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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122784 Tangerman F.M., Veerman J.J.P. Asymptotic Geometry of Hyperbolic Well-Ordered Cantor Sets 1990ХХ
6815 Politzer H.D. Asymptotic freedom: an aproach to strong interaction 1974ХХ
33112 Gilkey P.B. Asymptotic Formulae in Spectral Geometry 2003ХХ
165182 Gilkey P. Asymptotic Formulae in Spectral Geometry 2004ХХ
106286 Shackell J., Salvy B. Asymptotic Forms and Algebraic Differential Equations 1995ХХ
97712 Harvey Gould, R. G. Palmer, Gentil A. Estévez Asymptotic form of the mean spherical approximation for the internal energy of the classical one-component plasma 1978ХХ
1528 Dingle R. Asymptotic Expansions: Their Derivation and Interpretation 1973ХХ
156296 Widom H. Asymptotic expansions for pseudodifferential operators on bounded domains 1985ХХ
170845 Copson E.T. Asymptotic Expansions (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) 1965ХХ
1538 Erdelyi A. Asymptotic expansions 1956ХХ
58708 Copson E.T. Asymptotic Expansions 1965ХХ
124864 Merola I. Asymptotic Expansion of the Pressure in the Inverse Interaction Range 1999ХХ
107097 Salvy B., Shackell J Asymptotic expansion of functional inverses 1992ХХ
106236 Richardson D, Salvy B. Asymptotic expansion of exp-log functions 1996ХХ
107315 Richardson Asymptotic expansion of exp-log functions n/aХХ
108145 Buehring W. Asymptotic expansion for ratio of products of Gamma functions 2000ХХ
126086 Bergthór Hauksson, Jakob Yngvason Asymptotic Exactness of Magnetic ThomasЦFermi Theory at Nonzero Temperature 2003ХХ
37977 Selvitella A. Asymptotic evolution for the semiclassical nonlinear Schrodinger equation in presence of electric and magnetic fields 2007ХХ
107190 Shakell J. Asymptotic estimation of oscillating functions using an interval calculus 1988ХХ
108392 Temme N.M. Asymptotic estimates of Stirling numbers 1993ХХ
37976 Adimurthi, Grossi M. Asymptotic estimates for a two dimensional problem with polynomial nonlinearity n/aХХ
37975 El Mehdi K., Grossi M. Asymptotic estimates and qualitative properties of an elliptic problem in dimension two n/aХХ
956 Odlyzko A.M. Asymptotic Enumeration Methods n/aХХ
121706 Serge Tabachnikov Asymptotic Dynamics of the Dual Billiard Transformation 1994ХХ
124141 Kotulski M. Asymptotic Distributions of Continuous-Time Random Walks: A Probabilistic Approach 1995ХХ
122036 Douglas J. Klein Asymptotic Distributions for Self-Avoiding Walks Constrained to Strips, Cylinders, and Tubes 1980ХХ
124462 Cerda E., Rojas R. Asymptotic Description of a Viscous Fluid Layer 2000ХХ
124975 Ballone P., Pastore G. Asymptotic Density Profile of a Classical Fluid Against a Hard Wall 1985ХХ
121410 Privman V. Asymptotic Degeneracy of the Transfer Matrix Spectrum for Systems with Interfaces: Relation to Surface Stiffness and Step Free Energy 1989ХХ
35030 Puschnigg M. Asymptotic Cyclic Cohomology, Vol. 164 1996ХХ
158525 Puschnigg M. Asymptotic Cyclic Cohomology 1996ХХ
34522 Auslender A., Teboulle M. Asymptotic Cones and Functions in Optimization and Variational Inequalities 2002ХХ
164371 Vershik A. Asymptotic Combinatorics with Applications to Mathematical Physics: A European Mathematical Summer School held at the Euler Institute, St. Petersburg, ... 9-20, 2001 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1815) 2003ХХ
151691 Malyshev V.A., Vershik A.M. Asymptotic Combinatorics with Applications to Mathematical Physics 2003ХХ
37974 Mugnai D. Asymptotic behaviour, nodal lines and symmetry properties for solutions of superlinear elliptic equations near an eigenvalue n/aХХ
37973 Grossi M. Asymptotic behaviour of the Kazdan-Warner solution in the annulus n/aХХ
5626 Chernyak V.I., Zhitnitsky A.R. Asymptotic behaviour of exclusive processes in QCD 1984ХХ
37972 Esposito P., Riey G. Asymptotic behaviour of a thin insulation problem 2002ХХ
123723 Elskens Y. Asymptotic Behaviour for Critical Slowing-Down Random Walks 2000ХХ
110615 Birman M.Sh. Asymptotic behavior of the spectrum of differential equations 1977ХХ
125672 Gamier J. Asymptotic Behavior of the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Driven by a Random Time-Dependent Electric Field 1998ХХ
121128 Vidigal R., Dickman R. Asymptotic Behavior of the Order Parameter in a Stochastic Sandpile 2005ХХ
119399 Najar H. Asymptotic Behavior of the Integrated Density of States of Acoustic Operators with Random Long Range Perturbations 2004ХХ
123018 Belitsky V. Asymptotic Behavior of the Density for Two-Particle Annihilating Exclusion 1994ХХ
121205 J. Carr Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to the Coagulation-Fragmentation Equations. II. Weak Fragmentation 1993ХХ
37971 Esposito P., Mancini G., Santra S. Asymptotic behavior of radial solutions for a semilinear elliptic problem on an annulus through Morse index n/aХХ
35068 Simpson C. Asymptotic Behavior Of Monodromy 2008ХХ
120131 Joyce G.S. Asymptotic Behavior of Mayer Cluster Sums for the One-Dimensional Ising Model 1990ХХ
37970 Ben Ayed M., El Mehdi K., Grossi M. Asymptotic behavior of least energy solutions of a biharmonic equation in dimension four n/aХХ
37967 Ferrero A., Gazzola F. Asymptotic behavior of ground states of quasilinear elliptic problems with two vanishing parameters, Part III 2002ХХ

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