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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
182288 ѕерельман я.». «анимательна€ арифметика 1926ХХ
158316 »льин-∆еневский ј. ћеждународный шахматный турнир в ћоскве (ƒневник участника) 1926ХХ
183514 Friend N. A textbook of inorganic chemistry vol.VII part III Chromium and its congeners 1926ХХ
187263 ∆ирков Ћ. √рамматика даргинского €зыка 1926ХХ
168909 Walmsley C. An Introductory Course of Mathematical Analysis 1926ХХ
169005 Woods F. Advanced calculus a course arranged with special reference to the needs of students of applied mathematics 1926ХХ
30672 –адио всем (є10 1926) 1926ХХ
32999 Chrystal G. Algebra. An Elementary Textbook, Vol. 1 1926ХХ
33000 Chrystal G. Algebra. An Elementary Textbook, Vol. 2 1926ХХ
33416 Hobson E.W. The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and the Theory of Fourier's Series. Vol. II 1926 ХХХ
33606 Rouse Ball W.W. Mathematical Recreations and Essays 1926ХХ
33721 Campbell J.E. A Course of Differential Geometry 1926ХХ
18707 Allen P.W. Industrial Fermentations 1926ХХ
2544 Fubini G., Cech E. Geometria proiettiva differenziale (том 1) 1926ХХ
43373 Henderson J.E. Reflection of Soft X-Rays 1926ХХ
44368 Clark G.L. The Significance of the Experimentally Determined Crystal Structures of the Alkali Polyhalides 1926ХХ
44480 Muhleman M.L. Vacuum Tubes and Their Uses 1926ХХ
45033 Beilstein F. Handbuch der Organischen Chemie. Neunter Band 1926 ХХХ
45889 Schlesinger L. Lebesguesche Integrale und Fouriersche Reihen 1926ХХ
46078 Salant E.O. Infra-Red Absorption by the N-H Bond 1926ХХ
46089 Allison S.K. Note on the Selective Reflection of X-Rays by Crystals of Potassium Bromide 1926ХХ
46113 Langer R.M. The Dispersion of Atomic Hydrogen I-A Measure 1926ХХ
46114 Langer R.M. The Dispersion of Atomic Hydrogen II-A Calculation 1926ХХ
49059 Douglas Clark C.H. The basis of modern atomic theory 1926 ХХХ
8391 Gilman H., Adams R., Conant J.B. (eds.) Organic Syntheses (vol. 6) 1926ХХ
12406 “ер-√азар€н √.√. ‘иксаци€ атмосферного азота 1926ХХ
39231 Stoner E.C. Magnetism and Atomic Structure with 56 diagrams 1926ХХ
39723 Fitch C.J. Chemical Condensors of Large Capacity 1926ХХ
41259 Abel J.J. Crystalline Insulin 1926ХХ
41270 Glocker G. Diffusion of Electrons 1926ХХ
41274 Gibbs R.C., White H.E. Doublets of Stripped Atoms of the Potassium Type 1926ХХ
41303 Hertel K.L. Effects of an Electric Field upon the Radiating Hydrogen Atom 1926ХХ
41320 Gibbs R.C. Extension of Doublet Laws in the First Long Period to chromium and Manganese 1926ХХ
41330 Miller G.A. Form of the Number of the Prime Power Subgroups of an Abelian Group 1926ХХ
41331 Dickinson R.G., Sherrill M.S. Formation of Ozone by Optically Excited Mercury Vapor 1926ХХ
41342 Loeb L.B. Gas Ion Mobilities in Ether-Hydrogen Mixtures 1926ХХ
41347 Miller G.A. Groups Containing a Relatively Small Number of Sylow Subgroups 1926ХХ
41350 Barton H. Generalization of Kroneckers Relation among the Minors of a Symmetric Determinant 1926ХХ
41443 Thomas J.M. On Various Geometries Giving a Unified Electric and Gravitational Theory 1926ХХ
41456 Duane W. On the Reflection by a Crystal of Its Own Characteristic Radiation 1926ХХ
41476 Jauncey G.E.M., Hughes A.L. Radiation and the Disintegration and Aggregation of Atoms 1926ХХ
41482 Barus C.B. Resonant Acoustic and Electric Oscillations Released by the Relatively Slow Spring Break 1926ХХ
41497 Vandiver H.S. Summary of Results and Proofs Concerning Fermats Last Theorem 1926ХХ
41500 Mulliken R.S. Systematic Relations between Electronic Structure and Band-Spectrum Structure in Diatomic Molecules I 1926ХХ
41501 Mulliken R.S. Systematic Relations between Electronic Structure and Band-Spectrum Structure in Diatomic Molecules II. The ZnH, CdH and HgH Molecules and Their Spectra 1926ХХ
41537 Mulliken R.S. The Electronic States of the Helium Molecule 1926ХХ
41560 Lewis G.N. The Nature of Light 1926ХХ
41568 Lawrence E.O. The Pole of the Faraday Cylinder in the Measurement of Electron Currents 1926ХХ
41592 Lyman T., Saunders F.A. The Spectrum of Neon in the Extreme Ultra-Violet 1926ХХ
41601 Zwicky F. Theory of the Specific Heat of Electrolytes 1926ХХ

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