibrium between Radiation and Matter in Einsteins Closed Universe 1928ХХ
41950 Tolman R.C. On the Extension of Thermodynamics to General Relativity 1928ХХ
41958 Luyten W.J. On the Motion of the Magellanic Clouds 1928ХХ
41962 Simon A.W. On the Quantity of Electricity Discharged in a Lightning Stroke 1928ХХ
41963 Oppenheimer J.R. On the Quantum Theory of the Autoelectric Field Currents 1928ХХ
41965 Oppenheimer J.R. On the Quantum Theory of the Ramsauer Effect 1928ХХ
41967 Ayres W.L. On the Separation of Points of a Continuous Curve by Arcs and Simple Closed Curves 1928ХХ
41972 Zwicky F. On the Thermodynamic Equilibrium in the Universe 1928ХХ
41973 Rule W. On the Variation of the Electromotive Force in a Photoactive Cell, Containing a Fluorescent Electrolyte, with the Intensity of Illumination 1928ХХ
41977 Langmuir I. Oscillations in Ionized Gases 1928ХХ
41980 Wulf O.R. Photochemical Ozonization and Its Relation to the Polymerization of Oxygen 1928ХХ
42010 Rainich G.Y. Radiation and Relativity I 1928ХХ
42011 Rainich G.Y. Radiation and Relativity II 1928ХХ
42015 Davisson C.J. Reflection and Refraction of Electrons by a Crystal of Nickel 1928ХХ
42016 Davisson C.J. Reflection of Electrons by a Crystal of Nickel 1928ХХ
42017 Gibbs R.C. Regularities Exhibited between Certain Multiplets for Elements in the Second Long Period 1928ХХ
42018 Mazya V.G. Regularity of a boundary point for elliptic equations 1928ХХ
42022 Bell E.T. Remark on the Number of Classes of Binary Quadratic Forms of a Given Negative Determinant 1928ХХ
42031 Davis M.N. Secondary Electrons from Cobalt 1928ХХ
42035 Morse M. Singular Points of Vector Fields under General Boundary Conditions 1928ХХ
42058 Hall E.H. Sommerfelds Electron-Theory of Metals 1928ХХ
42060 Barus C. Sparks of the Induction Coil between Mucronate Electrodes 1928ХХ
42072 Burk R.E. The Adsorption Kinetics for Molecules Attached at More than One Point 1928ХХ
42079 Van Vleck J.H. The Correspondence Principle in the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 1928ХХ
42080 Pauling L. The Crystal Structure of Topaz 1928ХХ
42081 Clark G.L., King A.J. The Crystal Structures of the Alkaline Earth Metals 1928ХХ
42082 Villars D.S. The Degree of Association of Sodium Vapor 1928ХХ
42095 Podolsky B. The Dispersion by Hydrogen-Like Atoms in Undulatory Mechanics 1928ХХ
42096 Barus C. The Displacement Interferometry of Barometric Pressure 1928ХХ
42099 Rodebush W.H. The Effect of Intensive Drying on the Vapor Pressure and Vapor Density of Ammonium Chloride 1928ХХ
42106 Hall E.H. The Fermi Statistical Postulate; Examination of the Evidence in Its Favor 1928ХХ
42107 Wiener N. The Fifth Dimension in Relativistic Quantum Theory 1928ХХ
42110 Duane W. The General X-Radiation from Mercury Vapor 1928ХХ
42112 Wulf O.R. The Heat of Dissociation of Oxygen as Estimated from Photochemical Ozonization 1928ХХ
42120 Lenher S. The Intensive Drying of Liquids 1928ХХ
42123 Ruark A.E. The Limits of Accuracy in Physical Measurements 1928ХХ
42130 Morse J.K. The Molecular Structures of Methane 1928ХХ
42135 Cardwell A.B. The Photo-Electric and Thermionic Properties of Iron 1928ХХ
42138 Bearden J.A. The Polarization of Characteristic Radiation 1928ХХ
42139 Kaplan J. The Production of Active Nitrogen 1928ХХ
42143 Rice O.K. The Quantum Theory of Quasi-Unimolecular Gas Reactions 1928ХХ
42148 Barus C. The Repulsion between Electric Currents and Their Induced Eddy Currents in Parallel 1928ХХ
42149 Compton A.H. The Spectrum and State of Polarization of Fluorescent X-Rays 1928ХХ

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